Ending! Sorta, though, cause there's gonna be a sequel, but yeah! Its gonna be a crossover!

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Chapter 8

Fowl Manor, Guest Room: 5:36 am

After restoring the power and feeding Mulch (though, actually he had yet to stop eating), things had settled down a little bit. The medical team rushed to Ellen's care. Oddly enough, her wing hadn't been damaged either. She didn't seem to upset that her brother had been killed so bluntly, without any mercy. The only thing on her mind, and everyone else's, was the one who'd done it.

As soon as Artemis had hit the ground, the gun falling from his hands, Holly was rushing to him immediately. Butler tried to move but Trouble forced him to stay down, warning him what healing could do if not done properly. Reluctantly, he'd done so. Extremely reluctantly. He was twitching until they were done.

"Artemis!" Holly screamed, shaking him violently. "Artemis, wake up! Artemis!"

The pale boy was out cold. Most likely from shock. Mulch hurried over next to her, and Ethryn reluctantly stayed away, biting her lip. As much as she owed Artemis, she was still somewhat of an outsider. Ethryn followed Ellen and the team of people treating her upstairs, casting a concerned and regretful glance over her shoulder.

More fairies hurried to Artemis's side and Butler's healing was done. He leaped to his feet and picked Artemis up, hurrying upstairs towards Artemis's room, followed by most of the LEP. The only one remaining below was Holly, Mulch, and Trouble. Foaly then appeared on one of the digital picture frames, looking sad.

"I didn't know Artemis had it in him to kill," Foaly muttered. Holly was staring at where he'd disappeared.

Mulch walked over and patted her on the arm. "He's tough, Holly."

She gave him a look.

"Alright, not strong tough. He's actually kind of a wiry thing, but that's not what I meant!" He added, quickly, as Holly only seem all the more distressed by this. "I meant he's seen a lot. This is just something new to him. The little monster probably only fainted from the shock of just murdering someone."

Holly sighed, shakily. "Yeah . . . okay."

Right now, they sat out in the hallway. Foaly was inside Ethryn's room, instructing the surgery, but Butler was there to replace him. None of them had said a word, thinking of their two friends. Ethryn was suddenly at the entrance to the hallway. They all looked at her.

"Foaly said Artemis is awake."

But nobody moved. She looked too somber.

"And?" Holly pressed, standing. "Ethryn, what's wrong?"

Ethryn sighed, "I can just feel the negative energy in his room, even though I haven't been in there. Something's really wrong with him. Holly, Butler, even you, Mulch, are the only people he really wants to see right now."

They all looked at one another and nodded, standing.

"And what about you?" Mulch asked. "Does he want to see you?"

"Not yet," she replied. "He mentioned me, but, I know he doesn't want to be reminded yet. Just go ahead, I'll come in later."

She left, towards Ellen's room.

Quickly, they made their way to Artemis. Butler knocked.

"Come in," a quiet voice called.

Holly opened the door.

Artemis sat in bed, a monitor next to him, just leaning against the bedpost. Holly, relieved, now knew what Ethryn meant. Somehow the room was just . . . depressing in itself, though she'd never felt it before.

Without a word, she walked over, hopped up on his bed, and hugged him. Artemis seemed startled at the movement, as he had not been paying attention, simply staring up at the ceiling. Now he looked down at her, surprised.

Butler smiled and he and Mulch walked over, just as Holly released him.

"Don't scare us like that, Mud-Boy," Mulch berated, teasing. He jerked a thumb towards Holly. "You left me to deal with Holly all afraid and stuff! I don't think you know how hard that is! She was practically having a heart attack."

Artemis glanced down at Holly. She sat right in front of his crossed legs and he smiled, just a little. "It would appeared so."

Holly huffed, "Well excuse me for being worried for the health of someone whose paler then the moon and skinnier then a twig." She nudged Artemis's shoulder. He rolled his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Butler intervened.

Artemis then looked away. "I'm perfectly healthy, according to the-."

"Artemis," Mulch interrupted, leaning casually against the wall, at the foot of his bed. "I don't think that's quite what he meant?"

The boy genius look at the faces of his friends and knew that they already knew. He gave a heavy sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers. "I saved Ethryn, I know. I might've even saved Ellen, as well. But I still don't feel quite right about taking another man's life, for whatever reason."

Butler placed his massive hand gently on Artemis's shoulder. "I know how you feel, Artemis."

