Disclaimer: Ouran High School Host Club is not mine. I own nothing. This is just for fun.

Author's note: A drabble from me. We had to write a journal for English Class this year, and I'm posting the things I liked best.

In Music Room Three of Ouran Academy, the hosts were preparing for their customers. They were humoring an extremely unusual cosplay request today (everyone was sure Renge had something to do with it), and Haruhi was being difficult. Everyone else was already dressed and preparing the rest of the room, but she flat out refused. Tamaki was close to tears trying to convince her, turning all of his considerable charms to a full force puppy-dog stare. The brunette remained unmoved by his pathetic attempts. Tamaki amped up his adorable quotient, allowing his lower lip to wibble a bit and widening his eyes. Haruhi's impassive stare turned into a glare. It didn't matter how attractive, tall and kind Tamaki was; right now he was just an insect in her eyes. She sighed. She did a lot of things for the host club, but she had to draw the line somewhere, and this was it. This was where she made her stand. She refused to cosplay as Luna to his Sailor Moon.