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Two blonde haired girls stood in the airport by the baggage claim. The older one, in her late teens, was leaning against a wall, watching the younger girl, who looked about six, as she gazed wide-eyed at everyone around her. She fiddled with a cell phone and occasionally laughed at something the little one said. Her eyes were red-rimmed and she ran her fingers through her hair repeatedly. The little girl sat on the floor beside two pieces of luggage and stared at the passer-by with her thumb in my mouth. She quickly removed it to speak to the teenager, then popped it back in.

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs took a breath upon seeing them. He could see reflectionsof their dad, his old marine buddy, in both the girls, like the little one's curly hair and the older one's tender smile and grey blue eyes. Their father, Lieutenant Daniel Tanner, had been a good friend of Gibbs' before he was murdered five years ago. The brakes of Daniel's car had been tampered with, but no one was ever convicted for the murder of Lt. Tanner. Gibbs had looked over the case a few times, but it hadn't been assigned to him, and with no new evidence, it was unlikely that it would ever be solved. Daniel's wife, Maria, had raised the girls after their father's death, up until two days ago, when a hit-and-run had taken Maria's life. Her oldest daughter, Alyssa, had been in the car when it happened, but somehow managed to survive. It had appeared to be an attempt to kill them both. The Lieutenant's case was being re-opened, along with his wife's, and Gibbs was finally given the assignment. It seemed that someone wanted this family dead.

Gibbs was happy to take the case. He wanted to know what had happened to his old friend, why he and his wife had been murdered. But he had no idea at the time of the affect that it would have on his life afterwards.

He thought back to the call that had changed his whole world.

"Yeah, Gibbs."

"This is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs?" A man's voice echoed through the cell phone line.

Gibbs sighed. "Yeah…" Hadn't he just said that?

"This is Parick O'Connor. I'm Maria Tanner's lawyer?" He said, like it was a question.

"Uh-huh." Gibbs remembered Rule Number 13: Never, ever involve a lawyer.

"Um… Well… I, um…"

"Mr. O'Connor." Gibbs growled.

"Yes, sir?"

"Why are you calling me?"

"It's about Alyssa and Grace Tanner. The lieutenant's daughters?"

"Yeah, I know 'em."

"You do?" Gibbs stayed silent. "Right, well…" The lawyer took a deep breath. "You've been named their legal guardian."

Gibbs blinked back to reality, to the two young women standing in front of him now. The teenager looked at him, suspiciously, sizing him up. She released a silent exasperated sigh and then put out her hand. "Special Agent Gibbs?"

"Yes. You must be Alyssa." She nodded her head as he shook her hand. "The last time I saw you, you were smaller than this little one right here." Gibbs looked down to the younger girl. She stared up at him, wide-eyed and completely quiet, her small fist in front of her face, thumb in her mouth.

Alyssa nudged her. "Gracie…"

The little girl pulled her finger from her mouth. "Hi," she whispered, then popped her thumb back in.

"She's shy." Alyssa made excuses for Grace.

"It's okay." Gibbs knelt down on one knee in front of the small child.

"Hi, sweetheart. I'm Special Agent Gibbs. You and your sister are going to come stay with me for a while, okay?" He winked at Grace as she quickly and nervously nodded her head. He looked back towards Alyssa. "Are these your bags?"


Gibbs began to tell her not to call him 'sir' , but caught himself. Now would probably not be a good time for correction. He picked up the bags and lead the girls to the car. After driving for a nearly silent fifteen minutes, Gibbs pulled into the NCIS office.

"We're going to make a quick stop here, okay?" Both girls stayed silent, but unbuckled their seat belts and climbed out of the car after him. He wondered vaguely if Grace was still small enough to need a car seat. He held open the door for them to enter. Once they reached the bullpen, he sat Gracie down in a chair beside a shocked-looking Ziva, handed her a pen and some paper. "Are you okay to sit her and color for a bit while I talk to your sister?" Her big brown eyes opened wide and she stared up at Alyssa.

"Yeah, you can color me a picture, right, Gray? I'll be right back." Alyssa smiled towards the tow-headed child.

Gibbs nodded to Ziva. "Watch her."

"Right." Ziva stared at the little one, looking almost as lost as Grace did.