"Ditto," Holly added.

Mulch raised a hand, "Aye."

"We've all taken lives, Artemis. Whether we wanted to or not," Holly reminded him.

LEP officer, criminal, bodyguard, and genius then, for one fleeting moment, felt the same pain. The first time taking a life. Sadly, they all knew the names. The faces flashed in their minds, sending a sharp stab through their chests.

"Alright, enough sap," Mulch interrupted, shaking his head. With it went the memory. "Artemis is a hero, yay for that. Someone give the boy a prize."

They simply laughed, though Butler noticed Holly had a strange look in her eye for a split second. He chose to ignore it.

"Where is Ethryn?" Artemis asked, finally noticing she was not there. His head was still aching from hitting the floor so hard. "Is something wrong with Ellen?"

Butler shook his head, "No. She just felt you needed a little pick-me-up before she came in."

Artemis nodded, seeing the logic behind it. As irrational as emotions were, being able to read them was invaluable information. "Ah. I see. I'll talk to her later, then. I do wish to discuss a few things with her."

"Whatever you saw, Mud-Boy." Mulch hopped off his bed, walking towards the door. Butler followed behind with a last look at Artemis. He saw Holly had not moved and had a feeling it had something to do with that earlier look from before. Not one to pry with her, he shut the door behind him.

"Yes, Holly?" Artemis asked, wondering why she hadn't left with the others. He sat up straighter. "Is something wrong?"

Holly shook her head. "Nah." Then she leaned forward, planting a very chaste kiss on his mouth before also leaving the comfort of the bed. Artemis sat stunned, not able to believe what had happened. "I just agreed with Mulch. You needed some sort of reward for being a hero, right?"

Artemis blinked away his surprise, "Eh . . . I hardly think that was long enough," he teased in turn, recovering.

She winked at him. "Yeah, well, try doing more heroic things. It might turn out better for you."

And she left quickly enough.

Fowl Manor, 10:00am

Artemis sighed. He picked the phone up and dialed, unable to believe he was really making this call now, when Ellen was going to come out of surgery any minute now. But there really wasn't any time.

Within two rings, she picked up. "Arty?"

"Yes, mom, its me." It still felt strange to call her mom.

"Oh good! I was getting worried. What are you up to?"

How casual, he noted. His family must have been close. Or they were in public.

"Nothing now, mom. Everything has been dealt with now. I will be joining you in a few days, or you, father, and the twins can come home at that time."

"Why not now?"

"Eh," he looked downstairs, frowning. "The house needs to be cleaned."

Tristan's body had been taken care of, thank goodness, but the blood had stained the floor. The LEP had assured him a clean-up team would be coming tomorrow, and there would be no need to go through the hassling of re-tiling. This was good. It avoided paying off the one doing the job, to assure they kept their mouth shut, and hiding the evidence. No one had ever been murdered inside the Fowl Manor, so it wasn't like there was a protocol for this kind of thing.

"Mm," His mother was clearly unhappy. "Nothings been broken, I assume?"

"No, just a few, em, stains."

"From what?"

"Mom," Artemis had never been one to whine. But he had never come as close to doing so as he was now, practically begging his mother not to press for information. "Please."

"Oh, alright, fine. But you're going to explain to me later, young man!"

Artemis rolled his eyes, "Of course."

"See you in a few days, then, Artemis!" He heard a smacking sound as she made kissing noises. Artemis practically died of embarrassment, even though nobody was around to hear the conversation. "I love you."

"I love you too."



Then he hung up, relieved. It had gone extremely well, he decided. Not too many questions, and the conversation had gone smoothly. It was at that moment Holly came rushing down the stairs, clearly happy.

"What is it?" He asked, standing.

"Ellen's surgery has gone well," she said. "And she'd liked to see you."

Artemis bit his lip. "Is that a good idea? She's still recovering-."

"She's very determined to talk to you."

Reluctantly then, he took a deep breath, calming himself, and followed her up the stairs. They came to Ellen's room (far too quickly in his opinion, as the halls seemed to rush past), very close to Ethryn's, and knocked.

"Come in!" Ethryn shouted, from the other side.

The door opened to reveal seven people. Ethryn, Ellen, and five medical examiners.

"Artemis Fowl," Ellen breathed with a soft smile. "Its a pleasure to meet you."

Artemis walked forward, taking her hand gently with a small smile of his own. "Its very nice to meet you too, Ellen. Its unfortunate though that we have to meet under such . . . disturbing circumstances."

