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Well, this chapter will answer a few questions; it will also raise a few more. I hope you guys like it. I had a hard time deciding on what to name the oldest Malfoy. He has a few surprises of his own. You'll meet him in the next chapter. I do have a question. Do you want a good Dumbledore or a bad Dumbledore? I haven't decided yet, so advice would be nice.


Chapter Six:

Harry finally started the walk back up to the house with Emmett. He liked how the light sparkled through the trees, the crunch from the twigs below them; mostly he liked the smell. Air mixed with rain gave a scent all of its own, a scent he really couldn't put a name to.

"Did you have fun?" Esme asked smiling at him from the porch.

"I made a friend." Harry blurted out.

"In the yard?" Carlisle asked walking over to him. He could smell what kind of friend Harry had made. Very faint, but still it was on him.

"In the woods." Harry answered going inside the house.

"I was with him; I stood from a distance to watch." Emmett said. "I heard him ask Harry who I was, so I don't think he could smell me."

"Smell you? Why would he want to smell you? He was just hiding from his sister, because he got into her diary, nothing was in it but it made her mad. I told him that he must have been close to finding something." Harry looked at Emmett. "His name is Seth. I like him."

"I know, you shared your banana." Emmett smiled.

"We would like to talk to you." Carlisle stated.

"I thought that we were." Harry chirped back mostly happy that he had made a friend.

Carlisle smiled at the small boy, confusion clearly written on his face. "We are speaking, you are correct."

"We need to speak of other matters." Esme smiled at him.

"What other matters?" Harry asked moving closer to Emmett.

"School, we need to speak of school." Carlisle remarked.

"School?" Harry asked surprised. It couldn't be that time already.

"Your education is important." Carlisle reminded him.

Harry thought about the closed off classroom. "But, I cannot go to school."

"Why not?" Carlisle asked.

"I am to short; I'll be stepped on." Harry informed him. Not to mention, he'd most likely cry, okay, he would cry.

"He is kind of short." Emmett put his arm around Harry.

Harry nodded his agreement. "See, I'm short."

"What if I told you we found away for you to go back to Hogwarts?" Carlisle gave a small smile.

Harry pushed back the feeling to purr. It really wasn't a purr; it just sounded like one. Now they had his full attention. Something he believed they hadn't managed to do as of yet. He would get to see Hermione and Snape. Harry tried to push that back, but couldn't. He wouldn't cry if he had Snape. Most likely not.

"As a day student only, you could use a port-key. That way you can return home after classes."

Carlisle watched the excitement build up.

Then he remembered, he had been sent away for his on protection. Why would Dumbledore agree to his return? Hadn't they been in a hurry to ship him out? They had been in a big hurry to ship him off.

"We will have to make some changes." Carlisle watched as Harry's eyes never left him.

"What kind of chances are we talking about?" Harry asked. "It doesn't involve wings does it?"

"Of course not dear." Esme smiled at him.

Carlisle wasn't sure himself really. "I know that you will have to go in as someone different, not as Harry Potter."

Harry had just guessed that much. It came as no surprise really. What he couldn't figure out would be why Dumbledore would agree so fast. The only way to find the answers to that would be to go back.

He smiled, really it didn't matter one way or another to him. He would get to go see Hermione; he'd get to see his Snape. And then Luna, he wanted to see Neville. The Weasley twins, he wanted to see what kind of pranks they had. He even missed the old ghosts.

There was just not enough time to do what he wanted to do. Like turning everyone in the great hall into chickens. That would be funny, he couldn't help but wonder if Dumbledore would still have his long hair, Most likely, a long feathered purple rooster. Maybe Hermione's cat would give chase to the old purple rooster.

Edward snorted; they would have Harry home before the first day had passed.


Draco leaned back watching Severus. Even if he didn't get to stay long, he loved being at the castle when the students had went home. It seemed almost peaceful.

"Have you even tried sleeping?" Severus asked.

"I can't get over the fact that Potter is a Sprite, mostly I can't get over the fact that it got by me. How did that happen?" Draco asked. He fully believed Luna Lovegood would change. She too carried Sprite blood. Not all with creature blood would change; they would pass it down to the next.

