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Chapter 11: Stalker Shrines are Creepy

It was a normal morning at the Kurosaki household. The Tomoes stopped by for breakfast (since it was right across the street and because it was easier for school and work).

"Oh it looks like the Senshi fight the other day has pictures." Said Isshin.

Everyone froze in the room… while an invisible arrow pointed to him "Knows the truth but very few people know."

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"It's nothing." Said Rukia.

"According to this most of the pictures were taken by one of the teachers, a Mr. Kimura." Said Souichi.

"Chiyo-Chan told me about him, the only reason he's a teacher is because he likes High School girls." Said Hotaru.

"You two are never going to that school!" yelled Isshin.

"Whatever…" muttered Karin whop continued to eat breakfast.

Ichigo looked at Karin.

"Why do I get the feeling she's hiding something from me?" he thought.

Sometime later at Karakura High, Tatsuki tired to ignore two people nearby.

"Which one is this one again?" asked Chizuru

"That one is Sailor Triton." Said Keigo, "She first appeared in public at a swim meet."

"That amazing." Said Chizuru.

"Oh and Sailor Pandora." Said Keigo, "I don't know why but I have to urge to say Double A Plus."

"There is something about her." Said Chizuru, "Which one is that one?"

"Sailor Makemake is just beautiful. Her hair, her height. She's the same height as Sailor Jupiter but there's a different feel to her." Said Keigo.

Chad ignored the comments, after all. Very few people knew that his girlfriend was Sailor Makemake.

"Oh this one is Sailor Umbriel." Said Keigo.

"What are you doing?" asked Tatsuki.

"Just looking at the pictures of the Sailor Senshi that were taken at that school." Said Keigo.

"Can you please not look at those right now?" asked Tatsuki.

"Why?" asked Keigo, "I mean it's not bothering anyone…"

"I have to agree with Tatsuki, stop it…" said Ichigo.

There were a few people in the classroom staring at him.

"Fine…" mumbled Keigo.

"We'll carry on the conversation later…" whispered Chizuru.

Sometime during lunch…

"I seriously can believe he does that." Muttered Tatsuki.

"There's nothing you can do." Said Rukia.

"Unless I transform and give him a piece of my mind." Said Tatsuki.

"Please don't do that." Said Rukia.

"I won't." said Tatsuki.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll stop that soon." Said Orihime.

All of them sweat dropped.

"I bet he's still talking about us…" muttered Tatsuki.

"Well Ichigo hasn't said anything about the other day yet…" said Tatsuki.

"So he still doesn't know about Karin…" said Orihime.

"He doesn't." said Rukia, "At least he said anything yet."

"At least he doesn't seem to care she skipped school yesterday." Said Tatsuki.

"Though how is Isshin going to react when he finds out?" asked Rukia.

Both Tatsuki and Rukia thought about the image of Isshin crying about how he went wrong.

Meanwhile in Hueco Mundo, in Szayel's labortory, he was currently working on one of the zombie hollows.

"It's almost compete. Time for the next attempt to get that crystal." Said Szayel.

Sometime later in the day, Rukia, Orihime and Tatsuki were walking together when they came across Momo and Ryoko.

"So how did the class room pervert react to the news?" asked Ryoko.

"What?" asked Tatsuki with a sweat drop.

"I thought that your classmate had a shrine dedicated to the Sailor Senshi." Said Ryoko.

"You've been honing with Yuki too much." Said Momo with a sweat drop.

That was when they saw something rip in the sky above them. Then one of the altered Hollows came out of it.

"Transform!" said Rukia.

The others nodded.

"Eris Cosmic Power! Make-Up!" called out Orihime.

"Pandora Crystal Power!" called out Ryoko.

"Umbriel Crystal Power!" called out Tatsuki

"Elara Crystal Power!" called out Rukia.

"Larissa Crystal Power!" called out Momo.

The hollow tried to attack Sailor Eris however she dodge.

Sailor Eris took a breath.

"All right!" she called out.

That was when she knew it was time for her new attack.

"Elara Moonlit Blizzard!"

Not too far away, Keigo was walking home.

"Great… first Tatsuki wouldn't let me talk then Ichigo… that was a weird thing he said to me though…" said Keigo.


"How do you think the Sailor Senshi would react to you ogling them?" asked Ichigo.

