Great Heights.


I own this story and its characters, blah mine no copy right - 3 Eve

"So this is the story of a man just getting out of collage after getting his Doctorate and finding a letter from the C&F services reading that his parents were murdered in a bank robbery. It also states that they left him everything including his eight year old sister which he didn't know existed. Let's see how things go for him shall we. There are unexpected twist in this story and I'm going to need everyone's help to write this if you love it I'll keep writing I just need the encouragements!"

Tyler Osbourne - 31, Doctor

Evette Bee Osbourne- 8, elementary student, Tyler's Sister

Jason Elman- 31, physiatrist, Tyler's friend

Jillian Frost - 26, C&F service associate, Eve's Case Manager

Alley Kate Moore - 28, bakery owner, Tyler's friend

Michael Ector- 15, cancer patient, Eve's Friend

Eleanor Potts- 40, nurse, Tyler's friend

Emma Jean- 30, OBYGN, Tyler's friend