True Love's Wish - Character's Inner Circle

Akiza: Halt, if you didn't read True Feelings, Then don't read this until you have.

Yusei: (kisses Akiza) Babe, what is they have read True Feelings?

Akiza: Then, they can start on True Love's Wish.

Crow: What are you two doing?

Akiza: Guarding the sequel from those people who like spoilers.

Raven: Well, you're doing a terrible job.

Akiza: (raises an eyebrow) Oh? And you can do better?

Raven: Way Better! Cousin.

Akiza: Okay then, let's see it.

Raven: (Looks at the readers) Now look here, Some of ya'll just met me not too long ago, and the rest are just seeing me for the 1st time. The cute sassy Raven you met in France, isn't the Raven you're looking at now. I suggest if you haven't read True Feelings, that you go back and read it, then try this one again after you finish. Don't make me jump out of this story and take a metal bat to your brains, Cause I will do it if I have to.

Akiza: (drops her jaw) That really was better.

Crow: I think we're going to have an Interesting relationship(Pulls Raven against him)

Raven: (Licks her lips) Only if you play your cards right.

Crow: I intend to.

Yusei: Where's Jack?

Raven: Do you even have to ask anymore?

All: He's with Carly.

Yusei: and Kalin?

Crow: I believe he's helping Jasefea with the rest of the story.

Yusei: Hmm. She never asked for his help before.

Akiza: Maybe she has something planned for him.

Crow: So, who wants to recap the last chapter of True Feelings?

Raven: Well, since it was told in Yusei and I's Point of view; I vote we do it.

Yusei: Really?

Raven: Yeah, it'll be fun!

Yusei: Okay.

Raven: In the Last chapter of True Feelings, Yusei and I were in the Banquet conference room freaking out b/c I wasn't ready to tell Crow what I needed to say and Yusei wasn't ready to propose to Akiza.

So after building up courage to face them. We went back to the Banquet Hall, were we wished each other good luck before we parted ways. I later found Crow and took him to the conference room where I told him what I had to say.

Crow: (Kisses Raven) And turning me on with every word.

Raven: (Rolls her eyes) Anyways, the dinner had started and I wished Yusei more luck.

Yusei: Now it's my turn. After I looked at Raven, Knowing that she was wishing me good luck again. I looked at Akiza,(Grabs Akiza and kisses her) who was taking a picture with her parents. Her dad stood up and welcomed everyone then we ate. After the dinner; while everyone was still sitting at the table, I got up and walked up to Akiza and her parents and with everyone watching me, I proposed to Akiza (kisses Akiza again)

Crow: And Akiza's answer is?...

Akiza: Unknown at the moment… Sorry I'm not supposed to say in front of them. (Points to readers)

Raven: It won't matter in a minute. Enjoy the story everyone! Oh and before I forget, Since the last story began with Yusei, It now begins with Akiza.

Akiza: Why me?

Raven: Because it's your answer Akiza, (Pats her shoulder) Don't worry you'll be fine.