He waited until the girl picked up the pen before leading Alyssa into an interrogation room and sitting down across the table from her. "Are you thirsty? I can get you some water…"

"I'm fine."


The two stared at each other for a long, tense moment before Alyssa looked down at the table. "Listen, I'd really prefer not to leave Gracie for long, she tends to get upset when I'm not around…"

"Then we'll try to make this quick. I need you tell me about the accident."

"I already talked to the police."

"And now you need to tell me."

Alyssa looked at him, and he caught a bright flash of anger behind her eyes.

"What were you doing before the accident?"

"Is this an interrogation or something?"

"We just want your statement, Alyssa."

She sighed angrily, crossed her arms over her chest. "I was with my mom, and we had just dropped Gracie off at soccer practice. We were going to get some food at McDonald's. We were just driving along, and then this black truck came up behind us…"

"What kind of truck?"

She stared back at him. "A black one."

"Was it a Ford, or a Toyota or-"

"I don't know. I'm a girl. I don't pay attention to these things." Gibbs was a bit shocked that she had no recall for the make of the car, but pushed the thought aside. He sighed and nodded for her to continue. "Go on."

Alyssa took a slow breath. "Like I said, we were just driving along and this guy comes behind us, and he keeps following us. I noticed my mom kept looking in the rear view, kind of confused, but she didn't say anything. She started taking some quick turns without signaling, and driving around in circles and stuff. We were driving on this back road, and then the guy just floors it and slams right into our car. We fishtailed a little bit, Mom lost control of the wheel. We were headed towards this telephone pole…." Another slow breath, in and out. "We could both see that it was going to come right into the passenger seat, where I was sitting." Alyssa's eyes began to shine with tears, but none fell. "Mom swerved, and the wheels caught. She… hit the pole. Came right into the driver's side. They said she was killed upon impact."

Gibbs was impressed at the girl's calm. She had held herself together well so far.

"And you?"

"My head hit the dash, knocked me unconscious. I don't remember anything else, until I woke up in the hospital."

"The guy driving the truck…?"

She shrugged. "Dunno. Must've got out of there fast, I guess."

"You didn't see him at all?"

"The windows were tinted, really dark. I could see he was wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap. A sweatshirt with the hood up." She looked Gibbs in the eyes then. "Kinda weird, I think. Considering how hot it was. Like he was trying to hide his face or something." She deadpanned.


"Are we done now?"

"Sure." He held out a hand to help her up, but she didn't take it. "Are you ready to go home?"

She paused. "My home is two thousand miles away." Alyssa's lips twitched into a brief, ironic smile. "But I guess I can go to yours."

They exited the interrogation room, Gibbs stopping to check that the session had been recorded for later review. It would be needed for further research into the case, but he felt that nothing new had been revealed through this non-interrogation. Hopefully, Abby could pull some evidence from the scene of the accident.

Alyssa rushed out to Gracie and snatched her up in her arms. "Hi baby doll. Miss me?" Grace nodded quickly and buried her head in her sister's shoulder. Alyssa looked awkwardly at Ziva. "Thanks… for watching her, I mean."

Gibbs stepped up behind her. "Alyssa, this is Ziva David, one of my agents. And that's Tony DiNozzo, and Tim McGee." He pointed to their respective locations. Tim smiled and waved at the girls. Tony made a goofy face to the little one, prompting her to giggle. Gibbs felt a slight hint of jealousy; already DiNozzo had gotten to a level with the girls that he hadn't yet reached. "Team, this is Gracie and Alyssa Tanner. My…" His voice trailed off and he hoped that no one had noticed the slip. "They're going to be staying with me."

Alyssa forced a tight smile and held her sister close on her hip. "Hi." Grace was nudged into making a small wave. "She's shy." Alyssa repeated, then shot a desperate glance at Gibbs.

He reached for the teenager's elbow and gently led her into the elevator. "I'll be back soon. Try to get something done without me." DiNozzo began to make a snarky remark as the doors slid shut and closed the three inside the small elevator.

Gracie's thumb stayed put inside her mouth and she rested her head on her older sister's shoulder. Alyssa bounced nervously from foot to foot. Gibbs took in the scene. Already, this was feeling like the longest night of his life.