Today was a bright and sunny day at the Mushroom Kingdom, everywhere was hot at Mario's and Luigi's house, in the castle were Princess Peach lives and even in Donkey Kong's jungle. So Princess Peach came up with an idea. She called everyone to come to her castle for a meeting she called Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, all of the Toads, Birdo and Toadettte.

Peach- Everyone I've called you all here for a special meeting.

Mario- What's the meeting?

Peach- Since it's hot and we all are burning our butts off me and toadsworth figured we should go to the beach!

*Everyone excited* *chattering*

Toadsworth- Hold it everyone! Now, now we all know you're all excited but you all need to listen carefully please, we insist that you do not go far into the water it has been said that a giant Gooper Blooper has escaped from Bower's castle so please watch out! Now…HAVE FUN!


Mario- Lets-a-have some fun!

Daisy- Wow the beach, it's been months since I went there with my father.

Everyone was getting ready to have the time of their lives, but then as usual Wario and his sneaky friend Waluigi mess things up.

Wario- Beach huh.

Waluigi- Yeah, why didn't we get invited? *jealous*

Wario- Maybe it's because we mess things up. And that's the way I like it.

Waluigi- What should we do?

Wario- Follow my lead.

As the two were ready to make a move inside the castle everyone was trying to figure out what clothes they were going to wear.