I was on the church playground the day everything changed. I was on the only swing that didn't drag on the ground.

At thirteen, I never suspected that the seemingly far-fetched shows on giant robots fighting over Earth's energy were real. I never suspected, either, that the Transformers didn't know that some humans knew all about them.

My brother had gone inside for some reason, and I was watching the cars go by. Then I heard the weirdest thing.

"Throw it and the spark out the window!"

"No! They'll come after us!"

"Give it here!" Then what looked like a black cassette tape and a blue rock were tossed from the window of a passing car. I waited, then jumped over the rust wire fence, walked over, and picked them up. The minute it touched my skin, the glowing blue shard of crystal sank in to my hand.

I stared, the beginnings of panic swirling in my mind. Suddenly, I felt connected to the tape. Then it started vibrating, and I dropped it in surprise.

The tape…changed…with a series of metallic clicks. In seconds, there was a robot-like black cat as high as my elbow in front of me.

"Ravage." I wasn't sure how I knew. I mean, Autobots and Decepticons were supposed to be fake, for crying out loud!

I tensed to run as Ravage glared at me, but he didn't crouch or spring. He just…looked at me.

Did you touch the spark fragment? I gasped. Had Ravage just talked to me?

"You…talk?" I whispered.

Only to Decepticons and whoever has my spark fragment.

"Your what?"

The blue thing you picked up – it's a piece of my spark. It must stay in a human, or I will perish. Megatron does not agree with me doing this, so I enlisted a couple of thugs to find a suitable human.

"Did they pick me, or was that just chance?" I wondered.

Let me see your memories, and I can tell you. I nodded, then, somehow, reached out toward Ravage. I conjured up my memories of the last month, at his request. You will do. I will not ask Soundwave to extract my spark from you.

That was the first day I had Ravage. He was, for some unknown reason, willing to do anything for me. I figured it was because I had part of his spark, his soul, in me. Ravage went everywhere with me. He came to school in my pocket as a tape, and patrolled around my house at night.

It took a week for the Autobots to find me.

The day a driverless Jeep kept driving by was the day I nearly died. I saw it go by three times before I realized what I was seeing: Hound, one of the Autobots.

Ravage? Hound's checking my house out. Where are you? I had learned to speak to Ravage without actually saying it out loud.

I'm right outside your house, in my tape mode, Ravage told me. His words made me feel better. Then a strange thought occurred to me: What if Hound was after Ravage, not me?

Ravage? If the Autobots come after us, will we link minds? We had stumbled across a form of communicating without even thinking; we sort of…blended our minds. We thought together, and it was really the reason he had decided to keep me as his 'Sparkholder,' as he referred to me.

I'll take care of Hound.

No, Ravage! He's after you, I think! You have to stay close to me!


Because Hound won't shoot if there's a chance he'll hit me!

Oh. He speculated on that for a moment. Then, Ok.

Thanks. You may be able to protect me from the Decepticons to some extent, but I can shield you from the humans and Autobots.

An hour later, my mom left to take my brothers shopping. I stayed home. As soon as they were out of sight around the corner, a series of loud footsteps shook the house. I pulled Ravage, who had slipped into my pocket in his tape form, out and he transformed.

Ok, let me get this straight. My life depends on yours, and you want to protect me?

Yeah. Believe it or not, you're my best friend; I can't just let them hurt you, even if you are a bad kitty. He sent me a mental eye-roll. Ravage sure was picking up a lot of human characteristics.



Even though you're a Decepticon, you're a brother to me.

Then hang on, sister, 'cause here come the heroes!

A knock on the door cut into our silent conversation. I hurried to answer it, and Ravage shadowed me.

When I opened the door, a teenage kid stood on the porch.

"Hello. Who are you?" I asked pleasantly. I saw his eyes widen when he saw Ravage.

"Uh…I actually came to ask you that question."

"I am Lynn. What's it to you?"

"Hand over Ravage, and I'll leave in peace."

