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Artemis Fowl: A Fairy's Fairytale

Chapter 1

"Beautiful Lights and Vicious Fights"

Artemis was irritated, to put it simply, at the moment. Although you would be too if you'd just been told to, "Pack something warm, and for two weeks, because your mother and I are taking you to the Arctic!", and were currently leaning on the edge of a ship. Of course, he had protested to this, but in the end been overruled by his parents.

"You're going," Mother had said sternly. "Go pack. I'll send Butler after you to help you get your things together but hurry. We're to be leaving in a few days."

Artemis sighed. "Very well, Mom." He very nearly said 'mother', but he was growing used to calling her the less formal names.

"Good," His father said, pleased as he watched Artemis trudge upstairs. "When you're done, come downstairs and we'll load the plain."

Artemis waived his hand, acknowledging this, put pouting at the same time. He heard his parent laugh before Angeline scolded him quietly, asking him not to antagonize their son before giggling herself. Since his dad had returned they'd become extremely affectionate with one another.

Artemis had barely opened his closet when Butler entered, silent as always. But Artemis had talked to him over his shoulder as he pulled out various warm articles of clothing. "It appears," he began, "That we are going on vacation."

"First time for everything," said Butler in return.

And now her our teenage genius had his arms crossed on the railing, looking up at the sky on a private boat, with his parents, twin brothers, and of course, Butler. He was a guest though, not on duty, but of course hung around Artemis like the bodyguard he was trained to be.

Of course, that was what impression his family was under. He couldn't go anywhere without surveillance from the rest of his now very close friends.

His parents had just issued to boys downstairs, asking Artemis if he wanted any hot chocolate, which he declined politely. Now it was just Butler and himself, waiting patiently for the arrival of a friend.

Soon enough, she shimmered into view next to him, but obviously more excite than Artemis himself.

"Hello, Holly," Butler said, cheerfully.

She smiled up at him, but only sparing a moment. "Hey, Butler! How are you?"

"Very well, thank you."

"I assume you got a visa?" Artemis questioned, "Oh yes, and hi."

"Yes, and hi to you too," Holly said with a smile. Recently she'd been teaching Artemis to greet people before asking questions. It was polite and since he normally got a scowl from her and uncooperative silence when he didn't say hi, he'd learned very quickly. But then again, he always did.

"And of course I got a visa," she continued. "It's the Northern Lights! Almost every fairy has seen it at one time." Holly frowned.

Artemis got the hint, "But you haven't?"

"Mother was going to take me before she died," Holly explained, hiding her discomfort. "I didn't think of going until you mentioned your little 'vacation'."

"Happy to be of assistance," said Artemis, truthfully. Being honest was also something he was learning. "Why is it that fairy's like this place so much?"

"You read the Book, Fowl, you tell me." Holly shot back playfully.

The Book was also known as the fairy bible. Its word was both law and ethics to the People. And Artemis was the only human to have deciphered it, stolen a copy, and now spoke and ready Gnomish fluently. So it was true, Artemis junior had read the Book but could only question the phrase Holly was talking about.

"Through the lights you will see
A memory of love and glee
Dangerous as time progresses
Only she can fix the messes

Artemis recited this without a stumble, reading and re-reading the passage late into the night and trying to understand it in vain. He wasn't smiling, wearing the expression he did when deciphering something without success. "That's not much to go on, Holly."

"Take a guess, Arty." She said, sitting on the railing now.

Artemis frowned at her. "I wish you wouldn't do that. You could fall off."

Holly, not one to care about such remedial things, replied. "I'll only fall off if you push me. You, nor Butler, are going to do that, correct?"

"As of recently, no, but lets see how this night progress," Artemis said with his signature vampire-grin. He wasn't serious of course but the boy genius was starting to grow a sense of humor. Holly scowled at him.

Holly rolled her eyes, "Whatever, Mud-Boy. Anyways, go on, tell me what the Great Artemis Fowl is thinking about the fairy passages."

He sighed, "Very well." Artemis pointed to the sky, ""Through the light you will see', obviously meaning the Northern Lights. No other lights are important enough, as far as magic history goes, that I can think of."

"Good, Artemis, continue." Holly said mockingly.

