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Chapter One:

"This cannot be Harry Potter." Albus Dumbledore whispered as he looked down on the small body. The boy in question looked more like an eight-year-old. Not the going on fourteen-year-old Harry would be.

"I assure you than it is indeed Mr. Potter." Madam Pomfrey glanced at the headmaster. "I have run all the necessary scans."

"Severus?" Albus asked not taking his eyes off the still form.

"It is true sir, I found him myself on the train." Severus explained. "I thought at first it to be a child lost."

"Does anyone have an answer to why this has happened?" Albus asked.

Madam Pomfrey slowly shook her head. "There doesn't seem to be any reason for it. I had thought at first, it would be no more than a mere prank of sorts."

"Sadly, it is not." Albus mused.

"Severus believes it to be an inheritance, but I don't see how that could be so." She whispered looking to Albus for answers.

"He could be right, after all it is not unheard of." Albus responded.

"In all my years, I have never seen one." She spoke up with a shake of her head. "Even I have heard of them, even read of them, but they must be of age."

"Potter is powerful." Severus pointed out.

"An inheritance can not be reversed if that truly is the case." Albus looked down at the sleeping form.

"There will be no reversing it, I have already tried." Madam Pomfrey walked over to Albus, "What can we do? What would happen if the ministry got wind of this?"

"We don't even know what kind of inheritance this is." Albus pointed out.

"I'm afraid I might." Severus stepped over to bed himself. He had run a few tests on the child. Severus knew what the child before was. He also knew the said child would never be the same.

"Might? Do you know what young Potter is Severus?" Albus asked.

Severus smirked. What Potter had turned into had him amused to no end. "The child is a Sprite."

"Are you sure of this?" Albus asked concerned.

Severus only gave a slight nod. "I ran the test five times, I can not tell you what kind of Sprite he will be."

"Then we do have a problem." Madam Pomfrey turned to Severus. "If you are right, then the boys' name will appear at the ministry within forty-two hours."

"Why would that be?" Severus asked.

"He is immortal." Albus answered for her. "He will have to be placed with an immortal family; even I know that his muggle one will refuse him."

"His muggle family will not matter." Severus looked at Albus. How could they matter? The most important thing would be finding an immortal family.

"Who will we place him with?" Madam Pomfrey.

Severus also looked at Albus. He knew of no immortal family.

Albus smiled a slight twinkling coming back to his eyes. "I may know of someone, a good man from what I remember."

"Who?" Severus asked.

Albus smiled walking out of the room. "I will return shortly."

"I do not like when he does that." Madam Pomfrey informed him.

Neither did Severus, only he knew better than to question him now. And as for now, he really wanted to take a better look at Potter, not because he cared he told himself, Severus Snape had never seen an inheritance either.

"I know of nobody that carries any kind of creature blood, I believed it to be a myth." Madam Pomfrey stated.

Severus snorted. The Blacks carried the blood of the elves; he saw no reason to point that out. Spells were made to hide things as such. Many purebloods carried some kind of blood like that.

"What will he do Severus?" She asked concerned. "How does he believe he can fix this?"

"Have you ever known him not to have a trick or two up that sleeve?" Severus asked before deciding to go see what he could dig up on Sprites himself.

"He will see that no harm will come to Harry." She agreed.

"Really?" Severus asked turning to walk out himself. If it was one thing Severus did know, was that something would have to spark the inheritance. Considering it happened on the train ride home, it had to be something home related. Or he believed so.

Severus walked out still more amused than concerned. Albus would find somewhere for the boy to go. The most important, next year he would be Potter free.

"Severus!" Professor Pomfrey called loudly.

Severus stopped before turning around. What could that woman want now? He slowly walked back into the room only to be met with the brightest pair of green eyes he had ever seen.

"What is wrong with me?" Harry squeaked out. All he remembered was falling asleep on the train with a soft tickling feeling running up and down his spine.

"Ah, Harry!" Albus clapped once walking in. "I see you are awake and feeling well."

Harry crossed his arms. So far he hadn't heard an answer.

"You have came into an inheritance; you are now a Sprite." Severus spoke out.

Harry looked down at his body. Merlin help him, he was short. He would even see dark curls bouncing in front of his eyes. "Do I have wings?" He asked trying to look back to see.

"No you silly boy." Severus called out.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked still trying to check.

"We need to talk my boy." Albus said softly.

"About what?" Harry asked now trying to feel for wings.

"You can not return to the Dursleys." He said softly taking a seat beside him.

Harry glowed at that. He could feel the happiness bubble up in him.

"I believe I have found to most wonderful family for you." Albus smiled.

Harry returned for his search for wings. Merlin he didn't won't them.

"Are you listening to the headmaster?" Severus asked.

"Will I grow wings?" Harry asked concerned.

"No you silly boy." Severus answered.

Harry smiled trying to listen to them explain about adoption. All he cared about was the fact that he wouldn't grow wings. No wings for him.

He felt Professor Dumbledore pat him on the back before he walked with madam Pomfrey into her office. That left him with Snape.