"Threaten me or Ravage again, and you'll be leaving in pieces," I warned him. He flinched, eyes locked on Ravage, who grinned toothily at him.

"Could you come talk to my friends about this?" he asked. I nodded, and beckoned Ravage to follow.

I don't see any Autobots.

I know. They're probably in the fields somewhere. I was right. We hiked east for twenty minutes. The second I was past the tree line, the only way to run was back the way I had come. I recognized them from the DVD's.

Hound, a big green, hero-type guy, was waiting. A red-and-gold radio, who I assumed was actually Blaster, sat beside Hound's feet.

"Scared of a lone Decepticon, Hound?" He seemed surprised that I knew who he was.

"No. I did not know how many Decepticons were here."

"Then I can assure you, Ravage is alone except for me."

"WHAT?" the kid interrupted. He looked maybe fifteen, tops.

"You have something to say?"

"You count yourself Ravage's ally? Don't you know what the Decepticons do?"

"Spike…" Hound warned.

"Actually, I do," I snapped. "I know even more than you do, as a matter of fact!" Then I spotted something resting on Blaster's radio form. I walked over, smiling slightly at the nervous look on Hound's face.

"Don't touch that!" he yelled as I picked up the spark fragment. I let it dissolve into my skin.

"Hey! What'd you do that for?" Spike shouted, leaping toward me. That was a huge mistake on his part. Ravage lunged and pinned the poor boy to the ground. He flailed wildly, and Ravage raised a paw to knock him out.

"No, Ravage!" I ordered with my mind and voice together. "Get Off him!" Ravage reluctantly let Spike up. I glared at him, and then turned back to Hound.

"Aren't you afraid to turn you back on him?"

"No. I trust Ravage with my life."

"Foolish." Hound seemed like he was going to say more on the subject of trusting a Decepticon, so I quickly interrupted.

"Whose spark fragment was that?"

"You do not know?" He seemed surprised.

I reached for the Transformer whose spark I know possessed. He was definitely an Autobot, and…a Dynobot? He was very far away. I probed harder, but not enough to be noticed. Then I was sure.

"Grimlock." Hound nodded.

"What do you intend to do with the Transformers whose lives you now control?" Hound demanded.

"Keep them safe." Now I had Grimlock, too, I felt protective of him as well as Ravage, but I knew that I would always chose my first over any other. It must be because I was closer to Ravage emotionally.

You handled that well, Ravage commented.

Thanks. Shall we? He nodded. We merged minds.

When we got home, I "napped" and Ravage ran. Linked as we were, I could feel how much he loved to run. Even taking care not to let humans see him, it was trilling. The wind whistled, trying to hold back the sleek black feline that cut right through all resistance. He leaped over a creek, and mind-laughed at the weightless sensation.

I laughed with him. It was like nothing I'd ever witnessed before.

When my mom and brothers came home, I was still linked with Ravage. I greeted my family. Ravage slowed, and then stopped. He hid in the garage.

After dinner, I let Ravage in.

Sorry I took so long, I apologized. This was the soonest opening.

That's ok. I needed to rest anyway.

Oh! You'll need to recharge!

I'll be fine. Suddenly, a spasm of pain shot through me from the part of me that was connected to Grimlock. What's wrong?

I think the Decepticons attacked the Dynobots!


Grimlock's hurt badly. If it weren't for me, he would already be dead. We have to help him!


I'm his Sparkholder, too, Ravage! I care more for you, but I can't just leave him to die! Shock and hurt welled up in Ravage's mind. I reached out to him, and he allowed me to explain by linking our minds. He saw just how much I needed him, even though I didn't.

He saw why I needed to help Grimlock. He agreed. I left a note for my father – my mom would just freak out – my dad would take it calmly. I


Dad, I wrote, something came up, and I have to go. I hope to be back in a couple of days. I took the other phone, so don't panic.


On a whim, I took the cell charger, too.

Ravage? How am I going to get there? I don't even know where there is!

