Well it's about time I posted another White Collar fic. It's been a long time. Actually, this fic was written a long time ago - around the middle of the first season I think - but I never got around to posting it.

But now, here it is, the opening for a compilation of one-shots, drabbles, and other short stories that show the friendship between Neal and Peter. At least I hope they're short or less than four pages. I tend to make fics longer than originally intended.

So, for all those wanting more bromantic Neter fanfics, you've come to the right place!

(Disclaimer: while the plots, settings, and words spoken are my own, the characters are not. Just thought you should know before you try to sue me.)


Partners of Paradox

They were a paradox in every sense of the word.

They were a statement, a proposition, a situation that was so absurd, so extraordinarily contradictory that it seemed impossible that they could actually function together in reality.

But they did.

One was an FBI agent; a man in blue with a heart of gold. Older with far more maturity and experience: he was diligent, precise, pedantic, and an overall do-gooder with an unwavering knowledge of truth and justice. No crime went unpunished; no injustice overlooked. He was a man of absolute purity. Any man felt lucky to have his loyalty in the field. Any man was willing to risk their life for him. Every man felt safe with Peter Burke at their side.

The other was a reformed convict; an art thief who decided to use his skills for good. A charmer: sly, coy, able to dissolve into any crowd, able to attract every eye; to become any entity in the blink of an eye and a tip of the hat. He had a much higher sense of fashion and a thirst for anything of deep value, physical and emotional alike. He held deep secrets and kept his cards close to his chest. One always had to keep a firm hand on one's wallet while in the presence of Neal Caffrey.

But when these two conflicting forces combined, the man in blue changed his attire to assist that thief. And the thief did all that he could within his power to meet the high standards of that man in blue. And slowly, the man that fled the law became a protector of it.

Neal and Peter were partners. Paradoxical partners.

Loyal to each other with a malleable bond of trust that could be twisted and pulled thin but never broken.

They were complete opposites and yet completely alike. Ironically enough, they were perfect for each other; able to solve any crime; any mystery because they worked together.

As the saying goes, opposites attract.


Stay tuned for more.