Notes: Oh hey look at that, there wasn't any background for Eames so hey I MADE SOME. I used the comic, press packets, and movie for ref, if any blatant canon-killing occurs, it's all my fault.

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He is a walking compilation of faces, names, actions. As a child he was just that much better at impersonating his friends, but as he got older his interests changed. Get your way into the network of a main corporation, secretaries will give you anything. He was lover, friend, brother of a thousand different people. When the PASIV dreamshare technology came out he was working deep-cover as some mob boss' hit-man. He was vetted all the way through ops, they ripped him out fast enough to give a man whiplash. The world was never the same after that first trip. They started calling him the "Forger" after a few years, and anyone in the Extraction business knew he was the best at what he did. He knew the marks, knew them inside and out, could dance through their subconscious as any number of friends, foes, lovers even if he wanted.

Almost never himself, which is why he got out of government work. He was still the best, only free, and still it wasn't enough. He had recognition, but he wanted more. Which is how he finds himself working with Cobb again and again, because if anything, Cobb offers more. He has never had a job run completely clear with Cobb and his rickety teams involved. It seems every time they meet, the man has a new architect, there is only one constant.


Eames likes Arthur, how easy it is to rile him up, and how hard it is to get him to actually react. Eames watches eyes dilate, watches the subtle signs that Arthur is paying attention, which most people miss. Eames likes Arthur, because the man is near impossible to read, and on purpose at that, none of this barely conscious self-protection. Arthur is cultivated, as if trained or formed right out of the box, to throw dirt in the face of every single mechanism Eames has to read someone. Which isn't to say he can't read what Arthur thinks he should be able to read. Oh yes, Eames can feel the heat every time he gets close, the way Arthur leans into his hand as opposed to away.

Is isn't that big a jump, not a radical notion at all, to think that Arthur likes him despite the comments to the opposite. You usually do not let people you don't like press you up against a wall, kiss you breathless, you definitely do not let them bite and bruise and mark. Eames is positive Arthur likes him, friends with fringes at least.

This could burn him, worse than anything else, worse than his almost-was-his-wife, worse than that time in Argentina. Worse than Brazil, which is saying something, since Arthur was there for Brazil and pulled him out of the whole wicked mess. He likes working with Arthur, he knows when Cobb vets him, it means shit will irrevocably hit the fan at least once, but he likes working with Arthur anyway.

Not just for the quick fucks either even though those are nice. Very nice.

Eames wonders what it would be like to construct something with Arthur, in that dream that isn't a dream. He's not the best of architects but to have something they both shaped, however brittle, would be something. He'd have a part of Arthur then, that no one could see, would be that much closer to knowing what he isn't supposed to. Arthur is a flame, and he is a moth with a want to be burned.