Let my mind merge with yours, hold tight to me, and we will get there.


Wrap your arms around my neck, and close you eyes. I did. Then we were running.

It took an hour. Ravage slowed, then stopped. I dropped to the ground.

I'm ok. Just a little tired, I assured him.

I will scout for Decepticons. With that, he was gone. A few minutes later, a rhythmic thudding broke me from my doze.

"Ravage?" I whispered.

"No." The metallic voice sent a tingle of fear down my spine. One word came to mind; only one could describe the enormous, pale Transformer who stood over me: Megatron.

"What – what do you want?" I demanded. Megatron leveled his fusion cannon with my face.

"You will not hold my stealth master any longer!" he declared. I could see the sparks of energy gathering in the barrel.

Just as the beam of pure energy left the cannon, a dark shadow lurched foreword to take the blast.

"Ravage!" I screamed. Megatron grinned evilly.

"So, you care for him? Then that was painful for you as well as the traitor." Once more, the cannon glowed faintly. Then he appeared to see something behind me, and fled into the night sky. I crawled forward, tear streaming down my face. I hadn't realized, even then, though, how much he meant to me. Suddenly, a huge metal hand scooped his slumped form up.

I whirled, and saw a hulking figure looming over me.

"Sludge, don't…please. Please don't hurt him any more. Please." I couldn't believe I was begging for the preservation of a Decepticon! Another hand picked me up gently.

"You…Sparkholder?" he asked. I nodded, confused. Then I remembered.

"Where's Grimlock? He was hurt…he and Ravage both need repairs badly."
"Him Grimlock this way." I groaned inwardly. Dynobots were strong and intelligent most of the time, but their grammar left a lot to be desired. When we reached the small hill that had merely been flattened by the gigantic tyrannosaurus lying on it.

Ravage and I were dumped beside him. I stroked Ravage's smooth metal shoulder for a moment, then turned to Grimlock,=. I opened my mind to him, and found him clamoring for…something.

I knew I couldn't repair him, but I could calm him; keep him from panicking and hurting himself further.

As time passed, I rotated between consoling Grimlock and trying to talk to Ravage. Both seemed to have improved quite a lot, but I was not an Autobot medic.

"Sparkholder…." The voice surprised me. I had expected Sludge again, or maybe one of the other Dynobots. First Aid's accent startled me.

"Can you help them?" I asked.

"I can repair Grimlock easily, but I don't know about Ravage." I bit my lip.

"Please do whatever you can, "I pleaded. He looked at me, his simple faceplate filled with incredulity. Maybe he wasn't expecting me to want him to save Ravage. Or maybe he just couldn't figure out how I seemed so sure he could actually help them, when the Dynobots couldn't. He recovered quickly, however, and nodded.

"Of course."

"Thank you," I whispered. He nodded again, then got to work on Grimlock. I sat beside Ravage, letting my mind flow with his.

Who is that?

First Aid, the young ambulance – the Protectobot.

Oh. He was quiet for a moment, then, Grimlock is hurt very badly, then? I nodded, mute.

He can try to repair you, if you want, I offered after a few minutes.

No need.


A Sparkholder can heal his or her counterparts, Ravage explained. My eyes widened. It is not as fast as regular repairs and recharges, but…it works.

Why didn't you ever mention this before? I demanded. He replied with a mental shrug. I glowered at him. Then I noticed that he was almost completely fixed. I grinned.

What so funny? Grimlock demanded.

Nothing, really. I just…I got some good news.

Good news?

You…Grimlock…but out! Ravage snarled, mimicking the Dynobot speech pattern. I was surprised to realize that Grimlock heard. Then it made sense; both could hear what I heard the other say.

"There. Good as new." First Aid patted Grimlock's shoulder.

"Thanks, First Aid." He started, and I giggled, remembering that he hadn't told me his name.

