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Delenn of Mir and John Sheridan

Author: NWHS

Author's Note:

This very short fic is based on a few lines from Season 5, Episode 17: Movements of Fire and Shadow. John Sheridan wanted to ask his wife, Delenn, to travel to Minbar during the height of the Centauri War and speak with the Grey Council about working with Earth to turn out White Star destroyers. In the beginning of their conversation Delenn thought John was worrying about something of a more personal nature.

Delenn: "Something is bothering you. What is it?"

John: "I need to ask you to do something I don't want to ask you to do."

Delenn: "Well . . . if it's about my wearing those little—''

John: "No."

Delenn: "I appreciate the gift. And I didn't say I wouldn't wear them. I just said that . . . for me, from a Minbari perspective, I thought it looked silly."

And from this brief glimpse into their married, sexual life, the story was born. It's in all fun and good ole fashioned fluff. I'm too lazy to finish it in one sitting, so I'm dividing it into two short chapters. Hope you enjoy.

Human Sexuality versus Minbari Formality

Chapter 1: It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time

'You'll be busy all night thanks to this sexy teddy!' the advertisement had assured. John Sheridan thumbed through the Adam and Eve Lingerie magazine Garibaldi had given him during his so-called bachelor party. It was an impromptu event in which Garibaldi invited him to his quarters under the guise of a much needed talk about Alliance security. When the door cycled open, Stephen, Londo, G'Kar, and Zack all stood inside with the biggest grins on their faces.

"Surprise!" they said in unison, glasses raised in salute.

His friends were holding down Babylon5 when he and Delenn had married aboard a White Star after his pardon for his "crimes" against Earth. And Garibaldi, being Garibaldi, couldn't allow a prime party opportunity to pass him by.

"Did we surprise you or what?" Michael asked John, slapping his back. "If I had my way, I'd have a few scantily clad dancers up in here, but I don't want to get you in trouble with the misses, for fear she'll come after me once she's done with you." He laughed at his own joke and slapped John on the back again.

"Well, thanks for not hiring half naked women to dance for me. The last thing I need is for Delenn to hear about it on ISN. As it is, I don't even want to think about trying to explain this particular human custom to her." John shook his head at the thought. She would be mortified to know that many humans conducted themselves quite poorly a day or so before their wedding, going to bars and getting drunk or going to strip clubs and getting drunk. Many a wedding day had been ruined based on such last minute outings. Or perhaps, many a horrible union spared, depending on how one looked at it.

By the end of the evening, he'd received many "gifts" from his friends. Londo had given him a ball and chain. Literally, a twenty-pound ball and chain and the mocking laughter that preceded it was worse than the one that followed. "Better you than me, my dear Mr. President," Londo had said.

Franklin had given him a pack of little blue pills, smiled at Sheridan's shocked expression, and said, "Just in case, John. You're not as young as you used to be and the last thing you want to do is disappoint your new wife, especially since you have that slanted bed going against you. I don't know how in the hell you manage it," Franklin had said, giving Sheridan a 'too bad for you,' look.

G'Kar had handed Sheridan a book and winked at him with his one blue eye. Sheridan didn't like the idea of G'Kar winking at him and liked it even less when he finally opened the book. To his surprise, it was the Narn's version of the Kama Sutra. And making matters worse, it was G'Kar's personal copy with scribbles and notes to boot in the margin. One glance at the notes and Sheridan thought he would need a few of those little blue pills if he had even the slightest chance of performing even one of those Narn sex techniques.

Zack also gave Sheridan a book, but it was a simple leather bound photo album. He opened it to the first page and saw two pictures of Delenn. The first was taken when she arrived on Babylon 5, her full Minbari self. The second was taken the day he was sworn in as President of the Interstellar Alliance. The two of them stood side by side, holding hands and smiling. They'd come so far, he thought then and found himself grinning like a love struck fool at the mere thought of his lovely bride. And the fact that after so many years, he wouldn't be alone ever again.

"I know most people don't keep photo albums anymore, Mr. President, but I . . . well, I think they're a lot better than a data crystal any day. Besides," he said, shrugging his shoulders, "women still seem to like them."

"I know Delenn will love it and take much pride and care in selecting just the right family photos to put in it," Sheridan said thankful for at least one normal gift. Apparently, none of the other men appreciated the sensitive gift, for Zack was pelted with cheese balls and boos.

"Come on guys," he said, raising his hands and arms in defense, "cut it out, that's not funny. I hate cheese and you're ruining my uniform."

"Who in the hell wears a uniform to a party anyway?" someone asked before more cheese balls and other food items were launched his way.

Finally, it was Michael's turn and Sheridan set his left eyebrow to a high arch, waiting for the inevitable. Yet another book, he noted when he opened the flat box, or rather a magazine to . . . Adam and Eve Lingerie?

"Before you arch that other eyebrow of yours," Michael had said, "just take it with you and give it a try. It has all types of toys, games, and sexy clothing perfect for a man who haven't had sex in—''

Sheridan punched him in the arm, making him swallow the rest of his sentence. But he had taken it with him. In fact, he'd taken all of the gifts back to his quarters, well, not the ball and chain. He dropped those in the nearest incinerator. But everything else was placed discreetly in a bag and tucked under his arm, as he made his way back to his quarters, hoping Delenn hadn't turned in for the evening. Well, if she had, he thought with a wicked smile, he would just have to wake her and show her he didn't need no stickin blue pills to please her.

Now, a week later, Sheridan found himself thoroughly viewing each page of the very magazine that had plagued his waking mind for far too long. He tried not to think about the contents, convincing himself he was too old to care about such things. But his curiosity had gotten the better of him, or perhaps there was simply no age limit on sexual adventures.

'Once you slip on this revealing fishnet teddy, the ride won't stop until you're ready to climb off! The top goes on just like a bra, complete with adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable hook and eye closure. The T front gives you a slimming look, while leaving your back bare – perfect for a sexy massage to help set the mood.

The bottom hugs your rear to accent your behind, while the crotch is lined for additional comfort. It also includes attached garter belts for your fishnet stockings, sold separately. The fishnet is soft against your skin and slightly stretchy to closely hug your body. The large, rugged fishnet resists tearing, making it far more durable than your average piece of fishnet lingerie. The Up All Night Fishnet Teddy is part of the Seven 'til Midnight label. It's available in black only. The fishnet teddy is made from 100% silk and is imported.'

"Damn," John said, licking his lips at the thought of Delenn in that fishnet teddy with stockings caressing her lean, soft legs. Without thinking beyond the sudden throb in his groin, John Sheridan placed the order. It would arrive in two weeks time. Now, the only thing he had to do was convince his Religious Caste wife to cast aside her formal robes and wear a garment that would barely cover her unmentionables. No, Sheridan definitely didn't think this through at all.