A/N: Hi. This is the first fanfic I've ever written so please don't hold back with your criticism. I've been waiting for a crossover between Dragon Age and Star Wars for some time, but since one never appeared, I decided to write one myself. I always thought Dragon Age was kind of the spiritual successor to KOTOR so I hope the two universes work well together.

Darkness of the Heart

Crimson blades flashed through the darkness, the smell of ozone heavy in the air as blades of light crashed together in a synchronized dance. The weak red glow of the spinning sabers cast shadows against the misshapen statues lining the circular room, each bending towards the combatants as if observing the furious exchange of blows. The crackle and hiss of the blades seemed lost in the overbearing silence of the dark room, each wall bearing the jagged and cruel symbols of the ancient Sith.

The dual lightsabers of the smaller fighter lashed out with several quick strikes, forcing the blocking combatant back as the blows threatened to overwhelm the defense of the figure clad in dark armor partially covered by a regal, black cloak. Pressing the advantage, the smaller figure struck both lightsabers down simultaneously, forcing its enemy's blade back into his chest, eliciting a scream of agony as fabric and plasteel armor melted onto unprotected flesh. Raising his hand toward the implacable antagonist before him, the wounded fighter desperately attempted to force his antagonist away with a blast of force lightening only to watch in horror as the blue bolts of energy arced away from the masked figure before him. Tiring of this sad spectacle, the masked figure drove towards the frightened Sith with focused purpose, meeting the pathetic man's blade with one lightsaber before spinning the energy sword and separating the man's hand from the rest of his body. The Sith scarcely could look at the glowing, ruined remnant of his arm before the warrior in front of him reversed the grip on its off-hand lightsaber, spun, and stabbed the crimson blade straight through his abdomen. A choked scream was quickly silenced as the victorious fighter ripped the saber up through the man's chest and out the top of the defeated Sith's skull, severing the man in two from the waist up.

Not sparing the mutilated corpse another glance, the masked figure continued through a maze of corridors until finally reaching a cavernous room emanating an unsettling orange glow. The dingy light of the room revealed the image of the lone warrior, dispelling the shroud of darkness that masked the figures features. Dark gray armor with purple and black highlights covered the chest of the figure with the cuirass giving way to an elaborate purple and black hakama with a purple obi synched around the waist. Dents and blackened scars covering the armor spoke to the many battles this warrior fought and killed in while the glyphs written in an evil tongue recalled a dark cause once served. Vambraces emerged from the shortened sleeves of dark robes, arrayed with hidden and deadly weaponry ideal for the swift, silent kill. Swirling around the dark figure, a tattered cloak as black as night enveloped the fighter. Beneath the hood of the cloak, the visage of the being lay behind a battered mask of silver and purple with a line of red like a flow of blood running down from the visor to the mask's edge.

So stood the former Dark Lord of the Sith, the savior of the Republic, and Prodigal Knight, Darth Revan, before the empty throne of the Emperor of the True Sith, pipes and energy cables hanging from the blackened dais like the veins of a monstrous creature. Revan walked slowly toward the abandoned throne, remembering once standing before the ancient lord of the Sith with Malak and agreeing to become pawns of the dark lord. Revan laughed at how quickly that relationship ended as upon returning to known space, the two fallen Jedi began to prepare for the inevitable invasion of the True Sith. Mirth quickly turned to rage as it became clear that the Emperor had long abandoned this particular base, only leaving a few weak minions to mock the onetime ruler of the Sith. Anger fueling the force within Revan, the former dark lord blew the monstrous throne away with a wave of force energy, watching the ruined hulk smash into the opposite wall, crushing the machinery below it with unleashed wrath. All around the dark figure, pipes broke, power lines sparked, and consoles exploded as Revan's cascading anger churned throughout the throne room of the elusive Emperor.

Revan left the long abandoned remnants of the Sith base and strode through the barren wastes of a dead planet toward a distant fighter. Months of searching corrupted and lifeless planets devastated by the True Sith had resulted in many slain Sith but no sign of the current whereabouts of the Emperor and his chief cohorts. Once again, it seemed as if Revan was fated by the Force to scour the desiccated remains of Sith worlds spread throughout the vast expanse of the Unknown Regions with neither direction nor comrades to help brighten the dark, lonely days to come. Revan's musings were interrupted by a ripple in the force as a wave of anger and hatred washed over the lonely sojourner, staggering even the former dark lord with the power inherent in these strong emotions.

"Impossible…" Revan spoke aloud as the dark lord's mind tried to fathom the tremendous power emanating in the force, "No Jedi or Sith alive could have so much power. Could it be the Emperor?"

Immediately upon considering this, Revan dismissed it as a possibility. The Emperor, albeit one of the few individuals besides Revan with the power to create such a disturbance in the Force, projected a distinct aura in the Force easily distinguishable due to the focused rage and calculated thinking present in the man. This aura felt wild, unpredictable, and most interesting to the former Sith lord, like an untrained presence in the Force. As quickly as the burst of hatred erupted in the Force, it subsided but still seethed with dark intent as the feeling slowly faded. Revan locked on to the fading presence within the Force and began once again moving towards the fighter in the distance but now with a renewed urgency only purpose brings an individual.

"One with such power could either serve as a dangerous enemy or a powerful ally," Revan mused, "Even if the individual holding such a strong presence in the Force turns out to be neither, it should be interesting either way". The silence of the dead world was then broken as a dark chuckle erupted into maniacal laughter echoing throughout the vast expanse of barren plains.

