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When Chopper walked out of the tent he was immediately ambushed by Ace and Luffy. Numerous questions were asked and Chopper was sure that Luffy asked if he should bring some sake to make Zoro better.

"OIII!" Chopper yelled the two stared surprised at the doctor's outburst and stopped asking questions.

"He just needs rest and a dosage of medicine every three hours" Chopper firmly nodded his head.

Luffy and Ace nodded their heads in agreement. Luffy puffed his cheeks and pouted."Man he pretended to be fine when he was the worst out of all of us. I hope he doesn't make a habit out of this."

Ace ruffled Luffy's hair which he received a huge rubber grin that he had to grin back to. When his eyes laid on the tent and who it contained his grin fell. Ace stared at his younger brother's crew who all seemed to be sleeping peacefully for once since the flu had attacked.

"Hey Luffy I'm going to head to bed I advise you to do the same." Ace said while walking to the tent.

Luffy nodded and ran to his mat and fell face first into it already asleep before he hit the mat. Ace chuckled man that kid was something else. Thinking about another kid who was something else, he walked into the tent getting ready to scold Zoro. When he opened the flap of the tent, what he saw made his shoulders and face fall. Zoro was on his mat still but his eyes were closed shut in pain and he was grinding his teeth on his headband which was ripped away from his head. His head was plastered with sweat. He arched his back and his scream was muffled by the headband.
Ace was stunned and paralyzed with shock for a few seconds. When another scream was muffled he moved into action. He grabbed Zoro's head and rested it on his lap. He turned his head to call Chopper when Zoro grabbed his wrist his head shaking his head from left to right. With shaking hands he took out the headband and whispered

"It's just a symptom it can't be helped." His eyes widen and he shoved the headband back in his mouth grinding it and muffling a scream while his back arched as pain ripped through his body.

"We can sedate you and you won't feel the pain please let me call Chopper"

Zoro shook his head " I don't like the feeling afterwards and since were so close to the kingdom I need to be in control of everything.

Ace looked crestfallen damn this kid would not do anything to help himself. As much as he wanted to argue he too hated the cruddy feeling when being sedated. Suddenly he had idea and rummaging through his backpack he found what he looking for. He brought out the syringe and a bottle with a midnight blue liquid in it. He poked the syringe in the liquid and absorbed the mysterious liquid. He tapped the shot to make sure no air bubbles were in there.
He turned to Zoro who was panting on his mat looking miserable.

"Oii Zoro stay still" Ace ordered

Zoro turned to Ace and saw the syringe "What the hell I said I didn't want to be sedated" Zoro panted

Ace ignoring him grabbed Zoro's neck and turned it to the side so his neck was easy to stick the needle in. This was a powerful drug and Ace learned from experience that if injected into the neck the medicine would work faster. Lost in thought he happened to see the swordsman eyes and stopped the needle to inject the medicine.
Zoro's eyes were full of fear.

"Hey haven't you guys been to the new world yet."
Zoro shook his head

"No wonder you didn't know what this was then. Ace laughed but stopped when Zoro started coughing violently his body racking.
He poised the needle and made sure Zoro was listening. "This is basically everything sedation does just without the grogginess."
Zoro didn't look like he entirely believes Ace So Ace locked eyes with Zoro and going into big brother mode said "I promise you this will make you feel better."

He pushed the needle and injected the medicine. He cringed when Zoro gasped in pain. Ace face palmed him and forgot to warn Zoro of the burning feeling of the medicine. Zoro's body Tensed but gradually his shoulders slumped and his face fell from his painful expression "Thanks Ace" Zoro said smiling

"No problem kid" Ace fell on his mat and was about to fall asleep when the question he wanted to ask Zoro burned his brain. He checked Zoro who was still awake.

"Hey Zoro"

"hmph" Zoro replied

"Why the hell didn't you rest with the rest of the crew when you knew you were sick? Ace asked

"They needed me so I just pushed my sickness aside and helped my crew "Zoro said bluntly

"As much as that sounds cool the bottom line is that you're an idiot" Ace joked

"Che I would think you would understand" Zoro mumbled

"Whys that"

"Because of the Blackbeard guy, you're trying to defeat him because of what he did. He killed one of your crewmembers and now you're taking the responsibility on yourself."

Ace pushed himself up and leaned on his hands.
'Yeah but I'm the commander so that's wh-"

"I'm the first mate" Zoro interrupted.

Ace stopped and finally had to chuckle "I'm glad you are the first mate, you'll take good care of my brother"

Zoro just grunted

"Hey Zoro"


"Would you ever sacrifice yourself for the crew?" Ace asked lowly but with intensity.

Zoro stood quiet for a few seconds before answering. "Yeah I would"

There was a silence "What about you" Zoro now asked

"What about me" Ace oblivious to the question he just asked moments ago.

"Would you ever sacrifice yourself for your crew or Luffy?"

"Luffy without a doubt, the crew too"

Zoro nodded and muttered "That won't happen though; we are all strong and still getting stronger. We won't ever be put that in situation"

"Yeah I'm the second command of Whitebeard and Luffy has you as a first mate. Yeah that will never happen."

The two men began to fall asleep when Ace started laughing and Zoro turned to see what's so funny


"They say when you say such things you have to knock on wood or you jinx yourself but look at us were in the middle of a desert surrounded by san-"
Ace stopped midsentence and had a nose bubble and snored quietly.
Zoro chuckled. He didn't believe in jinxes or that kind of junk.
He and Ace would never be in that situation in the first place they were in the age of pirates, and he knew he would never be in that situation because he promised to never lose again.
Zoro smiled at the last thought before the drug consumed him.

If only they knew how wrong they were.

The end T_T