"How do you know of me?" he asked. "I thought only the governments and top scientists knew of our existence, yet you know us by name." My giggles burst forth into full-blown laughter. Grimlock sat up, shaking his huge metal head to clear it.

"I – I've grown up watching the DVD's," I gasped. "Some are probably faked, but it looks like G1 is real."

"G1?" Grimlock grunted.

"Generation One," I told them. "There are several…series, guess you would call them. G1, when the Transformers first found Earth; G2, where another dimension spills evil mutant Trans formers into our worlds; Beast Wars, when the far-in-the-future descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons, the Maximals and Predacons, are sent to Earth; Beast Machines, where the Maximals have to retrieve the stolen sparks of the Cybertronians; Robots in Disguise, where the Great Wars are fought some more; Armada, the fight for the Minicons; Energon, the part of the Great War using Omnicons and Terrorcons to mine energon for weapons; Cybertron, when the Cyber-Keys were discovered; and Animated, which I'm positive is fake, where a bunch of cartoon rejects are stuck on Earth, and Megs and his Decepticons win almost every battle."

"And…you know this…how?" First Aid wanted to know.

"I watched my dad's movies," I reminded them. "They used to sell the shows all the time, but now you'd be hard-pressed to find a store with as many different episodes as my dad," I boasted.

"You…Lynn…have footage of us…Autobots?" Grimlock asked, surprised.

"Yeah. If any of you Autobots has a computer with Internet access, and a place with a valid mailing address, I can get them for you," I offered, then bit my lip.

"Why would you do that for us?" First Aid asked, curious. I thought for a moment.

"Well, it's your right, I guess, to know what people think of you." First Aid stared at me for a moment.

"Mmm…hmm…And?" he prompted. I blushed.

"You repaired Grimlock, so I was able to help Ravage more," I explained. He still seemed confused, but I wasn't about to let on how much these Transformers meant to me. "Look. Do you want those DVD's or not?"

"Uh…yeah. We have computers at Headquarters."

"I know." He gave me another confused look, and I sighed. First Aid Transformed, and the passenger-side door opened. Ravage Transformed, and I pocketed his tiny black form.

Grimlock, you stay with the other Dynobots. Try to stay out of mortal danger, all right?


First Aid gunned his engine as I climbed in and closed the door. During the long drive to the Ark's crash site, I slept.

When I woke up, I was in a small square room. The only furnishings were the cot I was on, and a small desk with an expensive-looking computer. Of course the best thing in the room would be a computer; it was probably rigged by those quacks, the Autobots.

No offense, Grimlock, I added sheepishly. Then my hand flew to my pocket. It was empty! Ravage!

Lynn! You're awake! Ravage sounded relieved.

Yeah. Where are you? I couldn't help but wonder.

In the med-lab, strapped to a table with Energon bonds.

Ok. I'll see what I can do. Maybe they'll listen to me. Out loud I called, "All right, Auto-goons! Come out, come out, where EVER you are! I want to talk to you!" No answer. Of course. Now what? My gaze settled on the computer. Did the Ark have high-speed Internet? I went to the computer and checked. Yup, and Hotmail worked, too. I logged on and a little pop-up announced that a certain Teletran One was now on my friend list. Great. I now knew the e-mail address for a gang of alien robots. Needless to say, I started by sending a quick message to my friendly neighborhood otherworld supercomputer.

Ok, you bags of bolts, if you want the stupid shows, I want

Ravage back. Unbind him (see, I know LOTS about you) and

give him back to me. If you don't, I can have Grimlock bust

us out (I know you wouldn't shoot your own guy) Oh, and I'll

need a dumb mailing address.

Your potential enemy

I clicked SEND, and a reply came back almost instantly.

Sorry. No can do. Here's the address:

4179 Freedom Way, Washington, DC.

Get those DVDs. Or else.