(End of Flashback)

That was when he felt the cold wind.

"I wonder what's going on." Said Keigo.

He headed where the wind came from, that was when he saw the frozen altered Hollow, as well as the five Sailor Senshi.

"It's Sailor Eris, Sailor Umbriel and Sailor Pandora!" thought Keigo then added hastily, "Oh and Sailor Elara and Sailor Larissa."

Suddenly both Sailor Elara and Sailor Larisa felt insulted.

"What's wrong?" asked Sailor Eris.

"I don't know why but it felt like I was just insulted…" said Sailor Elara.

"I did too…" said Sailor Larissa.

"By the way, that a great move." Said Sailor Umbriel.

They all looked at the altered Hollow who was frozen in the ice of Sailor Elara's new attack.

"So who should purify it" said Sailor Larissa.

That was when they heard a sneeze.

At Keigo's hiding spot he was holding his nose.

"They better not have saw me…" thought Keigo.

They all turned to where Keigo was hiding and saw him holding his nose. He saw they were all looking at him.

"Sorry about that…" said Keigo he laughed nervous.

That was when he saw the ice coating the altered hollow crack.

"Oh man that thing's going to get out!" yelled Keigo.

They all turned to the altered Hollow.

"Oh right… he can see them…" muttered Sailor Umbriel.

"Eris, you have to be the one opt purify it!" said Sailor Elara.

"Right!" said Sailor Eris, "Wait why?"

"If we leave our Gigais then they'll discover who we are." Whispered Sailor Larissa.

"Oh right…" said Sailor Eris.

That was when the altered Hollow began to break through most of the ice. Sailor Eris summoned her wand.

"Eris Blossom Purification!"

The flowers surrounded the alerted Hollow and in a bright flash of light the altered hollow was gone.

This was a gold opportunity for Keigo and he's not going to waist it.

Excuse me! Can I take some pictures of you?" asked Keigo.

As it turned out it was golden opportunity to take some for Sailor Umbriel to get him to be less than a creepy.

"No." said Sailor Umbriel.

"What? Why?" asked Keigo, "This isn't about the whole thing about the school incident."

"Actually I heard from someone I know that you have a Sailor Senshi shrine." Said Sailor Umbriel.

"Oh man! You know my sister don't you!" said Keigo freaking out, "She's been telling people hasn't she?"

This made all of them sweat drop.

"Please take that down." Said Sailor Umbriel.

"But why?" asked Keigo.

"Because it's creepy!" yelled Sailor Umbriel with a menacing aura.

"All right! All right! I'll do it." Said Keigo.

"Good." Said Sailor Umbriel.

"He's not going to learn his lesson…" say Sailor Pandora.

"Yeah…" sighed Sailor Elara.

With that the Sailor Senshi jumped away searching for a good place to de-transform, most of them not hearing the clicks from a certain device…

The next day...

"I can't believe you got pictures of them!" said Chizuru.

"Oh yeah, Sailor Umbriel yelled at me but as long as she doesn't know, it doesn't matter." Said Keigo.

Nearby Tatsuki eye twitched.

"Great…" she thought.

"Tatsuki… are you okay?" asked Mizuiro.

"I'm fine…" muttered Tatsuki.

Nearby Orihime laughed, while Ichigo sweaty dropped.

"She should have known that Keigo wouldn't stop…" muttered Ichigo.

And so… nothing changed… Keigo still had his shrine… but at least they defeated Altered Hollow… That's something…

Omake Time: Mr. Kimura's Talk with the Principal

"Honestly Mr. Kimura… what were you thinking of taking picture of the Sailor Senshi like that?" asked Principal.

"I'm sorry." Said Mr. Kimura.

"I mean doing secretly…" said the Principal.

"It won't happened again." Said Me. Kimura.

"I mean after the fight was over you could have ask for their pictures! After all a lot of students would have loved to have taken pictures with them and even some of the staff!"

"Is this what the complaint is about?" thought Mr. Kimura with a sweat drop, "That he wasn't able opt pose with the Sailor Senshi…"

End of Omake Time!

Next Time: Mikuru has some unresolved feelings for Kyon, but she knows she can never act on them. However can't she be the one to reach out to Kyon or will it fail? Find out next time!