Chapter 1 Vessel of Destruction

A/N: Hello I absolutely love Azula and I have yet to find a fan-fic that I felt was satisfactory for her being the main villain after the gaaang wins the war so here is my effort. There will be Aang and Azula romance, but don't worry it will be an Azula style romance so plenty of lies and manipulation in an effort to corrupt our pure and innocent Avatar. The story will alternate mostly between Azula and Aang's perspective maybe with another characters thrown in every once and a while and it will be a long and epic multi-chapter fic hope you enjoy. Oh yea I don't own Azula or Avatar.

It had been 11months and 29 days since the Avatar had defeated her father and she had been thrown in this "hospital" to rot. Azula was so angry at herself for becoming weak and losing it right at the end, she didn't know why it happened and after a few weeks in here she had snapped out of it. She had decided to punish herself by rotting in here for a while but she knew that in a day she was being transferred to the Earth kingdom to stand trial for her crimes in Ba Sing Se and elsewhere, that was when she would free herself.

Late at night when no one was watching she had been honing her fire-bending skills and had discovered something amazing. Using her lightning bending she had discovered that there was electricity in peoples brains and she had been honing her skills on her fellow inmates at night to manipulate their dreams into what she wanted them to see. She just loved how brilliant and powerful she was and whenever she thought of that it made her even more angry at her weakness that led to her being defeated by her pathetic brother and that peasant water tribe girl, but she knew that what had happened was over and now if she was to rule the world as the greatest firelord ever she needed a new plan and she had hatched a brilliant one over these past 2 months as she mastered her dreambending.

She knew that her greatest enemy was the Avatar, and though Azula had defeated him before he was now much stronger and he had an entire world full of allies whereas she had no one but herself. So instead of defeating the Avatar in battle she had decided that the best way to win was to make her greatest enemy her greatest ally instead. She knew this would be quite difficult but she would use his compassion and caring to make him believe she was trying to reform and she would lay all her trust in him and then she just knew that someone as pure as him would forgive her and take it on as his own personal mission to rehabilitate her . Then as their bond grew she would manipulate and deceive everyone around him, and strip down all his other relationships until he lost himself in her, then she would make his heart burn with the fire that hers did and they would conquer the world, the Avatar as her vessel of destruction.

But first things first she needed to break out of jail tomorrow and to make matters more difficult she would have to do it without killing or seriously hurting anyone if she was going to convince the Avatar that she was changing for the good. No matter she was Princess Azula the greatest firebender to ever exist, and the most intelligent, manipulative, and beautiful woman the world had ever known, so she had no doubt that she would be a free woman tomorrow.