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-Toad's PoV-

When I woke up I instantly caught the scent of her Shampoo. It was sweet, cherry blossom, fitting for a girl with her name, and made me lean into her hair a little. After that I almost fell back asleep. When she stirred, I was up again. She looked at me, and was silent as if thinking of what we do now. She then smiled a small smile.

"Well, one thing is for sure, I'm not going back to Sasuke." she said, but her face changed to confusion then, "But I still don't know what to do now."

"I...I dunno either.." I said. I didn't want to leave her alone, but I knew I had to get back to the Brotherhood, and I wasn't sure how they'd react to me bringing home a sapien, so much as a girl. Oooh, what a fine mess I got myself into! I thought to myself. But of course I wasn't leaving her, not as long as she needed me.

We spent a moment in silence, neither of us speaking or moving, despite the fact she knew she was still in my skinny and rather odd lap. Light radiated from the manhole above, but it was faint, more like sunset than sunrise. Sakura checked her wristwatch, and gave a small surprised "oh."

"It's 7AM." she told me. So it was still sunrise, at least at this time of year.

She finally climbed off of my lap, and I stood, my legs cold form the loss of hr body heat. She was up too, she dusting her skirt off. I felt my heart beat. All we did was sit there, however, with no plan or Idea on where to go. It was quiet, until I caught the distant sound of footsteps from somewhere down the tunnel.

"Umm...Sakura?" I called to her, stuttering like I usually do. She turned to me and asked what was wrong in her angel's voice. "I hear someone.."

We didn't have time to react when a flashlight's light could bee seen coming our way from behind me. We could hear voices, ones that made Sakura grab me to stop me from hopping away.

"Shikamaru said they wee down here..." One said, a seemingly childish voice, one that was a little scratchy and immature. The other voice was more soft,and feminine. Sakura gave me a nod that meant we were safe, before she pulled me over.

We came face to face with two others. One was a tall blonde, with bright blue eyes, and amazingly fluffy fox ears coming from the sides of his head, and nine equally fluffy tails behind him. The other was tall, and had long chocolate hair and eyes. He seemed normal enough, other than the fact that I thought he was a girl at first. Sakura greeted them with a smile.

"Naruto, Haku, how did you find us?" She asked after the greetings and introductions were over.

"Shikamaru contacted us after Sasuke left their apartment." Naruto answered. "Sasuke came by my place looking for you. Told me to keep a lookout for you. Like I'd tell him where you were."

Sakura later told me that he was a good person, and constantly tried to stop her boyfriend form harming her, sometimes getting involved with their 'fights' and helping Sakura get away. And Haku was just a good friend of both of them, who lost his only family, his faster father Zabuza, I think, in a drive by.

"Temari told us to take you to the Greyhound. She bought you two tickets outta town." Naruto told us quickly, grabbing our wrists and pulling us away from the manhole, to one that would bring us closer to the Terminals.

I whimpered, there was on way I could get on one of those buses. Not with the way I looked, and the fact that I was most likely on the news now as a runaway terrorist.

Haku smiled, making him look more like a pretty girl. "It's okay, we know about you." he informed us, "It's a controlled rout, the drives from here to Wisconsin we all know. They'll let you on without question." I nodded, nervous as ever. "We have things for the two of you already packed, and waiting in Hinata's car."

-Sakura's PoV-

When He asked who Hinata's car, I giggled. Ther was no way he'd know her, but I still found it funny. Naruto's face had beamed and he'd said with a proud laugh, "My girl!" And I knew he'd gawk when he saw her. She was pretty, with her light blue eyes and grape purple hair. We wre all piled in ow Mort under a blanket to hide him from other people in their cars. Hinata had taken us to the home where she and Naruto lived, and let us bath while she washed our cloths, and now, clean and refreshed, as well as fed, we were on our way to the Greyhound terminal.

We checked in as soon as we got there, and then headed for our bus as fast as possible. Our luggage were placed underneath us, and our carry-on's in the compartments above our seats. The bus was nearly empty, and the few people on with us were either mutants like Mort, or like me, normal but without a real care for if someone was a mutant or not. Mortimer seemed more skittish than ever as we boarded.I took a window seat, and Mort the one next to me. I did know the driver, like Naruto had said. He was a man named Shino, a bug fanatic I've known since High School. He just gave me a knowing nob before closing the doors of the bus and starting up the engine. We were on the road in about ten minutes.

We spent hours in silence as we stared out the windows into the countryside. Dusk set almost as slow as the ride went. Wisconsin was still far off.

"What's in Wisconsin anyway?" Mortimer asked after the silence began to eat at me.

"My only guess is my old Martial Arts Instructor, Tsunade." I answered. I'd had an inkling about it, but I wasn't sure. He only nodded and looked at the window again.

-End of Chapter

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