He scowled. "'A memory of love and glee, Dangerous as time progresses', evolution has turned a once kind creature into something to be feared." Holly only nodded this time, still transfixed on the sky. "Lastly, 'Only she can fix the messes'; however unsure of the meaning I am of these so-called messes, or who she is, there is only one person who can fix a certain problem of some sort."

Holly eventually turned and started clapping for him. "Very good, Artemis. I see your brain is just as sharp as ever."

Butler didn't understand though, "What creature is it? A pixie, a fairy-."

Holly smiled. "Its just a fairy tale among fairies." She interrupted. "Nothing any of us expect, just something of a day dream. We suspect Frond put it in there to entertain the younger kids. Something besides laws and strict rules."

"A fairy tale?" Artemis sounded intrigued. "How very ironic."

"Stow it, Mud Boy," she snapped, sticking her tongue out at him immaturely.

Artemis chuckled, "I'm hardly a boy anymore, Holly. I am sixteen now."

"Nineteen, according to the rest of the world," Butler reminded him.

The debate on Artemis's age, which was a common topic between all of them, because someone always brought it up, had just begun when the sky illuminated in a rainbow wave.

They all froze, looking up to the sky in awe. Holly disappeared in a shimmer, but Butler felt a small weight on his shoulder. He smirked slightly, patting the officer on the head like a pet. She flicked his ear. Soon Artemis's family was hurrying to where the eldest son and bodyguard stood.

"Mommy, lookie!" Beckett shouted, excited, "Pretty lights!"

Most times Beckett and Myles got their words correct, but Artemis did credit them on being (however advanced) still rather young.

"Yes, dear," Angeline approved, holding him. His father was doing the same with Myles because they were too short to see otherwise. "That's the Northern Lights."


Starting at a wall was probably the least fun thing you could possible do. Hiding, when done in games, proved itself to be quite amusing to children and occasionally the elder humans. For animals, hiding (or camouflaging) could be for both fun and survival, to prevent themselves from being consumed. Currently, that's not what she felt like at all, but the sensation would soon come up, though she didn't know it at the time. All she could thing of was waiting for her friend to return.

Sitting on the edge of a roof, looking down at the city below, she was entirely at ease to her situation. It wasn't exactly illegal, but it was dangerous and highly looked down upon by others. The door behind her opened and she turned to look, just in case. He smiled at her and she smiled in turn.

"I'm glad you're here," he began. Straight to business, as always, "I wanted to ask you something."

"What?" She stood, and saw him freeze. The reason made her smile, because though he knew her better then anyone else in the world (since she had no family, and his little sister came in a very close second) he still couldn't get used to the thing that was very uncomfortable to hide and always made her back ache later.

He stepped forward. He was a lot older then her, in his thirties, and she barely sixteen. But friends came in all shapes and ages, right?

Needless to say, she was naïve. But you would be to if you never had lived in a perfect world your entire life, where nothing could hurt you, up until recently.

"I know we are not of the same species . . ."

She didn't like where this was going. "It doesn't matter. We're best friends, remember?"

Clearly, this statement was not as pleasing to him as it was to her. "Yes, we are friends, but . . . Isn't it physically possible we could be something more?"

And that was like a slap in the face to her respect. Her eyes narrowed and she stepped backwards, her reason for his freezing growing more intimidating in stance. "Physically, yes; mentally, no. Why do you ask?"

He took another step forward, which she took back. His scowl deepened and he began to advance rather quickly. This was halted quickly as he saw a spark in her eye.

Seeing this was as close as he could get, he began explaining his reasoning. "I have cared for you. I would never hurt you."

"Then take back what you said!"

Another sigh. Her kind tended to be very emotional. Women, he shook his head. "I cannot and will not." Now his voice turned forceful. "Together we would be completely unstoppable. And once we've grown comfortable with one another, our child would be the likes of something no one has ever seen before-."

"You used me," she accused, seething. "You didn't want to be my friend, you wanted to dominate my mind for your own personal gain."

He rolled his eyes, reaching behind his back. "It seems reason is deaf to your ears, however lovely they are." A feral growl erupted in her throat. "Very well," His own means of intimidation appeared and he saw her tense, hidden muscles strain under a perfect figure. "It seems this will have to become violent, won't it?"

