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Chapter 1: New School and New Home

I had to move again.

Originally, I lived in Manhattan when I was younger and then in San Francisco from my preteen years. Now I have to move to Manhattan again. Don't get me wrong, I love Manhattan; but San Francisco is where most of my friends lived.

But there is one thing I like about moving.

I don't have to see Mark anymore.

He has this huge 'crush' on me which frankly freaked me out. But if he wanted a chance, he shouldn't have told me he liked my chest and butt first before asking me out. He definitely deserved it when I punched his nose.

The airplane landed; I was at my new home now. We took a taxi to our new house. We don't have a car because we were moving so much. But now we're going to get one because we're going to stay here for most of my teen years. What joy!

I focused on staring out the window - which was proven difficult because of my ADHD - and trying to see if I recognize my surroundings. The taxi came to a sudden halt. When I stepped out of the taxi, I stared at the house in awe.

I have to admit, this house was better than the old ones we had. This one was a peach colour that was probably meant to make it look warm and inviting, which worked. It had a pretty good structure too; probably won't collaspe if a minor catastrophe happened. It was large with two stories, and a mini balcony at every large window too. I went inside.


My alarm clock rang crazily, screeching like a hyena.

I turn it off and got dressed. Yellow t-shirt, grey jacket and navy blue tight jeans. I stepped into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and lightly combed my hair. I can do two things at once. Don't ask me why, it might be my ADHD or not. Should I do my hair? I decided to make a ponytail. *I put on my owl earrings, a gift from my dad on my 14th birthday. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Good morning," I said.

"'Morning, Annabeth," my family said together.

I have a step-mom, Helen, and two extremely annoying step-brothers, Matthew and Bobby. Only my dad is my biological parent in this house. My real mother is Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategies. I'm a demigod.

I ate cereal for breakfast and checked my grey/purple watch after I was done. School starts at 8:20 so I was hoping I was a bit earlier to get my schedule.


"I'll walk to school. 'Later!" I yelled, as I swung my backpack and put on my purple sneakers and ran off. I heard my dad yelling, "Bye, honey!" I smiled as I was running. The school was pretty close from home, around 4-5 blocks away. It was called 'Goode High School.'

I really do hope it's a good school. OK, that sounded weird. I started having butterflies in my stomache. It was already October, so the school term already started. Which means I'll be the new girl, once again. I took a deep breath and walked into the principal's office.

"Hello-" the principal greeted. Then he checked a post-it note on his desk before turning back to me. "-Annabeth Chase. I'm the principal of Goode High School. Call me Mr. D."

I took a quick look at him. He had blood-shot eyes and he looked like a drunkard. Reminds me of someone... I decided to test out this theory, besides if he wasn't this person, the Mist would cover what I said. I didn't have to care much, except maybe the Mist will make me say something like: "Hi, I'm about to kill you now!"

That would be just fantastic.

I ponder on this. I'm not reckless so it was probably best to have a back-up plan. I was alright with manipulating the Mist so maybe it was worth a shot.

"Don't be so formal, Dionysus. I use to go to camp," I replied calmly. When I lived in Manhattan, I went to Camp Half-Blood. It's a summer camp for heroes in training, in other words, demigods.

I didn't know many people from camp, except the Athena kids. I'm too busy, usually doing my activities or reading a book to get to know anyone. I knew the Athena kids well enough though because we're in the same cabin and they were my half-siblings.

"Now I remember you, Anniebell!" Mr. D said. Wow, so now you remember me? I've been at camp for three years when I was younger. Cue the signature eye roll.

He explained some school and camp stuff to me. For example, now half-bloods have to go to this school and when it's summer, we go to camp or stay home and 'get killed'. He also said that some people here are not from camp too though, so I still have to be careful.

As if I would just say go up to someone, state who I am without even checking who they were first! This was a direction insult to Athena and I. Whose daughter does he think I am? Aphrodite?

"Go look for Thalia Grace. She's the daughter of Zeus and she'll show you around," he said lazily, handing me my schedule. I politely bid him farewell, though I desprately wanted to grab a dagger and shove it down his throat.

He was seriously starting to irritate me.

I went to find this Thalia Grace person and decided along the way not to tell her that I'm a demigod, just in case we were friends because she should find out herself. It'll prove she's worthy of being my friend, and she's at least somewhat intelligent.

I asked some stranger for directions. Everyone gave me different directions so I kept on getting lost.

I finally found her outside the doors to the gym. She's definitely a fast person, going to so many places without me even once spotting her.

Thalia was pretty, with choppy black hair that went down to her shoulders and shocking, electric blue eyes. She wore lots of black eyeliner around her eyes which made them pop even more. Her outfit consisted of all dark clothing which gave me the impression she must be somewhat of a rebel in this school. Why Mr. D would ask me to come to such a intimidating person, I would never know.

"I'm Annabeth Chase, the new girl. Mr. D said you'd show me around," I told her. She studied me carefully with an odd expression.

"I'm Thalia Grace," said girl greeted. She smiled at me and showed me a bunch of places and when we were at the last classroom, the bell rang.

"Hope to see you around," Thalia said with a grin, showing her shiny white teeth.

"You too," I replied with a grin back. "Can I sit with you at lunch?" I was really hopping she'd say 'yes.'

"Sure," called Thalia, before walking into a crowd of students. Well, I think I've made a new friend...

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