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I got the idea of the unremovable Engagement ring from this picture that's been floating around that a man proposed to his wife by cutting out a box in The Half Blood Prince, and had the chapter "The Unbreakable Vow" showing, and placed the ring inside.

Lady McBeth

After the Headmaster had cancelled the duelling competition, the duelings haven't ceased, so the rules became stricter. Any student caught with their wand out pointing at another student would get 4 weeks detention and 40 points deduction from their house. After that the halls became quiet and more safe… well, the latter didn't last long. I knew that, Iris, Hector, and Basil knew that, but what we didn't know was that I was the cause of it.

Before I knew it, it was time for auditions. The Great Hall was cleared out of students, tables, and benches. Professor Bassette, Grey, and I were seated in the faculty seats (to be honest, I felt like a queen, since I sat in the middle). It was like American Idol. Bassette was Simon, Grey was Randy, and I was a drunk Paula Abdul.

The cast was mostly female, which made things lucky because girls were more likely to audition in the first place. However, as soon as word went around the school that the play was risqué, some what obscene, and featured dancing girls in short dresses, that caught the attention of the male population of Hogwarts. Including Professor Russo.

In fact, he tried to see if he could join the panel to 'casually watch the auditions' because he had a 'love for theatre and music'. Bullocks, I say. This panel didn't need no Kara Dioguardi - as useless as she was, so would he be. Besides, Bassette was on to him like Dora on Swiper. She knew what shit he was going to try to get into.

The first few auditions were mediocre at best, names that swam by my head since they were unfamiliar, and besides, their performance was shotty at best. If anything, they'd be back up dancers to an obscure song. It wasn't until we got Sean Keiths next that it really picked up.

"Who will you be auditioning for, Sean?" I asked, wondering what he was doing here. Sean wasn't the kind of guy that would be in a school musical. At least, that's what he made it out to seem.

"Roxie Hart, ma'am!" He smiled broadly.

I exchanged a look with Professor Grey while I heard Bassette sigh heavily. However, his performance was rather amusing, and pretty good if this was a parody of the play. I put a star next to his name after he bowed dramatically and sauntered out with what looked like a drunken wave of his hips.

"His friends must have dared him," Grey chuckled. "That was quite the show."

"Yes, it's not very amusing, I find," Bassette tapped her nail on her cheek. "However, he must think that he made such a fool of himself that he would never get a part…"

"Don't worry, Professor, I've got the part for him," I say as I scribble in 'Fred Casely' next to his name.

After Sean's performance, things began to pick up. Better actors and actresses, singers, and dancers. A lot of faces I recognized, and others I was surprised to see here. Druella had her brother lose a bet, so they were auditioning together, she played Lady McBeth (a role I thought was perfect for her), and Bastian recited Hamlet's speech. He must have wanted to be in the play though, because he was simply amazing.

After their audition, Bassette called in the next, and a lanky boy with glasses and Ravenclaw robes walked in. I can honestly say I've never seen this kid before - he must blend in the crowd well.

"Name?" I ask, tapping my pen on my clipboard.

"Christian Pocock," he answered robotically.

I near shouted out, "WHAT?" but I refrained from doing so. I haven't heard from Daniel in a while, which I understand after our last few hang outs together. Though he never mentioned before he had a brother, or any sibling at all, or family. In fact, I thought he simply existed by the power of some all powerful writer, because hey, Hogwarts needs filler students. Though the more I looked at Christian, the more I can see Daniel.

"Well, Poptar- Mr. Pocock," I cleared my throat, "Who are you auditioning for?"

"Amos Hart," he said, and I nodded for him to continue.

He recited quotes from the Book Les Miserables as the character Jean Valjean. While he was good and remembered the precise words, he was too robotic for this kind of play. However, I wanted to know more about him, and see how different he was to his brother, because now I see no difference. Let's just hope he's not an asshole like his brother. I put I star next to his name once he was finished.

The auditions took nearly all evening. It was nearing dark outside, so we had to wrap things up. We already went through Heidi Abbott, Prunella Burke, Lucretia Black (who wasn't too happy to see me judging her), Maria Chang, and even Ignatius Prewett. We had one more audition left, and I couldn't wait to get this over with. So I rather gruffly shouted, "NEXT!" Before the professors could.

I was looking down at my clipboard at the total of 30 names on the list, which, according to Professor Bassette, was almost triple what they usually get for auditions. I heard clanking of heels on the floor, and I looked up to see a familiar head of bleach blonde hair.

"Iris?" I asked and she gave me a thinned lipped smile as she rocked on the heels of her shoes.

"My name is Iris Bennett, I will be auditioning for the role of Roxie Hart," she said smugly.

I feel like she's cheating.

