Tested Love

Chapter 6


Fallout96: This is it. The big break out. Will Ash and his new friends be able to escape with their lives and will he finally be able to be with May? Find out! I hope you like it!

"Ash Ketchum! You have a visitor!" Ash slowly got up from his spot by the window and looked at James and Lucas.

"I'll be right back. Remember, tonight we break out of here."

Both James and Lucas nodded simultaneously and Ash made his way to the side gate. The giant doors slid open and Ash walked through it and into the fence cage.

"Ash!" May yelled as she could see her lover walking in the fence.

"May!" Ash would have tackled her with a hug, but the fence separated them.

"Oh, Ash! It's good to see you!" May said as she intertwined her fingers with Ash's between the fence.

"It's great to see you too, May."

For a long time, the couple just stared into each others eyes, until Ash had to break the silence to inform May of everything.

"May, it's happening tonight. You have the boat ready?"

May nodded.

"I do, Ash. What time tonight will you make it to the harbor?"

Ash scratched the back of his head.

"Let's see, we should be over the fence at 10:00, so I should be at the harbor by 11:30. So be ready, May, after we set sail to Hoenn, we start a new life together." Ash could see her smile as she heard the last part.

"Oh, Ash, I can wait until we're together. I've made arrangements for us to stay in Petalburg with my parents and we can live there until all of this blows over." Ash smiled at her. "I can't wait, May. Now, tell Brock to hit the main power line at exactly 9:55. I have to get going, I have a lot to plan. I love you, May." Ash said as he began to walk back to the side gate.

"I love you, Ash!" He turned around to see May waving at him and he returned the wave. 'We'll be together soon, May, I promise.' He made his silent promise as he reentered the prison, ready for the night to come.

9:53 PM...

"Okay, Lucas, get the remote control car."

Lucas knelled near the bed and pulled out the remote control car, with the dog treats attached to it, from under the bed. He handed it to Ash.

"Thanks, now James, unscrew the bars off the window."

James nodded.

"Right, just give a second." He began to unscrew the bars until they could be taken off by hand. When the bars were taken, Ash positioned the remote car on the window.

"Any second now the lights should go off." Ash said as they waited patiently for the lights to go off.

Suddenly, the lights went off and the dog units started barking.

"Now!" Ash dropped the remote control car two floors down to the ground and began to operate it. The car soon attracted the guard dogs. They followed the car all the way into the bushes.

Ash turned to Lucas.

"Okay, Lucas, aim carefully for the fence and make sure the grappling hook has a tight hold."

Lucas nodded. He aimed the makeshift grappling hook and rope and threw it with all his strength.

"Yes!" Ash yelled as he could see it stuck perfectly on the barb-wire fence. "I'll go first and you guys follow me when I reach the end of it." They all nodded as Ash began use the rope to cross the space between the prison and the fence. When he finally reached the fence and jumped over it, he signaled for James and Lucas to come now.

"Lucas, you go first." James said as Lucas climbed onto the rope and managed to make it to the other side with Ash. James soon followed and joined them.

"What do we do now, Ash?" Lucas said as he became increasingly nervous about the fact that they're outside the fence.

Ash looked at his watch and smiled.

"Were making perfect time. Now we just run South until we reach the car."

"And how far is the car?" James asked.

"Ten miles, but we have to hurry. Any second now they'll figure things out and the alarms will go off. Now let's go!"

They began to run as fast as they could, not looking back for one second. A million thoughts went through Ash's mind as they continued to run through the forest. 'Don't worry, May. We'll be together soon. I can't believe it. It's been twenty minutes and the alarms haven't sounded off yet.' His thoughts were suddenly stirred when he could hear the alarm go off in the distant.

"Run faster everyone! Just one mile until we reach the car!" Ash yelled as the ran full speed to the car.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, they reached the car. Ash grabbed the keys from underneath the bumper and they all began to drive off.

"So, how long until we reach the harbor." Ash looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Lucas. "Not far. Five minutes at best."

Suddenly, a helicopter was heard overhead.

"Stop! We will fire if you don't exit the car!" A man on a microphone yelled from the helicopter. Ash had no intention of ever stopping and pushed the pedal to the floor. If he could make it into the forest, he would lose the helicopter. Bullets could soon be heard bouncing off the top of the car.

"They're firing at us!" James yelled just before a tire burst and sent them crashing into the forest. It was a rough hit, but Ash managed to gather his thoughts.

"Everyone okay?" He looked at James and could see that he was fine, but when he looked at Lucas, he could see that he was bleeding bad.

"Lucas!" Ash yelled as he tried to pull him out of the car. It was obvious that the bullets had breached the top of the car and hit him.

"No, Ash. Leave me here."

Ash shook his head.

"I have to save you!"

Lucas looked Ash straight in the eye. "You already have, Ash. You've shown me that violence is not the answer and for that I'm truly grateful."

"But you can make!" Ash said as he tried to pick up Lucas, but met resistance.

"I could make it another step, maybe two, but what would be the point? I wasn't going for myself, I was going for my girlfriend and you can do that for me." Lucas pulled the picture out of his pocket and placed it in Ash's hand. "Will you promise me that you'll tell her that I loved her?"

Ash let a few tears fall down his eyes and nodded.

"I will, I will."

"Ash, we have to go!" James yelled as he pulled Ash away from Lucas. Ash looked back at Lucas.

"Go, Ash! Go and don't look back!" Those were Lucas' last words as his eyes finally closed. Ash knew he couldn't stay there and weep, so him and James went on ahead.

Soon, the sound of the helicopter disappeared and the harbor came into full view. Ash could see the boat and turned to James.

"I guess this is where we say goodbye, James." Ash stuck his hand out. James took it and shook Ash's hand. "Thanks, for everything, Ash. Good luck with your girlfriend." Ash nodded and James ran to the other end of the harbor, waiting for his own ride. When he was out of view, Ash walked down toward the boat.

"May! May!" Ash yelled, but was soon answered when he was brought into a very tight hug. He looked down and could see brown hair.

"Ash! Your finally here!" Ash placed his hand underneath May's chin and brought her in for a deep kiss. May moaned in pleasure as Ash slipped his tongue into her mouth. They finally had to separate for air.

May smiled.

"Ash, let's go." She grabbed Ash's hand and dragged him on board to the giant cruise ship. They found the perfect spot at the end of the ship, where they slowly watched Kanto disappear over the horizon. Ash turned to May.

"Our new life begins now, May." May wrapped her arms around Ash's chest and snuggled closer to him. "Were going to be so happy together, Ash." Ash looked down at May. "As long as I'm with you, May, I'll always be happy." And with that they entered a long, passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. The new couple enjoyed each others company as the ship slowly sailed to their new lives together.

The End...For Now...

Fallout96: I hope all of you enjoyed the last chapter. It's official, I will make a sequel to this story, but it will probably be rated M for sexual situations and acts. But it will be filled with romance and drama! See you than! Review please!