This is Katara rocking her baby boy to sleep after a long day…I have never done one of these, so…please no flames, I don't have any marshmallow's to roast over them. ~J

Katara's POV

I rocked him in my arms, trying to get him to close his eyes and sleep. He was so small, nearly three months, he had his father's eyes and my hair, and he was perfect. I decided to sing to him

"When water laps upon the shore, the little benders ask for more,

The moon shines down upon you, son, and calls you the blessed one."

His grey eyes began to droop and I set him down, as I was turning around and saw Aang in the doorway, watching, Tenzin's eyes snapped open and he began to cry. I walked back to him and picked him up, singing once more,

"Yue smiles on you from the midnight sky, your untroubled face,

Sleep well my airbender, fly to a better place.

You're the son of hope, the worlds next dream,

But they must cope, please stay with me."

I slowly leaned over and placed him in the crib, and saw a familiar face drift into dreamland. I wondered what he was dreaming of, flying? Riding Appa? I wished I knew.

Aang walked up behind me and slowly lead me out of the room.

Aang's POV

I woke up to crying late in the night. Tenzin was awake. I stumbled quietly into his room, checking for what was wrong. Ooh, dirty diaper!

I changed the cloth and put him back to bed, where he refused to sleep. I sighed and picked him up, walking to the rocking chair in the corner where I tried to calm him down, what Katara did earlier really seemed to help, so I tried it. But being me, it wasn't as easy as Katara made it look.

"I love you son, you're my greatest prize,

You are the best thing in all my lives.

My life's adventures lead to this,

You're my life, my precious gift.

Go now darling, dreamland waits,

But not too far, you have my traits."

I was getting sleepier by the minute and Tenzin had stopped crying, I feel asleep.

Katara's POV

I woke up and Aang wasn't there, I almost panicked until I walked down the hall and saw him fast asleep with Tenzin in his arms.

For a while I just sat there and watched my airbenders' sleep.

Thanks for reading! And if you like it, I'll do one for the rest of the Gaang!