That was all Danny could muster as he pointed up at the man Librarian had looked up at. He was standing on a balcony of sorts on the second floor looking down at him. It was the same F.B.I. guy who came to the station!

He smiled down from the balcony, his hands folded behind his back.

"Yes, Mr. Dixon, I believe we've met before. Lights?"

The darkness of the room dispelled, and Danny looked around him to see mahogany-wood walls and a staircase which the man was standing on top of. He was already walking down the steps.

"I'm the Middleman. You've already met Ida."

Danny squinted ahead at him.

"The Middle…what? Wait, wasn't your name Matt?"

"Mark…actually…but that was a fake. As was the name of my associate whom you've met as well, Wendy Watson."

Danny turned to see the girl who was with him that morning as well. She had her arms crossed and an expectant look on her face as well.

"Did you like the movie? Ida knows all the best blockbusters."

"Made you squirm well enough, didn't I, missy?"

"Wait, wait, hold on!"

Danny held his arms out and shut his eyes tight for a minute before turning on Matt or Mark or the Middlewhatever that he called himself.

"You guys aren't with the F.B.I. at all, are you? Then what are you?"

The Middleman cast a look behind Danny at Wendy once, and then turned back down to him.

"I guess you could call us independent contractors. We solve exotic problems."

Danny just stared at him.

"What do you mean by exotic? Are we talking, like, foreign goods? Are you guys criminals?"

"Psh. If we were we'd probably be making more."


The Middleman cast another dubious look behind him, and Danny looked back in time to see Wendy hold her hands up in surrender and gesture for him to go on.

"No, Mr. Dixon. We're not criminals. Far from it, actually. Do you read comic books?"

Danny looked nervously left to right, then opened his mouth but the Middleman beat him to it.

"I'm sorry, that was an ill-placed question. I already know you do. I saw them when we moved your apartment. You have quite the impressive collection there, Mr. Dixon, especially your Spider-Man shelf."

He then smiled a little sheepishly and looked down for a minute.

"I hope you don't mind if I sifted through a few of those."

"Wait, you guys were in my apartment? How? Wha-…"

Danny's eyes went the size of dinner plates. Anger boiling up inside of him, he pointed an accusing finger at the Middleman.

"Were you guys the ones who got me evicted?"

"Yyyeeeaaaaah. Sorry about that."

Danny wheeled on Wendy as she spoke.

"It was the only way we could think of to get you down here. And to protect you."

"Protect me? You guys cost me my apartment! The hell kind of protection is this?"

He felt a calming hand on his shoulder and he turned around to find the Middleman's calming smile.

"Mr. Dixon, we do apologize, but Wendy's right. We had to get you evicted so that you would follow the flier here."

He gestured with his arms all around him.

"To headquarters."

Danny looked around him.

"The headquarters of what?"

"Let's go back to the comic books, Danny. You know how in comic books there's all kinds of mad scientists and aliens and androids and monsters and all of them want to either destroy or take over the world?"

Danny looked back at Wendy, then at apparently Ida, and back at the Middleman. Were they really discussing comic books when the question of his apartment still hadn't been answered?


"Well, Mr. Dixon, it really does work like that. I would like to personally welcome you to Middleman HQ. Now, if you wouldn't mind following us, we can begin the tour."

With that, the Middleman, Wendy, and Ida all turned and made their way down a hall right next to the staircase. Danny hesitated at first, but followed after them. He was going to get to the bottom of the situation with his apartment if it killed him.

Aaaaaaaaand cliffhanger ending, guys! So my man Danny Dixon meets up with the Middleman and crew. For what reason? All will be revealed in the final part of my first chapter in a new saga of Middleman adventures, because as a fan I believe this show was cancelled way too early. We fans need more closure. Please read and review and let me know what guys think! Part 3 coming up soon.