Nothing Against Looking

Admiration 1.

It was early, Ahsoka was sleepy, and she was waiting for Master Skywalker to show up for lightsaber practice. The gym already had a steady trickle of clones coming in for early workouts. From her vantage point behind a stack of practice mats, she watched them exercising, folding her arms in front of her and placing them on top of the mats, setting her chin on top of her forearms. She tilted her head slightly to the side.

Weights and equipment jangled, and there was the more human sound of grunting among the clatter of metal. She picked out men she knew, watched them in their movements. There was a wet, audible smack as one of them peeled off his sweat-soaked shirt and let it hit the ground. Judging by the clean shaven head and particular disregard for anyone watching, Ahsoka concluded it was Rex.

She tilted her head to the other side. There were a few old scars patterned across his back, but mostly there was hard muscle, shifting shoulder blades, and the length of bumps that marked his spine, all contained by pleasantly light brown skin. He made fists and began striking the punching bag before him again, legs periodically lifting to kick it.

The stripes of her lekku darkened a little. It really wasn't right, she felt like she was spying, even though she wasn't trying to hide and was clearly visible to anyone paying attention. But surely there had to be something wrong with admiring a shirtless Rex doing his morning workout?

She couldn't help but allow her lips to curl up into a little smile, though, as she tried to think of a reason why.

After all, the Jedi Code forbade attachment, but it had nothing against looking.

Hello all! Star Wars still does not belong to me. I know, you're all shocked.

Real life has been kicking me in the shebs lately, and it's made me want to write something funny and fluffy and silly. I don't usually write short fic like this, so hopefully this attempt at ficlets or drabbles or whatever you want to call them will turn out okay. These are just random ideas, in no particular chronological order in time. Since the point is for these to be humorous/cute/fun, there will probably be a fair amount of OCC-ness throughout the story. Please don't take any of this too seriously.

That said, enjoy!