"Or else what? You'll shoot the innocent little human being?" I muttered, typing out:

NO. Either you give Ravage back, or I'll tell my dad


I knew that would be a really low blow, but these so-called 'protectors' had my Extension (not sure where that term came from), and I wasn't about to let them keep him. I started to work on my other e-mail, then saved the draft as another one came in – and NOT from the Autobots. It was from someone called . Here's what it said.

To: a new Sparkholder

We have recently become aware that you are Sparkholder to

the Decepticon Ravage and Dynobot Grimlock. We also know

that you are being held by the G1 Autobots. We can help you.

We know a lot about you.

Soulholder who is Sparkholder to:




What did all this mean? How had at least three other Transformers come to have a Sparkholder? The next instant, there was a knock at the door. I quickly erased all trace of the Soulholder e-mail and logged off. I hurried over to the cot before calling, "Come in." Then I added – to myself – "Like I could stop you."

A short, chubby, brown-haired man stuck his head in. Sparkplug. Who named their kid Sparkplug?

"Uh, the medics want to talk to you," he said faintly under my glare.

motioned for me to follow him. Great. I'd already freaked him out. NO way would he give me any info now. I'd have to go in blind and helpless to face a group alien robots. Wait, make that GIANT, FREAK-SCIENTIST alien robots.

Nevertheless, I followed him through the huge corridors. Did I mention the hall were big enough to fit a few piggybacking truck in at once? At least, once we got to the med-lab (AKA Repair Bay), I saw I only had to face four giant robots, and only three of them would count as mad scientists. The other one was a mad radio I knew pretty well.

Blaster, who I've already met, Wheeljack, with those weird blue light-up things on his face, Perceptor, the big red scientist with a telescope on his shoulder, and Ratchet, who looked like somebody had turned a ambulance into the whole hospital. Then I saw Ravage. He was in a large cage, you know, the ones they put lions and tigers and bears (Oh, my!) in on circus cartoons. Needless to say, he was NOT a happy kitty.

I looked at Perceptor and Wheeljack, wondering if they really had a Sparkholder.

"Okay, so, are you going to tell me what this is all about?" I demanded.

"You really shouldn't have threatened us. It's not cool, man!" Blaster shouted, drowning out my brave, you're-not-the-boss-of-me question, which they probably would have laughed at, anyway. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay. I thought you were the communications guy. Didn't you get the memo about me knowing tons about you, how you live, think, and act, and how to get my way with you Cybertronians? You aren't so dense with Decepticon ransoms. Your whole faction was nearly exterminated by one, remember? The whole Cosmic Rust incident? Or that lagoon thing, with Perceptor and Seaspray?"

"All right, THAT'S unnerving," Wheeljack muttered, trying to keep me from hearing, but quietness, unfortunately, isn't Jack's strong point. Neither is subtle, though. Hmm.

"I doubt it's as 'unnerving' as some of your little inventions, Jackie!" I informed him. "That stunt with the time-freezer thing that almost handed victory to the Decepticons? Now, THAT was unnerving!"

"How…do you know all this, again?" Ratchet spluttered as Wheeljack came as close to blushing as a robot could come. Instead of answering, I turned to Blaster and started pulling myself up. It's a good thing I hiked a lot back home. I reached the row of mega-buttons on his chest and stood on Eject.

"Hey, man, what's up?" Blaster protested. I could see the others advancing, trying got get close enough to get off of Blaster's chest before I hurt the big lump. I jumped, landing hard enough to get the cassette panel to open. I watched as Steeljaw – a golden lion – was unceremoniously dumped on the ground.

"Sorry," I called down to him. Ravage roared and growled, and Steeljaw responded in kind. He leaped up, and I jumped, landing – a little painfully – on his back. The Autobot carried me to Ravage's cage, then stood aside.

Hey, buddy. Need a hand?

Yes. Paws aren't made for grabbing things, he snapped. Gentler, he added, They didn't hurt you, did they?

Trust me, if they had, you would have heard about it. They did kind of tick me off with the whole prisoner act, though. Nevertheless, I returned my attention to the scientists while Steeljaw busted Ravage out of the cage for some reason. That gave me an idea.

