Tested Love

Chapter 1

Faith and Hell

Fallout96: This will be my longest story yet. It will have drama, violence, love, and hope all wrapped into one story. I hope all of you will enjoy it!

Ash was brought through two big doors that led to the courtroom. The guards behind him constantly pushing for him to walk faster. Which was very difficult due the fact that his legs were chained together, including his arms also. As he entered the courtroom, he could see his fiends and family sitting in the many rows of seats present.

"Move it!" The guard yelled as he pushed Ash forward.

Ash's eyes went back to the many rows of seats and teared up as he saw one particular person siting. She had brown-hair, blue-eyes, and was beautiful. Tears were pouring down her face as she saw Ash being dragged to the front of the court.

'May. I hope to God she still believes I'm innocent. I can't stand to see her cry like that.' He thought with the greatest sadness hitting his heart. Even though he didn't know it yet or refused to believe it, he loved her. Not just as friend, but as a lover.

Ash finally made it up to the front of the courtroom. He could see the judge stare at him with evil eyes.

"Ash Ketchum of Pallet, you are charged with the wrongful capture and containment of the legendary pokemon, Rayquaza. Since this is a non-jury trial, I will allow you to explain your innocence." The judge explained to him with seriousness in each word.

Ash raised his head up to face the judge eye to eye.

"Your Honor, I deny all the charges set before me. I'm innocent! Can't you see that?" Ash defended himself.

"Evidence of the capture was recorded onto your PC. When Rayquaza was caught, and sent to it, the PC recorded the exact time and date. That is enough evidence to make you guilty!" The judge yelled and replied the evidence.

May sat in horror, as the one she loved was being tried. She didn't believe that for one second, Ash would do such a thing.

'I love him so much. I can't bear to see him being treated like some criminal.' She thought to herself as tears started falling down cheeks.

"Do you have anymore to say, Mr. Ketchum?" The judge asked.

Ash only stared down at the ground.

'No matter what I say or do, they will find me guilty.' He thought to himself, losing hope.

"No." Ash responded with a low voice.

"Than without further delay, I sentence you to twenty years at the Kanto Correctional Prison in Desert Town. I wish you all the best of luck." He said with not one bit of regret in any of his words.

Ash could only let one tear shed from his tired eyes.

"You will be allowed one fifteen minute visit by a friend or family member before you are transported. Who would you like to see?" The judge informed him.

Ash looked up at the crowd of people he cared about. His eyes were fixated on May.

"May Maple." He gave his answer while allowing his head to fall down yet again.

The judge nodded. Security guards lead both Ash and May to small room where they could talk for fifteen minutes. Ash's chains were taking off, but was left with a pair of leg cuffs around his ankle. When the guards finally left, May immediately embraced Ash into a tight hug.

"Oh, Ash! I know your innocent, I just know it." May buried her face in Ash's chest as she said so.

Ash put a warm hand on May's back and returned the hug.

"Don't worry about me, May. I promise we'll see each other soon. I don't know how, but we will." He comforted her with his words while praying that it would be true.

May stared into Ash's eyes.

"Ash, please be safe while your over there. If you were to...If you were to..."She couldn't bear to finish the unthinkable word.

Ash knew right away the word that she didn't want to say or happen. He brought her in for another hug.

"That will never happen. I promise you. Just have a little, May." The words made her calm down and she embraced the warmth of his body. They sat there for several seconds until May broke the silence.

"Ash, I want you to have this." May said as she pulled out a picture.

Ash stared at the picture and smiled. It was a picture of him and May, laughing together as sat on a bench with each other. With May's head resting on Ash's shoulder.

Ash grinned at the memory.

"I will always keep it." Ash said as he stored it safely in his pocket.

The doors suddenly opened.

"It's time." The guard said coldly as he moved toward Ash.

May brought in Ash for one last hug.

"Take care, Ash." She whispered sadly into his ear. Than she kissed him on the cheek.

Ash blushed a little.

"I will. See you soon. Remember, just have a little faith." He said the last part with a tear falling down his face, while being dragged off by the guard.

May couldn't hold her feelings in any longer. She ran toward Ash, but was stopped by two guards.

"Ash, I love you! I always have!" She yelled her feelings to him.

"I love you to, May! Wait for me!" He managed to reply the feelings, before he was finally dragged out of the room and to his faith.

May's eyes welled up with tears as she lost sight of him.

'Please, just be safe. I love you, Ash. I don't know what I would do without you.' She thought as she walked sadly out of the room.

Two Hours Later.

The transport car rolled up to a large, old building with two barb-wire fences. One four feet from the building, and the other thirty feet from the other one. Ash could see guards walking outside the prison with guns in their hands.

"Let's go." The guard ordered as he opened the door for Ash.

Ash immediately felt the rain hit the top of his head and was directed toward the door. The door had written on it "Hell Awaits!". This sent shivers down Ash's spine.

"Hold your hands out." The guard grabbed Ash's hands and unlocked the handcuffs. He unshackled the leg chains also.

The giant metal doors opened. Ash could hear the sound of yelling and screaming coming from inside.

"This is as far as we go. Good luck." The guard said as he pushed Ash behind the door and it closed shut. The sound of ten deadbolts locking were heard afterward.

Ash turned and walked down the long, cold hallway. When he reached the end, he realized that he was now in an open area that had sand for ground. The rain was beating on him from the lack of a roof. In the middle of the courtyard, he could see a large crowd circled around something.

"What the hell is that." He said to himself as he walked over to the crowd. It consisted mostly of boys his age and some older ones. When he finally could see the inside of the crowd, he was shocked at what he saw. Two large boys were fighting each other to the death.

"Yeah!" The crowd yelled as the older boy pitted the other one against the sand. His arms wrapped around his neck and pulled for several seconds. It was all over when everyone heard a snap. The victorious boy dropped the body and walked out of the circle. Soon everyone left the sight and returned to their small cots on the ground.

Ash still stared at the body. He couldn't believe what he had just saw.

'This is going to be hell.' He thought to himself as he laid against a pillar supporting the second floor.

'I just got to have faith.' His last thought as he drifted to sleep. His dreams would be filled with the hope of him and May seeing each other again soon.

Fallout96: That;s the first death I've ever wrote about. I know this is far away from my usual stories, but it will get more interesting as the story progresses. I'll be writing the next chapter soon. See you than! Review please!