Her hands went to her sides but it was too late. He obviously was not a fair fighter, refusing to give her the chance to grab her weapons, but there wasn't time to worry about it, because his choice of weapons was swiping viciously at her weak spots. Their kind had all kinds of weak points, but each was hard to reach. And they could only be killed by their species or another similar to it. It was very circumstantial and unimportant during this time.

Her feet kicked out, hitting him squarely in the chest. He stumbled back, surprise, and soon became enraged. This alarmed her further and he lunged, forcing her to the edge of the roof. It was disgraceful to 'run' from a fight but there wasn't much of a choice. He was as close as they got to royalty, if someone found her attacking him, she could be killed. She turned from him, ready to jump from the roof.

It was her biggest mistake.

He lashed out, refusing to let her escape without a physical injury (because the other was to her pride and sense of judgment). He succeeded.

She screamed, her intimidation in excruciating pain. Unable to muster the energy to look, all she could thing of was to get away. He wasn't going to win. She turned back, tears in her eyes, to see him hold her hand out to her. She suppressed as much of her pain to glare at him before spreading her arms and intimidation wide and free falling. This alarmed him greatly and he followed, ready to grab her.

When she saw she searched for an escape. Any escape. Death wasn't an option any longer, because he was closing in fast. A hollow thump against her chest as the wind ripped around them made her see her last extremely frightening choice.

She ripped off the necklace that tied all of their species to the island. He saw her grab for it, screaming his protest, but it was far too late.

She was gone, falling into an electric rainbow triangle from nowhere. This all happened in an instant and had he blinked, he would've missed the sight entirely. In his shock he almost turned into a splat on the floor but at last second, he managed to survive.

Norway, The Fowl Star

Both boys made 'ooh' sounds in unison, completely captivated, just as Butler, his parents, and his invisible fairy friend were. But Artemis's finger was currently twitching and he forced himself to hide a frown, lest his family find him ungrateful or Butler or Holly become suspicious. He could only draw one conclusion: Something was making him subconsciously and unbearably anxious and he had absolutely not idea why.

He allowed himself drop a pen in his pocket, that rolled. Butler noticed him move to fetch it and understood. It was a gift from Foaly, the centaur who Artemis rivaled in genius (though on many occasions Artemis had outwitted and outsmarted him. It was beginning to become a regular thing) and wasn't just a pen. It was important he didn't lose it, but Butler wondered why he would be so careless as to drop it all. Holly was thinking along the same lines when Artemis returned, pen in hand, and seeming very relieved.

He didn't give an explanation to his carelessness, simply fixing an examiners gaze on the sky. Holly was feeling very suspicious now, and Butler felt the small weight leave his shoulder silently.

Holly hovered next to Artemis's ear, hissing quietly. "What's wrong?"

The boy genius did not reply, simply fixated on something she couldn't see. Holly looked into his eyes, not blocking him because of the invisibility and saw a small, nearly microscopic (from this far away) white shine in the lights. She froze, staring as well. She wasn't sure what that was supposed to be. She gaped.

"Oh my," It wasn't surprising Butler had already seen what Holly had missed. He had a trained eye to see what shouldn't be there.

"It is quite a sight, isn't it Butler?" Artemis Senior agreed, oblivious, like the rest of his family, save one. "The wonders of the world sure are beautiful."

Artemis's mouth turned into a tight line, and he glanced at where he guess Holly was, since that was the only spot that was mysteriously blocked by the chill wind. He was off an inch or two but she understood the meaning of the look.

'Someone you might know?' Then his brow arched. 'Do you suppose you are going to meet them?'

And just like that, Holly was gone. He didn't hear, or see anything, but Butler and he shared an expression that knew she had gone after the light.

Norway, Ice Plateau

Holly was now directly below the sparkle. She slapped her helmet shut, turning the microphone on to contact her favorite and most intelligent centaur.

"Foaly, you there?" She asked, her tone serious. For someone who'd taken a quick, above ground trip, it was an odd thing to contact him. But than again, this was Holly. She was always finding trouble, and it was always finding her.