I leaned back into my chair, and crossed my arms as I watched her begin to sing and tap dance into the heart of the Professors. Though I want to say she was eh, she wasn't. I never noticed, or at least never saw or heard my sister sing or dance. She was always sewing away, or listening to music full blast, or humping her body pillow of Robert Pattinson. You know, teenage stuff.

Her footing was nearly flawless, her arms were never idle, and she looked happy doing it. Honestly, she would be the perfect Roxie. The only issue? That if I casted her as Roxie, everyone would believe that it was rigged, that I was favouring her, because she was my sister.

But then again, I don't act overly fond of my sister on most days, so… I scribbled down Roxie next to her name.

Suddenly there was clapping, and it echoed from across the room. The three of us looked up as Iris turned, seeing Professor Russo strutting into the Great Hall. My teeth clenched and I felt both Professors on either side of me shift in their seats.

"I told you, Mr. Russo, that the Great Hall is off limits today. So unless you are here for auditions, I ask for you to leave," Bassette said snippily.

"My lovely Lady Juliet," Russo practically sang. "I only came to check if you were done with auditions, when I caught the last bit of miss Bennett's performance. Which was remarkable by the way," he patted my sister's shoulder and my eyes narrowed.

"Likely story," I heard Professor Grey mutter beside me.

"Auditions are over, Mr. Russo, but you needn't check up on us," Bassette snapped closed her clip board and stood up briskly. "Miss Bennett, the casting calls will be out by the end of this month. I'm sure your sister would let you know a week before hand though," the Drama Professor began to stride out, her paisley robes flowing behind her.

Russo looked between her and Iris before asking, "You have a sister?"

Iris furrowed her brow, "Uh, yeah, she's in your class." And pointed a finger at me.

I waved at him with loose fingers as he turned and seemed to just notice I was there.

"Oh, yes, yes you are! I was wondering why it said Bennett twice on my student list," he rubbed his stubble and smiled at Iris. "Well, I'll see you in class, Iris, and, uh.."

"Evan," I said for him.

"Evan, right. Goodnight, Mr. Grey."

I looked at Professor Grey and he shared a look with me, "Yeah, fair thee well." The other male waved at him and then slid his palm down his face as soon as Russo left the Great Hall.

The weeks went by pretty fast, and I found myself every night with Professor Bassette and Grey discussing the casting calls. We were down to one character to be filled, Velma Kelly. My favourite character, and needless to say I was completely adamant to not let Heidi nor Lucretia be Velma, even though they would be perfect for the part.

"What about Maria Chang?" Grey suggested.

"No," I said immediately, "She's been butt-hurt since I won the competition; she has a look that says 'I'm not afraid to sabotage this play if it makes you look bad'." For a split second I thought I saw Bassette smirk.

"Walburga Black was wonderful, a nice powerful voice, if you ask me," Bassette suggested. "She would do nicely in Velma's shoes."

"Not exactly," I stepped in, "She isn't a good dancer, and in most of Velma's scenes she's dancing."

Professor Grey groaned, "We went through every girl on this list, Bennett. You didn't want Lucretia, you didn't want the Abbott girl, you didn't want your own sister - who was fantastic - and you thought Druella was too insane to play a character who killed her own sister and husband."

"I will not settle for anything less than perfection," I commented, leaning back into my chair and folding my fingers on my stomach.

"Spoken like a true director," Bassette commented.

"Well," Grey heavily sighed, "at this rate, we might as well make her an actress on top of writer and director." He took a long look at me and then laughed when he saw my eyebrows up to my hairline and an imp-like smile stretching to my ears.

"Oh, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett..." Bassette tapped her quill into her ink bottle. "You truly love being the centre of attention," she scribbled my name next to Velma Kelly's.

Well, if I'm going to be the Dark Lady, you bet your arse I'm the Queen of all the divas.

We quickly wrapped up who was left. Making a lot of the extra actors and actresses as back up dancers, many had doubled up. We decided to make Druella as my back up Velma Kelly, since I was sure that her brother wouldn't let her sabotage me, despite how bat shit crazy she is. Iris was to be Roxie Hart, the lead. I guess this cast did sound bias, and who cares, honestly. I'm the one who wrote it, and I wanted the best. The best just happened to be… me and sister-dearest.

I took my copy of the cast list, and began to climb down the staircase towards the dungeons. I was going to meet Iris outside the Slytherin Common Room so I could show her the list, as well as be let inside to spend the night in Tom's room. However, when I got in the dungeons in the corridor of the Slytherin Common Room, she wasn't alone.

"Professor, I swear, I was just about to go inside, I was just waiting for my sister to drop something off," I heard my sister's voice.

"Well fine, but I can't let this go unpunished. You are still out of your dorm room after curfew," I heard Professor Russo's voice, and as I quietly approached from the shadows I could see him stroke Iris' cheek. She pushed his hand away and began to step back, but he grabbed her wrist, and pulled her close to him, "You keep this a secret, and I won't dock any points off, alright? Hell, if you're good I'll even give you house points-"

He was cut off by the tip of my wand pressed against his neck, "Hands. Off. Her. Now." I saw his jaw clench when he heard my voice.

