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The dream had been everything that had chased since then. A when she couldn't escape, a place she couldn't run from, a place she desperately wanted to forget. And why that morning had chosen to plunge her into the hands of memories... She didn't know.

She opened her eyes as the sun kissed her awake through the open window as her mind cleared and the feeling of security embraced her like a loving touch so far forgotten that she hardly remembered what it was like until light poured over her and shook away her nightmares. The nightmare, everything she had accomplished, and everything she had done...

She felt his arms around her as she turned her head and stared softly at his sleeping face, his eyebrows knitted together as a groan escaped his slightly parted lips, his fingers tightening for a few seconds on her shoulders.

She felt something in her heart tear. He dreamed of the past, and she couldn't stop it from taking him over, making him feel the pain she only wished she knew how to take away.

But you can take it away, the voice, once her enemy said softly in her head.

Faye smiled and leaned to kiss him softly on the lips, her soul filling the simple action with so much love and yearning that he awoke with a start cast by surprise. But then he entwined his fingers in her hair and stroked her shoulder as she smiled and pulled away to stare deep into the eyes she never thought she'd love as much as she did.

"Morning, Romani," he said smiling impishly.

"Morning, Goucho," she said back as she pressed on his chest and pushed him down on the bed as she rose, taking the sheet with her and wrapping it around her shoulders as she smiled and stared out the window, the light pouring over her, making her warm despite the sudden freeze in her heart.

Things had changed so much...

Had they changing too fast?

It had only been a year and a half since she had died and she was married. She had a house to call her own, a dog and a sweet little black cat. She sighed as she rested her head against the glass.

Was she really complete now?

Spike came up behind her, kissed her shoulder, embraced her and kissed the back of her neck. "What are you thinking about?" He asked mummering with sleep still lingering on his voice.

She touched his hand that was on her shoulder, knowing that it was all real, all reality and not a fantasy. Not a dream anymore but something so close it was worth everything thing they had done to achieve it.

Had it all been worth it?

A child cried over the baby monitor on the small table next to their bed and Faye's heart stopped with excitement and unbearable love that exploded inside her and chased all doubt away.

Spike groaned. "I was hoping to have a nice quiet romantic morning," he complained sarcastically. He kissed her cheek before rushing out of the room yelling to the cries that were golden and true. "Dad's coming with your bottle!"

Yes, it had all been worth it. She stared out the window one last time, said good-bye to the past, faintly seeing a woman smiling with green hair as she disappeared into the sunlight that glowed brighter then before. A silent whisper, "Good-bye," and Faye knew it was finally over even if it wasn't all forgotten.

There was a loud crash as the center table in the hallway collided with Spike. "Ow damnitt!"

A loud laugh as Ed walked into Faye's room, her orange hair and innocent eye glowing as she smiled, her arms encircling a now quiet Anastasia. Green eyes stared with wide innocence as a small patch of green hair played over a round soft head. "Spike-Person fell!!!" Ed proclaimed. Anastasia laughed.

Faye smiled as she walked over to the little girl and picked her up, the sound of her little laughter, the feel of her small hands touching her face, the twinkle in the beautiful eyes had all been worth it and Faye swore never to ask herself if it was worth it ever again.

She was Faye, her last name might have changed, her life might have turned a corner she never saw, and her heart might have destroyed the hate that wasn't really hate at all, but she was still the same, and her love for a child she never knew she'd have made all the difference.

Anastasia and her father taught her love beyond comparison, a love that gave her a reason to live, a reason to be, and reason to be who she was that did not involve her past.

The question of Who are you was lost in Anastasia's eyes along with everything her mother wasn't...and who she was as well.

No longer would she ask herself, who am I, again....


Night time settled in
The day finished it's song
Left me without a single light
Until you came along

We joined two different paths
Then went our seperate ways
The scars of what we were
Were lost in yesterdays

Can you call back the past
Can you stop the question Who am I?
I've become a lost soul forever
With too many tears in my eyes
Bring me back the days I lost
When you left me all alone
And bring back that security
Of your love I called my home

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