In the middle of the desert several pale pirates were lying on the floor. Numerous moans were heard and three bodies hurriedly moved around.

Chopper, Nami, Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji were all groaning and trying to fall asleep. They were all the victims of a bad flu that was going around Alabasta. Ace, Zoro, and Vivi all hurried to their friends when they called for water or to give them a dose of medicine.

On the third day Luffy and Chopper were all better. They were a big help for the tired trio who had not rested for days. Chopper noticed Zoro had dark rings under his eyes and ordered him to go to bed early. Zoro was in fact really tired, all day he had to stop and try not to pass out. His legs were shaking badly as he handed Nami her dosage of medicine she noticed his shaking but groaned "My vision is still shaky" Zoro almost laughed at his luck but his severe headache stopped him. Chopper had told Zoro to go to bed a second time and Zoro was going to protest when a heavy hand rested on his weak shoulder. He almost fell from the impact but steadied and looked up to see Ace.

"Go ahead Zoro Luffy will help me. It looks like you need a good rest anyways."
With that said he gently pushed Zoro to his tent. Zoro went to the tent and grimaced how he would have to sleep there.

He remembered at first how everyone had fought for the tent that Ace had brought with him but even one minute in there with Ace was like an inferno. The girls had finally won but when Nami fell ill Vivi gave the tent to Ace and Zoro saying she had missed the desert night sky.

Zoro sluggishly went to his mat and fell like dead weight to the ground. His body felt heavy and that annoying headache would not go away. He saw his vision begin to blur and his body was rocked with chills that would not end. He heard something and looked for the source of the sound and found it upon himself. His teeth were chattering like crazy and Zoro couldn't stop them

He cursed. He knew he should've been resting with the crew but right now they needed him and he having the flu also didn't matter. Zoro grabbed Aces mat and covered himself with it. He had the flu before anyone else but he kept it to himself. When more than half of his crew fell ill he ignored his sickness and helped Ace and Vivi. At night when Ace was dead asleep his body was tackled with shivers and hot flashes all in the same minute. When No one was looking he grabbed the medicine and took a double dosage. He didn't get it; he had faked being well before. He was even bitten by the same bug on his bleeding ankles that gave Nami that horrible sickness. Granted he wasn't as sick as Nami but he was pretty bad. No one knew this and he hoped No one would. Another chill ran through his body and his body clenched in a ball to gather any heat he could get. He suddenly felt someone pick him up by the shoulders and he was gripped by his chin to look at Ace right in his furious eyes.

"Oi Think very carefully before you answer"