"How do you feel?" Severus asked against his better judgment.

"Good!" Harry announced bouncing up. He couldn't ever remember feeling this great. It was as if he had no worries.

Severus gave a nod before turning to walk out once more. He would leave the care to the other two.

He managed halfway down the hall before he heard the first giggle. Stopping he took a small glance over his shoulder and sighed. "Potter, I believe I left you to wait on madam Pomfrey."

"You didn't tell me that." Harry smiled up at him. Besides, he'd found he liked Snape. Why he didn't know, only that he did.

"You just run yourself right back in there." Severus warned.

Harry shook his head. Didn't the man understand just how boring that place was? Most likely not.

"Do I need to place you there myself?" Severus asked in his best do as I say voice.

Harry beamed.

Severus moaned. This would turn out to be very long forty-two hours. A very long forty-two hours indeed.

Twenty-four hours later-

"Tell me," Severus Snape watched as Albus looked up at him in surprise.

"I'm afraid I don't understand." He answered with a smile. "What would you wish to know my boy?"

"Potter, along with that Granger and Weasley made a poly-juice potion." Severus declared.

"Why, I wasn't even aware Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley were on school grounds." Albus answered surprised.

"Not now," Severus shook his head.

"Did they now?" Albus mused remembering when Hermione had been turned into a cat. At least now he knew. It wasn't as he hadn't had guessed.

"Potter felt the need to tell me." Severus muttered. Honestly, that worried him. It worried him a lot.

"He is trying to bond with you." Albus said softly.

"I cannot be that child's father. It would not be safe for him, Albus you must know this!" Severus stated.

"Sadly, I do know." Albus agreed. "It is a shame really, he really loves you. You would make a good father."

Severus snorted. He didn't see himself as a father, let alone a good one. He would have the child killed. "Have you spoken to you're friend?"

"I have sent him a note with a port-key attached." He answered.

"I take that as a no then." Severus shook his head.

"He will answer that I'm sure of." Albus smiled.

Severus watched him a minute. They had already agreed Severus wouldn't know where the boy would go. It would be safer that way. "I trust you will keep me informed?"

"But of course I will." Albus agreed once more.

Severus exited the office hating the twinkle in the old man's eyes. That never worked out so good for him. Albus was planning something, something he had included Severus in.

"I know you are around here Potter." He knew the child would be in earshot. The child was forever in earshot.

"How'd you know?" Harry asked bouncing out.

Severus looked down at the small figure before him. "I can smell you."

"Do I stink?" Harry asked trying to smell under his arms. After all, he just had a bath. There could be a place or two he had forgotten.

"No, you silly boy." Severus replied.

"I don't smell anything." Harry said thoughtfully.

"You smell like honeysuckle." Severus explained. "Each person will smell different, a muggle, wizard, or in you're case a Sprite."

"You smell like potions, I hope you know." Harry informed him.

"Yes, I know." Severus replied.

"Poppy wants to smell you, I mean see you." Harry remarked with a smirk.

"Does she now?" Severus asked.

"It is about me." Harry whispered.

"What did you do?" Severus asked.

"How did you know I did something?" Harry asked surprised.

"You are forever doing something Potter." Severus informed the small boy.

"I wouldn't take her silly old potion." Harry admitted.

"Very well, you go take it now." Severus stated.

"Oh no I won't!" Harry crossed his arms.

"Oh, but you will." Severus picked the boy up.

"I can walk." Harry murmured not wanting to take anymore potions.

Severus started to the hospital wing. "Will you?"

"Nope." Harry answered happily.

"As I feared." Severus said taking him to the nearest bed. Taking the potion from Poppy he watched until he made sure every drop had been taken.

"Finally." Poppy whispered watching him drop off into a sweet sleep. "He is trying to bond with you."

"Yes, I know." Severus stated. "What do you know of this family?"

"I have looked into them, they are vampires." She answered.

Severus felt his heart sink. "What is he thinking?"

"They only drink from animal blood." Madam Pomfrey smiled patting him on the shoulder.

For some reason, that didn't help him much.

"Without a family, this child will die Severus, you know this." She smiled softly.

"Vampires Poppy?" Severus asked. "What would they know about Sprites?"

"As much as we do." She admitted.

Severus snorted at that. "The child is either an air Sprite or a water Sprite. Either one is honest to a fault, which we have come to learn that he is. It is also true that they like mischief. Which leads me to believe that the Potter's carried the Sprite gene. James was forever in trouble or causing it one."

"There is the fact Lily had been muggle born." Poppy put in.

"That means nothing." Severus shook his head. If he had to be honest, even he knew the vampires wouldn't see Harry as food.

"We are running out of time. Severus his name will appear at the ministry tomorrow night." Poppy reminded him. "We don't have long."

Severus gave a nod. "Let me know if I'm needed."

Poppy waited until he left to make sure the child wasn't going anywhere. One never could tell, with this one child anyway.