Ellen sighed, "Yes well, I can't say I'm surprised. Tristan took after our father too much. I guess I always just kind of knew that something would make him snap eventually."

"How sad," Artemis replied, sympathetically. "Are you well?"

"Well enough," she said. Then she became more serious. "I really must thank you, Artemis. You probably saved both mine and Ethryn's life by killing my brother."

"Yes, Artemis," Ethryn agreed, looking relieved. Whether it was for the murder, or for Ellen's recovery, neither he nor Holly could tell. "I don't know how we can make it up to you."

"No need," he insisted.

Holly smiled to herself. Years ago, Artemis would jump at the opportunity to have leverage on someone. He would have used that resource until it was drained dry, but now he was passing it off as if it was nothing. And it probably wasn't. Holly didn't know how hit-men functioned, taking a life for a price. How much did a life cost? Was it more valuable for someone with more security? With age? She didn't know.

"There has to be something," Ellen insisted.

He shook his head, "There's really nothing I want from you two. Just your safety." Then he paused. "Actually, there is one thing I desire."

"Anything," Ethryn insisted.

"An answer," Artemis replied. "Are you two going to be returning to you home soon?"

"Yes, I was planning on returning immediately. My mother must be worried sick." Ellen said. But they noticed Ethryn looking out the window, as if in mourning. "Ethryn? Is something wrong?"

She sighed, shaking her head and looking at Artemis. "That is . . . something I wanted to discuss with you too, Artemis."

He leaned forward, "Yes?"

"I was wondering . . . if it could be possible for me to," she took a deep breath, "Stay. Here. On Earth."

Holly was surprised. She'd known Ethryn had liked it here very much. But she'd thought that her home was something she would be dying to get back to.

"Oh, Ethryn," Ellen suddenly said, rummaging through her pockets. "I've been meaning to give you this. Tristan dropped it, but I guessed you might want it anyways. The life-force is gone, though."

She produced the necklace from her pocket and dropped it into Ethryn's delicate fingers. Artemis studied her expression carefully. He wasn't opposed to her staying. The Fowl's could support her easily enough, if she wanted to stay in the Manor. And even if she didn't, he could relocate her close to the where the shuttles were, or maybe somewhere in his vast amount of land he owned. Safety was his main priority, and he doubted she'd want to be away from everyone for long.

Ethryn was at that moment in awe of the trinket in hand. This whole adventure had started just with her ripping this piece off. The place where the string had snapped was fringed, burnt slightly. And as Ellen said, it was dead now. Nothing more then a pretty necklace She clutched it tightly in her fist and closed her eyes, nodding her head in acceptance.

"I want to stay," She said, smiling up at Artemis. "I know now this is where I was destined to be."

Artemis smiled back. "We couldn't be more happy to have you."

"I'll explain to your mother, Ethryn," Ellen insisted. "Don't worry about that. You're family won't think you dead, and your name won't go down in vain. And neither will yours, Artemis." She continued, looking at him. "You'll be famed where I am."

"Artemis is used to publicity," Holly teased.

Artemis didn't reply, just thought ahead to what the future would hold. He'd always known his life would permanently be a part of Holly's and the rest of the fairies, but he'd never thought he'd pretend to have one for a cousin. A new addition to the family.

He wondered how his real family would take it.

The cleaning crew had been thorough, even going so far as to scan the entire house for any signs of Angel anything. Hair, microscopic drops of blood that were untraceable (by human standards), all were gone within an hour. They then packed up and left, not wanting or having the time to stay a minute more then necessary. They had places to clean.

"I don't think its ever looked cleaner," Holly noted. "No offense, Butler."

"None taken. Your team was thorough."

"Very," Artemis agreed. "I'm sure my family will be pleased."

"Oh yeah, how did that phone call go?" Holly asked, curious and amused.

Artemis sighed. "Mother has agreed to it, under the circumstance that I swear nothing is going on besides helping out a friend."

Holly and Butler laughed. Artemis waited until they were done, not entirely paying attention to them. His mind was elsewhere.

"Yes, haha," Artemis mocked, rolling his eyes. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some things I want to take care of before my family returns home from their trip. I want to have Ethryn settled before they come, wherever it is she chooses to stay."

Having said that, he turned and walked down the hallway. Butler and Holly watched, reminding themselves just how quiet Artemis was. Near to silent.