Severus all but moaned. "Why did you have to bring his name up? Up until now, I could at least pretend he wasn't going to come."

Draco waved that off. "How young of a Sprite are we talking about?"

"Very young, very powerful." Severus answered. "Childish."

Draco snorted. "A very young sprite that is childish, imagine that."

"You know full well what I mean." Severus announced.

"No, I really don't." Draco studied his godfather. "He will attach himself to Pansy, Blaise and us as well. I'm guessing Luna and Hermione."

"Hermione?" Severus asked.

"She is no mudblood." Draco snorted once more. "I checked it out to be sure."

"With your brother, no?" Severus asked.

"He will be coming out of hiding." Draco announced thinking he would highly attach to his brother. Vega had a little something that Malfoy's never had. Vega had been given freedom, freedom from all the stares and talks of death eaters. Vega had made friends with all races, muggles included.

"Your father believes the dark lord to be changed that much?" Severus asked masking the surprise he felt.

"He likes to be called Tom." Draco smirked letting his mind go back to his brother. Between the Malfoy and Black blood, both boys had three different creature blood running through their system. Vega had came to his inheritance three years before, also a very young age, only the three mixed blood formed a new creature, a creature Draco couldn't wait to become.

"You don't say." Severus said not bothering masking his surprise that time.

"You will see in the morning." Draco smiled.

"I know that he had creature blood." Severus stated.

"You mean he has creature blood." Draco corrected. He had met the man only once, but once had been all it took.

"Why haven't I been told?" Severus asked.

"If I were you I would tell Dumbles up there. He wants you too, father was suppose to tell you that when he was here." Draco said slowly.

"So, he is feeding me information he wants him to know?" Severus really thought, he was much better of a spy as that.

"He wants him to know; I don't know the reason." Draco murmured. "He still doesn't like the man."

Severus wondered for a minute why he was even talking about this with a child. He had no plans on telling the headmaster; he would keep to those plans.

Draco gave his godfather a smirk. He wouldn't tell Dumbles either, why give the man the upper hand. He pulled gently out of the mind of the man he called godfather. "This will be the best school year yet!"

Severus moaned, after all, what could he do?

Draco let his mind roll over all the things he knew on Sprites. It took a lot to raise a Sprite, it took many years. A Sprite would retain some childish ways even as an adult. They got along with any creature, even animals. Nature would welcome them with the magic of old. A Sprite would be honest without question, but only to a few people. The head of the family for sure, that was once the bond had been set in stone, which for Potter's case, could take awhile. He would be honest with Severus; he would bond to him, and most likely Vega.

Draco snorted; he could see a Sprite in Slytherin. They could make the perfect Slytherin, on the inside. Outside people would see the happy- go- lucky, the boy who would be running up to Severus for hugs, which Draco couldn't wait to see. Then on the inside, you would have the smart prankster that loved any and all mischief. They could get any information out of anyone that didn't have creature blood. Very cunning creatures they were.

What he couldn't see was why anyone would put a young Sprite into school. It would be true Potter would remember his life, his inheritance would change how he did think about things and people. It would be a few years before he would even be ready for school. "What bloody reason could that old man have for wanting a young Sprite?"

"That took you long enough." Severus murmured.

"Could it be that Potter is his golden boy? If that is the case, he should know his golden boy is no more, or does he not know anything about Sprites?" Draco asked.

"You go right up there and tell him." Severus stated.

"Right, I'll do that right after I grow wings. He has no idea what I am; I for one don't plan on letting him know." Draco stated. "Where is Potter?"

"We thought it would be better for his safety, if I didn't know." Severus answered. "All I know he is with Vampires."

"As in coven?" Draco asked surprised.

"I believe the name is Cullen." Severus answered.

Draco laughed, really he couldn't help it. "He is safe then."

"You know them?" Severus asked surprised.

"Vega met one of our cousins. A vampire, Rosalie Cullen. He stayed away because of the war; he wanted no harm to come to them. Maybe he should take another trip to see them." Draco smiled.

"Where is he now?" Severus asked.

"Italy, I believe he said, just don't hold me to that. He has found himself a new girlfriend. Father said she is to young while mother stands on the ground that the girl is far to old." Draco replied.

"Her name?" Severus asked.

"Jane." Draco answered.