"Has he?" They understood, and Wheeljack nodded uneasily. I reached out to Steeljaw, and a hidden compartment in his mane opened. A glowing blue shard fell into my waiting palm.

Welcome aboard. He grinned.

"Hey, man, that is SO not cool!" Blaster protested, starting toward me. Right about then I realized that Grimlock wasn't so far away anymore – in fact, it felt like he was right outside the Ark. And he was MAD.

"No, Blaster!" Wheeljack ordered, jerking my attention back to the lab.

"Ratchet, would you take Blaster?" Proceptor requested. The two left. As soon as they were gone, I thought, Truth time.

"You two are Soulholder's?" I wanted to hear it from them, because I knew them better than this hazy Soulholder person.

"We're her Extensions, yes." A moment later, the wall shuddered, then gave way to the giant T rex who had apparently just thrown his weight against it.

"Me…Grimlock…want…Sparkholder!" he roared. I rushed up to him before he could tackle one of the scientists, which I could tell he was thinking about doing (mental link, remember?).

"Hey, big guy." I almost laughed at his ferocity. "It's okay. They're Extensions, too."

"Yes, and we've just received new orders from Sophie." I assumed Sophie was Soulholder. "Wheeljack must remain here, but I'm supposed to go with you. You are to take Field Command." Realizing what this meant – that a Transformer not my Extension was to be under my command – I whistled.

"Hoo-kay, then. It's a good thing Blaster left. He'd blow a fuse if he knew!" I added to Ravage, who nodded in agreement. He and Steeljaw Transformed, and I slipped the two cassettes into my jeans pocket. I then climbed aboard Grimlock's back. "Well, if we're going, then let's go!" I insisted. Proceptor Transformed, too, but into a red microscope with magnetic clamps that attached itself to Grimlock's shoulders.

"Where we go?" Grimlock asked.

"The cliff overlooking the Nemesis," I answered. They seemed confused. "You know, the Decepticon base?"

"We know what the Nemesis is! We just want to know why you'd want to go there," Proceptor explained.

"I'll tell you there. Grimlock, you can fly. Take us."

Several hours later, we landed on a beach cliff overlooking an angry gray sea. I eyed Proceptor, wondering exactly how he'd react to my plan.

All right, here's what we're going to do. We're going to try and catch Lazerbeak or Buzzsaw, or maybe both. We'll use them to decide if there's an opportunity to get their warp system in the near future," I announced, watching Perceptor for signs of disapproval. He seemed impressed. (But then, his face is metal, so it's probably easy for him to keep a blank expression.) "I want to see how my family's doing." Next I told them the details of my plan. Just fifteen minutes later, Grimlock flew in the direction of the Nemesis, Ravage perched precariously on his back. I was a little uneasy about sending Ravage into the Decepticon nest, but I knew he'd carry out his mission, no matter what. (I mean, being an Extension and all, he couldn't exactly die trying, like other Transformers.)

Don't worry, he consoled me. They're birdbrains, the both of them. It'll be easy, like taking Energon from an Autobot.

As I recall, you Decepticons haven't been too successful at that, I pointed out as they faded from sight.

Not for lack of trying.

"Why are you so worried about them?" the red Autobot demanded once they were totally out of sight – under the water, scouting the Nemesis.

"I should think that would be obvious to one so esteemed as a great thinker as yourself," I snapped.

"Well, yes, I suppose so, but you've only had Ravage for…"

"A month. But Proceptor, they're my Extensions, my soul. More than that, they're my friends, my brothers-in-arms, and it just so happens to be my job to keep them as safe as possible. I can't stand the thought of losing them – even Steeljaw. I don't think I really remember how to live without them, actually."

"I though it took TIME to do that," he murmured to himself. I chuckled, then joined Steeljaw, who was scanning the sea from the outmost peak of the ledge we were on. Our eyes watched as one, waiting for the safe return of my Transformers.