Satisfied he wasn't going anywhere, she moved to the adjoining room next to Harry. Albus decided to leave the meeting with Carlisle Cullen to her. Sometimes she just couldn't figure out how that man's mind worked.

At the Cullen home-

Esme Cullen smiled over at her husband. The house had been to quiet with all the children gone on vacation. Not that she blamed them, they had spend the year in school. They needed time to enjoy themselves as well. Rosalie had gone for the shopping.

"I received a strange letter." Carlisle spoke softly.

"From one of the children?" Esme asked wondering which one would write instead of calling.

"From a man I met many years ago." Carlisle answered with a slight smile.

"One of us?" Esme asked surprised.

"A wizard." Carlisle explained. "I didn't believe him at first. He dressed a bit odd."

Esme watched him hold up a button. "He send that to you?"

"With a letter." Carlisle remarked thinking it seemed more like a note than a letter.

"What did he want? And why a button?" Esme asked.

"He said a child needed our help, this button here, he called a port-key. He said to have a good hold on it at seven if we agreed to come." Carlisle replied.

"That was it?" Esme asked surprised.

Carlisle nodded.

"Do you believe him?" Esme asked.

"It is nothing but a button. What can it hurt?" Carlisle asked.

Esme watched her husband another minute. "You believe it will do something don't you?"

Carlisle knew it would do something, he just wasn't sure it would do. He'd had talks with Albus, Albus had even tried to hire him a few times to teach for him.

"Carlisle?" Esme asked.

"It will do something." Carlisle admitted.

"What has this man showed you for you to believe him to be a wizard?" Esme asked.

"What kind of help would a child need from us?" Esme asked noticing it was almost seven.

Smiling Carlisle held up the button. "Shall we see what is so special about this old thing?"

Esme took part of the button. "What do you think it will do?"

"I have no idea." Carlisle answered wondering the same thing.

It felt as if her whole body was trying to squeeze down a very small tube. "Carlisle!"

Carlisle felt his feet hit. Looking over he found Esme beside him. "I guess that answers our little question."

"Oh good! I was so afraid you wouldn't come." A voice called out.

Poppy smiled at the young looking couple before her. They didn't look like the vampires from their world. "You must be Carlisle and Esme Cullen."

"I'm afraid you have us at a loss." Carlisle said stepping forward.

"Just call me Poppy." She stated brightly. "I'm sure Albus informed you about Harry."

"He stated a child needed us." Esme spoke with a slight smile.

Poppy decided she would kill Albus. Very, very slowly. "Have you been told the story of Harry Potter?"

"The-boy-who-lived?" Carlisle asked hoping he had gotten that right. Albus had told him about the boy. That that been some years before.

Poppy nodded. "The boy has turned into a sprite. Meaning Harry has been turned immortal; he will need an immortal family to raise him. It will take Harry a very long time to grow up, when he does, he will remain youthful."

"Are you asking us to take this child?" Esme asked.

"Albus thought you would be best. We are not immortal, not only that, we are at war really. He isn't safe here." Poppy explained planning on how to cook Albus Dumbledore.

"Could we see him?" Esme asked.

"Of course." Poppy agreed leading them back to where she had left the little Sprite.

All Carlisle could tell was that the boy seemed curled up fast asleep. Dark curls stuck out from under the covers.

It was Esme could do to keep herself from ripping the covers off. Instead she moved slowly and carefully pulling back the blanket he had nestled himself into.

Carlisle didn't even have to ask. The look on Esme's face told all. They boy would be going back with them.

"Why isn't he waking?" Esme asked moving the hair out of his tiny face. He looked like an angel to her.

"We have him sleeping; he has been trying to bond." Poppy explained.

"And that is a bad thing?" Carlisle asked.

"No, it will just make it easier on him." Poppy smiled at the sleeping boy. "He needs to bond with his parents, which will be his most important bond.

"Why is that?" Esme asked.

"It is much like a baby that bonds with his mother, only in this case, Harry will die without it." Poppy smiled brightly knowing they had little time.

"Has he been told of us?" Carlisle asked.

"We have spoken to him." Poppy studied the form sleeping on the bed. There wasn't really any need to let them know that Harry wasn't paying much attention at the time.

"I wouldn't how Alice didn't see this." Carlisle whispered.

Esme smiled. "Maybe she did, maybe this is her gift to us."

"Time." Carlisle smiled looking at his soon to be son.

"You will take him then?" Poppy asked.

"I couldn't turn down a child in need." Carlisle smiled.

Poppy nodded. "I have a few things for you to sign also a few books you might need, plus his medical records. Albus did say that you might want to keep his things put up, that is until he is older. He also said to keep his wand away from him. We're not to sure how that would react to his magic."

Esme took the child in her arms. He felt as he weighted nothing more than a feather.

"Follow me and I'll have you home in no time." Poppy grinned. Maybe this time Albus had found a good family. Knowing Carlisle Cullen to be a Doctor, she would love to see his face as he read the child's file. She was just pleased that she now had a family to share it with.

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