Red Velvet

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Summary: She's a princess with long, beautiful scarlet hair that was as soft as velvet. And with that, a temper that could match a thousand demons that often as her seeing red. And with that, my undying love. I'm not crazy. I'm her prince.


Too Sweet

"Stop bothering me!" The redheaded little girl marched down the hallway while lifting her dress, her flats clacking against the marble floors. I knew she didn't wear high heels; she hated them. I quietly thought it was cute to watch her when she wore them. She'd wobble and cling onto the nearest objects, including me, who she'd then shove and scream, "I'M OKAY!" and then try to run off, but instead, tripping and landing flat on her face. I followed after her faster, a smile gracing my lips. As if she sensed it, she turned around and growled, "What are you smiling at?"

I unconsciously retorted, "Why're you blushing?" Her grey silver eyes widened, the blush grew a shade darker, and her pace went up a notch. I talked again, "It's such a pretty shade of red." She huffed, not even turning around to look at me, and said, "What, my face?"

"No, you're hair."

The blush grew another shade darker and I bit my lip to suppress my laugh. And it seemed she sensed it again when she turned around to look me in the eye and let out another threatening growl. I blinked and said nothing. I thought it was weird. Usually, she's such a chatterbox, but right now, I'm the one who's talking the most. I asked honestly, "Why are you running from me?" She replied, "Because I don't wanna hang out with a wimp like you!" A wimp? Is that what she thought of me? I calmly retorted, "Well, what makes you think you're going to outrun the fastest kid around?" I flew in front of her and stopped her in her tracks.

Kushina stopped, a frown still on her face. "Why don't you make fun of me like the other guys." She puffed out her cheeks, making her face look rounder than usual. I stifled another laugh, apparently much better than the last few because she didn't notice. Thank goodness, too, because she was testing me. Her eyes narrowed, watching me warily before pulling her hair up into a ponytail. "Do I look like a tomato to you?"

I smiled. "No." She stomped right up to me. I felt as if she missed my feet on purpose. "I bet you're lying..." She said, looking me right in the eye. I tilted my head, "You know, I've never seen your eyes so up close before." Kushina froze and let a shriek before pushing me away then marching off on her own. "Why do you have to say such weird things, pretty boy." I said nothing as I continued to follow her. After that, she said nothing else.

She didn't shove me away.

And I was happy.

"Can I be your prince now?" I asked, the smile still on my face. She giggled.

"Nah, you're too sweet. But you know, I love salty things." A smile was on her face too. "Like salt ramen."

To be continued...

A/N: So yeah, this is the new story to show that...we're back! Sorry its short. It's more like a preview, I guess. And we hope you'll support [Lunatic's] new love for the Minato and Kushina couple. Don't worry, we'll actually start rewriting some of the stories. SO. When one of our stories are updated, PLEASE pay attention to author notes. Thanks!