Hours later, we spotted Grimlock coming back. He was struggling to fly low and fast, his back sort of lopsided from his burden. Upon reaching our little group, he dumped his passengers on the ground before leaning back against the cliff, exhausted. Ravage managed to land just right on the other two riders – forepaws on the red bird, hind paws on the yellow one.

"Nice work!" I congratulated them. I moment later, I frowned. "They haven't had their fragments Separated, have they?" Proceptor shook his head. "Could you do it?" This time he nodded. "Then do it. They'll end up betraying us, otherwise, and I've had my fill of Megatron for this Generation." He took the stiff, angry forms of the Decepticon tapes aside (Ravage followed to make sure they didn't try to escape).

Somewhere around twenty minutes later (I don't know for sure, as I didn't wear a watch then) Ravage returned, two glowing Spark fragments in his jaws (another complaint about not having hands like all the other Transformers) and I watched as they dissolved into my hand. Briefly, I touched the Decepticon and Grimlock. Knowing what was happening, I felt the steady drain on my energy this time. That done, I strode over to Lazerbeak (a red-and-black bird) and Buzzsaw (his golden twin) and stroked their metal brows. I remembered something I'd meant to ask Proceptor back at the Ark.

"How long are you with us?" He took his time answering.

"Until you reach the Sparkworld."

"Huh?" What the heck was the Sparkworld?

"It's…well, it's the Sparkholder dimension." After all my experiences in the past month and a half, nothing surprised me anymore, really. "They live, train, and basically get assigned in the Sparkworld. It's where they all return when their missions are complete." I held back my questions (which were, by the way, things like How many Sparkholders are there? and What kind of missions do they go on?) "We should probably head there immediately," he finished. Lazerbeak shifted, and Buzzsaw raised his head. The sharp, cruel eyes glowed within the two sleek black heads.

Ow ow ow ow… Lazerbeak groaned, staggering to his talons.

Are you ok? I asked them both.

Fine, compared to a slag heap, Buzzsaw muttered. Then his eyes focused on me, Ravage, Proceptor, Grimlock, and Steeljaw in turn. He seemed really awake for the first time. What happened?

They took it reasonably well, according to Proceptor. In other words, they screeched, jumped about, clawed at trees (since I told them not to claw the other Transformers), and generally threw Cybertronian-sized tantrums. They yelled all sorts of stuff; we should have told them first, we'd landed them in an impossible situation, we're insane, and aught to be locked up in a very sturdy cell for a few centuries, that sort of thing.

It was kind of funny, really; two huge iron birds hopping around throwing fits, stamping around like toddlers who hadn't gotten their way. Ravage, who had worked with these two enormous babies for a long time, couldn't stop laughing at them. I think Proceptor nearly went into stasis lock from the shock of seeing that type of display from the fearsome Decepticon tapes, who were supposed to be cold, calculating, and evil – not tantrum-throwing, laughing maniacs. Finally, I got them all calmed down (sort of) and into a nearby stand of trees in case the Decepticons came searching for the tapes.

Then something occurred to me – something Lazerbeak had been thinking while the rest of us were talking about Sparkworld.

"Proceptor," I began hesitantly, "how are we going to get from here to anywhere? I mean, from Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw, I gathered that it would be nearly impossible to get into the warp system. I want to go home, and you said we have to go to Sparkworld, but I don't see how we can do it without the Decepticons' warp technology." The big robot regarded me out of solemn blue eyes for a moment before replying.

"What exactly did you bring with you from your home?"

Despite my annoyance at his avoidance of my question and surprise at the fact that they were still in my other pocket, I answered, "A dead cell phone and a useless charger."

"Good. For some reason, they usually do. I need to contact Wheeljack, then run an…errand before we go to Sparkworld." I decided against whining to go home, like a little kid. I figured we'd had enough immaturity out of Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw for today, and it probably wouldn't help. Proceptor probably wouldn't be swayed by anything I could say, anyway.