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Now, on to the list... Oh, and let's all assume that people on Fahren live longer than people on Earth. Quite a bit longer...

Jinna, Hana, and Linna- Aska's three aunts. They are the younger triplet sisters of Aska's dead mother, and because of that they take it as their duty to make sure Aska grows into a perfect young woman and fair ruler. They are incredibly nosy in matters that concern their neice.

Lum-lum- The eldest of two illegitemate daughters belonging to Aska's long dead older sister. As such, she would have been the next empress of Fahren if her mother had been married. Ling Ling is her younger twin.

Ling Ling- Aska's newly appointed governess and hand maid.Unlike her older sister, Ling Ling is quite happy with the cards life has dealt her, and wishes for nothing more than her post and her Lady's happiness.

The Twin's Story- Seven years before Aska was born, her sister was beheaded on charge of treason after giving birth to twin girls. The children were let to live because Aska's mother did not believe they should be punished for something that was beyond their control. The father was never revealed, although Lum-lum herself, and her twin sister Ling Ling both know it is Shin Lee, head of the Imperial Council. With the heir to the throne six feet under, the Empress and her consort (that's right! no emperor!) had no choice but to conceive another child and hope it was a girl. Nine months later Aska was born. Because of her sweet and gentle nature, Ling Ling was put into training to become a personal hand maid for the infant empress. Lum-lum, who was not quite so nice, was made the personal servant of Chang Ang. The scholar tried to befriend his new charge but she continually pushed him away, remaining cool and distant. Meanwhile, he was teaching Ling Ling how to read and write, and because she was a quick learner, he began teaching her to teach others.

Shin Lee- A harsh, yet fair man. Little is known of his past before he gained his seat on the council. He rose quickly through the council's ranks, and is now second only to the empress herself. His motives appear innocent, but a quick glance and anyone can see that everything he does has a dark, unpleasant undertone.

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