"Another Bennett out after curfew," I heard him purr. "It must be my lucky day."

"If you say one more word, it'll be your last, now shut up and let go of my sister."

He reluctantly let go, and Iris pulled herself away quickly, pressing herself against the wall. At that very moment, the Slytherin opening began to slide aside, and none other than my husband-to-be stepped out. It was usually hard to surprise Tom, but when in front of a Professor, he had to act like the dutiful Head Boy. And when Professor Russo spotted his badge, he didn't take any hesitation in playing the victim.

"Ah, head boy. This student, she attacked me," he fumed and wretched his head away from my wand. I put my arm down, but I didn't tuck away my wand. "Take her to the Headmaster, and have her expelled. It was unprovoked. She's mad."

I looked at Tom as he looked back for a second and then at Professor Russo, and straightened his smart jacket. "Of course, Professor, this is unforgivable and I will be taking her straight to the Headmaster's office."

"And that one," he pointed a frantic finger at Iris, who slunked so far into the corner that she almost resembled as that woman in Doctor Who (that was played by Moaning Myrtle, ironically) who was fused with a slab of concrete. "She is out after curfew, give her a detention as well."

Tom's jaw clenched as he turned to Iris, "Miss Bennett, I suggest you go inside the common room. I will come after I deal with your sister."

She nodded, and proceeded into the Common Room without complaint. Russo straightened his dress shirt and gave me a dirty look, "Well, now that is done with, I should be going to my bedchambers." Without so much as a good night, or thank you to Tom, the Professor walked out, disappearing into the darkness towards the stairs. Tom looked around the bend and listened to make sure that he was out of ear shot before gesturing me to follow him into the Slytherin common room, where Iris sat in one of the green couches.

"May you explain to me why you had your wand pointed at a professor, Evangeline?" There was an edge to his voice that sounded like anger. There was a lot he could be mad about, so I couldn't blame him. I was reckless, and I could have gotten both myself and Iris in trouble. And, by not taking me to the headmaster to get me expelled, Russo could even get Tom Riddle demoted from head boy.

Well, if he said anything, that is.

"Don't blame her for anything, Riddle," I heard my sister say from the couch. "She saved me."

Tom looked from Iris and then back at me, raised an eyebrow for me to explain.

"Russo was assaulting my sister," I said flatly with ice in my tone. "He was grabbing her, intending to do much worse than that. Russo was going to take her to his bedchambers and have his way with her. He's been on her case since the first day of classes, and she isn't the only girl he's been pawing at."

Tom remained silent for a moment before pursing his lips in thought, never lifting his eyes off of me for a second, even when he asked Iris if this was true.

"It is… I've seen him being touchy with other girls as well," she replied.

"Iris," he turned to look at her on the couch, "Could you please leave me and your sister alone. I wish to speak to her, and it is time for you to retire."

It wasn't a suggestion when it came from him, and Iris didn't look like she was in the mood to argue. Though she looked at me, and I gave her that look that only siblings could share with each other that communicated things that no other person could decipher: 'I'll wait for you upstairs.'

When Tom heard the door close from the girls dorm rooms, he crossed his arms, and looked at me, stating the obvious, "You were reckless."

"I did what I needed to do," I said plainly, mimicking his arms. There was the longest pause before I started to talk again, "He's a pig. He's a pedophile. He might be doing this to other girls, he might have done worse before, and he may do it again."

"Then I will report him to the headmaster," Tom said uncrossing his arms. "Though I cannot account for you raising your wand-"

"He's a mudblood," it came out. Just like that. Without warning or logical thought. I didn't even use the politically correct term for him. Nor did I really reasoned with myself before I continued, because hatred was just filling my veins at the course of raging rivers. He touched my little sister with his filthy fingers, threatened her if she told anyone about the sick plans he had awaiting for her in his bedchambers. Franklyn Russo was not going to walk away from this alive.

"Kill him."

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Velma Kelly: Evan Bennett

Roxie Hart: Iris Bennett

Fred Casely: Sean Keiths

Amos Hart: Alphard Black

Matron Mama Morton: Walburga Black

Liz: Druella Rosier

- Bernie: Joseph Bell

Annie: Dorothy Smith

- Ezekiel Young: Ryou Umari

June: Laura McCain

- Wilbur: Landon Thomas

Hunyak: Theresa Swan

- Hunyak's Husband: Michael Brown

Mona: Heidi Abbot

- Al Lipschitz: Christian Pocock

Charlie: Ignatius Prewett

Veronica Kelly: Lucretia black

Billy Flynn: Bastian Rosier

Mary Sunshine: Prunella Burke

Kitty Baxter: Maria Chang