Covered in the blood of numerous slaughtered guards and exhausted both emotionally and physically by the sequence of horrors this day had brought, Kallian Tabris slammed her body into the locked door that rat Bann Vaughan hid behind. The door splintered as it slammed into the ground, revealing a rolling Kallian who unsheathed both her weapons as she crouched on her knees. Seeing Vaughan and two others turn towards the commotion, her eyes were drawn to the slight figure on the ground surrounded by the much larger humans. Kallian's heart stopped and her eyes widened in panic as she saw Shianni bloodied and beaten, struggling to cover herself with the ragged remnants of her clothing. For that second it seemed as if her body was suddenly submerged in ice water. She could not breath and her vision seemed hazy as she witnessed the horrific spectacle before her.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Vaughan leered as he took in Kallian and her cousin.

The two cronies behind the Bann stepped menacingly forward saying, "Don't worry; we'll make short work of these two".

"Quiet you idiots!" snapped Vaughan to the man behind him, "They're covered in a tub of blood. What do you think that means?"

"It means that you are going to die very soon," Kallian stated slowly as she snapped out of the daze brought on by seeing her battered cousin.

The emotionless tone of voice his cousin adopted in speaking to the Bann made Soris shiver. For an instant, a wave of fear froze him as he glanced over to the eyes of his cousin, eyes that resembled those of the dead more than the living, eyes that looked as if they no longer saw anything. In the back of Kallian's mind she also questioned the lack of feeling she had towards the situation. Shouldn't she feel anger towards this man who had terrorized her people, killed her fiancée, and raped her beloved cousin; shouldn't she hate this man who had caused her loved ones such pain? Logically, she felt that yes, she should feel that way only she did not. She felt nothing, only emptiness.

Looking for a way out of the tense standoff, the Bann immediately decided on buying his way out of the situation. He thought to himself, "Those knife-ears would sell their own mothers for coin. What a sorry, miserable lot they are". Speaking in a smooth tone, Vaughan persuaded, "Think about it, if you kill me the alienage will run red with elven blood, but if you leave me and the women, you'll walk away with forty sovereigns added to your purse".

"So I leave you alive with these women and you give me forty sovereigns, that's your deal?" Kallian stated with a deadened tone.

Soris looked aghast at his cousin for even considering such a deal. Didn't she care that it was Shianni lying brutalized in front of her. Not a stranger, family. Before he could voice his objection to Kallian's callous plan, a flicker of movement caught his eye. A small knife held by the blade materialized in his cousin's hand only to disappear a split-second after as she tossed the blade underhand straight into Vaughan's groin. As the Bann dropped to the ground with an agonized shriek, Kallian moved past him raising her longsword in one hand while pulling her dagger from its sheath. She buried the sword in the shoulder of one of Vaughan's surprised companions, grunting as she pulled the sword down with all her strength, severing the man's arm. As gouts of blood spurted from the wound, Kallian whipped her dagger around and connected with neck of the unsuspecting noble. The dagger sliced through the neck of the man, leaving his jaw hanging limply from a small strip of bone, muscle, and sinew before popping his left eye like a smashed grape. A fountain of blood sprayed into the young elf's face as she pushed the twitching corpse of the noble out of her way and lunged at his companion.

Soris felt a wave of nausea come over him as he saw his cousin dispatch the first of the rapists. Steel clanged against steel as Kallian's blade challenged the drawn sword of the second man, her blows furious as she smashed her blades again and again against the fearful noble's sword until she forced the much larger man to his knees. Soris looked down at the crossbow that had fallen from his hand to the ground, wondering vaguely if he should pick it up an aid his cousin. Soris never had time to retrieve his weapon as Kallian stabbed the rapist with her dagger, wrenching it to the side as the man screamed while her sword dealt the fatal blow as she decapitated him.

Now soaked in the blood of the two men she brutally killed, Kallian turned to Vaughan who lay whimpering in pain on the ground in a fetal position. Noticing her now renewed attention on him, Vaughan futilely tried to drag himself away from the murderous elf, but Kallian simply responded by stabbing her sword down through his leg and into the ground, anchoring him to the spot. Soris winced as she grabbed him by the shoulders, turning him over to face her as his leg now impaled to the ground snapped with a sickening crack. No longer having the energy to scream and weakened by the blood loss, Vaughan pitifully begged for mercy as Kallian raised her dagger to deal the killing blow. Soris saw Kallian's face contort into something demonic in that moment as rage and madness took over her features. With an animal snarl she stabbed the dagger into Vaughan's face repeatedly, all the while cursing and screaming at the now-dead man.

With Vaughan's face a ruined mass of pulp, Kallian turned to Soris who managed to squeak fearfully, "He…he's dead. Tell me we did the right thing cousin".

Soris could not tear his gaze away from his cousin's eyes as she replied in an exhausted tone, "What's important is that Shianni is safe".

Relieved that the girl he loved and admired was returning to her normal self but still wary of the earlier blood rage, Soris said, "I…I'll check the back rooms for the others. Shianni needs you now.

Kneeling down where Shianni had propped herself up, Kallian took her cousin's hands and whispered soothingly, "Shianni, you're safe now. Everything's going to be all right" even though she knew that was a lie.

"D…don't leave me alone…Pl…please take me home. So much blood…I can't stand to look at it. It…it's everywhere. Y…you killed them right? You killed them all?" Shianni slowly sobbed.

"Like dogs, Shianni," Kallian confirmed with a hardened edge to her voice.

"Good, good," Shianni whispered as anger crept into her voice. She looked into the eyes of her cousin, her friend and savior and saw that they no longer resembled the eyes of the girl she knew so well. Instead of an icy blue bursting with kindness and intelligence, a sickly, sulfurous yellow rimmed with blood red now remained. In those eyes, kindness and love no longer existed, as all that was left was hate.