"Right here, Holly. How's the view? Artemis having fun?" Foaly had been with Holly on the call to Artemis, which they gave twice a week, once on Monday and the other on Saturday. Any other calls were for emergencies, and occasionally Mulch Diggums, a dwarf that had saved their tails quite a few times (who was an important friend and also private detective) was their to speak to their favorite Mud Men.

"So, Mud Boy, how's it hanging?" Mulch had asked. He wasn't there last week, and so had made it a point to be there this time. "Any juicy stories?"

Holly noticed his sunken expression, "Hey, Artemis, are you okay? You don' look very happy."

He scoffed, clearly irritated with something or someone, taking it out in a quick, cutting sentence. "Yes, because I'm always the epitome of joy." He then froze, seeing the somewhat hurt expression on Holly's face. "My apologies, I am not in the best mood at the moment. Mother and Father are taking the twins and I to Norway to see the Northern Lights."

"Its fine," Holly said quietly before piping up again. "Why is that a bad thing? I hear the lights are beautiful."

"Yes well, cold and puffy jackets are not my idea of fun," Artemis replied, pinching the bridge on his nose.

"Better than another plot that puts the People and your world in danger," Foaly replied, teasingly. "Anyways, suck it up, Artemis."

"Thanks for the compassion, Foaly," Artemis retorted. "Nonetheless, I shall feel very bored. Family bonding is not exactly easy for me."

"Human emotion isn't easy for you, Mud Boy," Mulch said, picking at his beard for a worm. Artemis didn't object. It was true enough.

"I, for one, am jealous," Holly said, pouting, "Fairies love the Northern Lights."

"You are welcome to join me," Artemis said, in all seriousness. "You all are, just so long as you can remain unseen."

"Ice isn't my thing, Arty," Mulch said. "No solid ground. And Doodah and I have got some business to attend to over the next few days. I'll have to pass on that offer."

"Ditto on the things to do," Foaly said.

Holly was thinking, "I don't believe I have anything to do for the rest of the wink. Foaly, you think you could get me a visa?"

"If not, you could always just steal another shuttle. It's not exactly uncommon between the four of us," Artemis said sarcastically, to which the fairy folk laughed at. "I have to go, but I assume Foaly can simply track where we are in Norway. I wish the best of luck to your case, Mulch."

"Why thanks, Arty," He pretended to be bashful. "I just feel so special, now."

Artemis rolled his eyes. "And Foaly, tell your wife I said hi. I'm assuming she's a part of your 'things to do' this weekend."

Foaly winked. "Oh, you know it, Fowl. You know you really should get a gal of your own soon. What about that Minerva girl? What ever happened to her?"

"She's become like my sister," Artemis said. "We're far too much of the same gene and I am protective over her rather then possessive. It wouldn't work out very well."

"Plus, your kid would be a monster," Mulch chuckled, ignoring the glare Artemis was giving him.

In the background a female voice, his mother, called him, asking him how much more time he needed, because they were leaving in the morning and other such things. Artemis sighed, once again pinching the bridge of his nose.

"It seems I cut our conversation short." He looked up, seeming more relaxed. "Goodbye, my friends. I look forward to seeing you this weekend, Holly. Best of luck."

"Best of luck to you too, Artemis," Foaly said. Had Artemis not already started cutting the transmition he would have heard the smugness that Holly had in his voice.

When the screen was blank, Foaly immediately said, "Hmph, did you hear that Mulch? 'I look forward to seeing you this weekend, Holly'.

"Shut up, both of you," She snapped. Recently they'd decided Artemis had a thing for her, and she him, and every harmless sentence was restructured into something they could tease her with when Artemis wasn't around. Truth be told, they were terrified of his reaction.

But as Holly's voice now was commanding, Foaly decided Artemis comments would be of no help. "Uh, never mind. Reason for you calling?"

"Something is wrong with the Northern Lights."

Foaly sighed, "Holly, I think you're just a magnet for trouble."

Holly's eyes grew wide as she noticed something. "If I wasn't here, whatever is falling from the Lights would probably die just about now."


Holly didn't respond, her eyes riveted on the sparkle that had turned into an object, still white, but not shining. Whatever it was, it was free falling. Very gracefully, but Holly noticed something.

"Foaly, looks like we got another species to discover."

Miles below ground, Foaly groaned. "Aw man, not again."

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