NOTE: I am just going to finish off this story since its been hanging over me for a year. I will try to get new chapters every day till the final one, but I have 2 new fanfictions in the works so it will be hard. It will be 6 chapters, so after this 3 more to go.

Betrayal Chapter 3

"This is not good at all." Lewis said. "I know." Wilbur said. "Do you have any weapons in the future?" Lewis asked. "Well, yeah. I also brought something." Wilbur pulled out his device and it showed Franny on the screen. "Wow, a transmission from the year 2031!" Lewis said. "Indeed." Wilbur said. "Lewis, I need to come to 2032, but in order for that happen we need to wait a year, till June 2012." Franny said. "I have to wait a year to see you guys again?" Lewis asked. "Lewis, when I first came a few months ago, you were originally going to wait 30 years to see me again, a wait longer then the yearsyou've been alive, but it was only 3. You can wait a year to see me Lewis." Wilbur said. "I guess I'll see you in a year." Lewis said. "Yeah." And then Wilbur ran out. It was June 2012, late June, and Lewis just got done watching TV for a bit. He knew any day now that he should seeWilbur, be he hasn't and its been a year. He does not know what to do, he's worried sick that over the year his future self killed Wilbur and that's why he hasn't seen him in a year. He's began to have panic attacks in his room, and has tried to hard to keep them from his parents. Lewis wonders why he's so worried about another boy. He is a little creeped out by his attraction to Wilbur. He rolls his eyes and goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he's in Wilbur's room in 2032. He looks around and sees Wilbur in front of him. Wilbur says "Hey" to him. Wilbur looks very different, he doesn't have the big hair with a part of it sticking out and he's not wearing his traditional lighting bolt shirt, he's wearing a black leather jacket and a black tank. Lewis thinks his hair looks just like Emo Peter's in Spider-Man 3. He also notices his voice is deeper. Lewis knows that since he's 17, Wilbur should be 18, so he's an adult now. "Are you 18 now?" Lewis asked him. "Yeah I am, but you look and sound the same as you did the first time I met you in 2037, in your time 2007. Your wearing the same clothes, its strange." Wilbur said. "I haven't aged well." Lewis said. Lewis looks to the right and sees a High School Diploma. "You gradated from High School shortly after I last saw you right?" Lewis asked. "Yeah I'm in college now. Still live at home though." Wilbur said. "Well I graduated last week." Lewis told him. "I don't have very good news. If I kill my dad you'll die, and if he kills me then Fanny will never give birth to me. But I haven't seen my dad since Christmas 2030. Almost 2 years ago. But there is something I don't get. About 3 years ago the day the older me, the 15 and a half years old, told me when I was 15 that I was going to die in 6 months. He told me as soon as goes back to the time machine, as soon as he touches it, he'll drop down dead. But I'm 18 and I'm still alive. Why?" Wilbur told Lewis. "Well you came to me in 2030, so it must mean the 15 year and a half year old you must still be alive here in 2032, but he should be 19 and a half years old now. Or maybe your wrong that if you die the past and future you dies. I think right now Wilbur that part of you is dead, part of you is alive." Lewis said. "That's impossible." Wilbur said. "We have to go to the woods to find out." Lewis told him. Lewis and Wilbur wandered into the woods and saw a green machine. They ran to it and saw a brown Skelton with Wilbur's lighting bolt shirt. "He's been dead for 3 years." Lewis said. "You were right. A part of me is dead." Wilbur said.