Aurthor Notes: Well… hi. It's not without careful consideration I am deciding to Not pick this story back up. I want to make it clear that anyone who wishes to has my permission to 'branch off' this story from this point just so long as credit is given.

Where did I go? Remember that hand shattering incident? Well that basically chipped a bone in my hand, lots of stressing from the doctor to me convinced me to put it in plaster until they could sort me out, less that chip tear into my hand muscles. Lots of therapy later… to be honest getting this story back on track wasn't really my main concern. I am however very sorry to those who were following this story. However it was out of my hands… or rather it crashed so heavily onto one that it practically disabled me! So take it from me, if someone askes you to lift something heavy you tell them to f**k off! XD

I reread this fanfic and cringed at how badly some things are written, how direct rip some lines, even entire scenes are and basically have lost the will to finish what I began, plus I can't say I have that kinda spare time these days =( However, given the popularity of this fic I decided it best that this is written so you all know what happened, and anyone who unearths this fic to read knows not to expect further updates.

Thank you all so much for your comments and enjoying a story I loved to write. I hope this has brought you some joy from having read it!

Lots of Love