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Prompt: 2 a.m
Words(without A/N): 908

Spoiler Alerts: Slight Faudo arc spoilers. Chapters 272 - 273, to be exact. :P But it's only a spoiler if you don't know who won that battle. (It's only in one line in the entire drabble, but still.)
Verse: Manga universe.


The teenager struggled to stay awake. It was hard, though, with the dark room lit only by the lamp off in the corner and the pure silence. It also didn't help that he was busy and working hard all day, with school, the occasional demon battles, and just plain trying to survive. His body wanted to sleep, and he would allow it to. But not before he came back.

Kiyomaro already tried everything he could think of to stay awake. Pacing around the room, slapping himself a couple of times, and even Gash had acted even more hyper than usual, trying to get his human partner to stay awake. Eventually the small demon tired out and he retired to bed.

Hours ago, Zeon and Dufort had left to fight what looked like a pretty powerful demon. Zeon had told Gash to stay out of it, and Dufort said the same to Kiyomaro. The owners of the red spell book were forced to walk back to the teenager's house alone. It was a silent walk, and even the ever energetic Gash Bell seemed to be a little depressed. Not a word was exchanged between the two of them.

He knew that Gash and Zeon had a very deep brotherly bond, and if anyone had ever dared to come between them, Zeon would mercilessly rip his foes into shreds. Zeon was a very overprotective brother, and Kiyomaro was sometimes jealous of Gash, that he had someone who would look out for him like that. …But, Kiyomaro did have someone who was overprotective of him, didn't he? Dufort.

Whenever Megumi or Suzume or even occasionally a random man living across the street would try to make a move on Kiyomaro, Dufort would be there in a second, ready to beat the offender into a bloody pulp. Kiyomaro felt a ghost of a smile appear on his face. Dufort really did care for him, didn't he? Although he explained to the man many times that he himself and the others were simply just friends(Except for that man. Kiyomaro never did learn who he was…), Dufort would block out anything he said about the subject and move on to a completely different matter.

Kiyomaro shook his head in a useless attempt to fight off the drowsiness and slowly lifted his head to look at the digital alarm clock on the counter. It was almost two in the morning…He really should just go to bed. Zeon and Dufort should be back before sunrise. …But they should have already been back hours ago. Surely the powerful Zeon and Dufort duo couldn't have been…defeated? The teenager frowned at the thought. They have never been defeated before…Okay, maybe that one time at Faudo when he and Gash had managed to defeat him, but that was back when Zeon wasn't a protective brother and his goal was still to make Gash's life a living hell. Now he was a completely different person, and Kiyomaro had to admit, even if Zeon was taunting him nearly twenty four seven, he rather liked Zeon's new personality. It beat his old one by a long shot.

The teenager sighed and stood up shakily and started making his way up the stairs and to his room. If Dufort (and Zeon, he added quickly) were alright, they'd be back before he woke up later in the morning. He was almost at the top of a stairs when his sensitive ears picked up a sound. It was faint, but he couldn't deny that he most definitely heard something. Kiyomaro turned around and silently creeped back down the stairs, trying not to wake up Gash or his own mother. He cursed silently under his breath whenever his weight made the stairs creak. It wasn't that he was heavy, or anything; he was actually pretty light for his age. The house was many years old, and Kiyomaro lived in it pretty much his entire life. The stairs were just plain old. …Or so that's what Kiyomaro hoped. It was pretty much the truth, anyway.

He made it to the front door and placed his hand on the doorknob and stopped himself before he could turn it. The teenager strained his ears to hear through the door for any sign of human life. There was a grunting noise, and he was positive that there was someone standing right outside of his door. But that didn't necessarily mean it was who he hoped it to be. …But who else would be standing outside of his house at two in the morning?

Kiyomaro mustered up the courage to just turn the knob and see who was standing out there. He took a deep breath and quickly opened it. Two pairs of eyes stared at him. The large silver colored ones were a lot shorter than he was, and the person swore under his breath and shoved Kiyomaro aside before walking in the house. The other set of eyes belonged to the person who was taller than Kiyomaro, and the taller man caught him. Kiyomaro looked up at the person who currently had his arms wrapped around him, and he smiled, despite his tired state.

The fact that it was two in the morning and also he was standing half outside, half inside in his pajamas now didn't really matter. All that mattered was that the one person he stayed up all night for was finally back, and in one piece.