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"It's us, Boss," the male teenager repeated. He had slightly spiked light brown hair and hazel eyes with the build of a high school football star.

When Gibbs made no move to say anything, the female tried to convince him.

"Tony and Ziva. Is this our punishment? You disowning us? Some American tradition that I am as of yet unaware of?" the female teen asked. She was exotically beautiful with dark curly hair and heavily tanned skin. She was built lithe and well-muscled, like a female gymnast only taller.

Abby and Gibbs shared equally blank looks with no recognition while McGee was stifling laughter as if this was all one big prank.

"What do you want proof or something? What is the matter with you guys?" The male asked.

"Did Tony and Ziva put you up to this?" McGee asked, laughing.

"No they did not put us up for this because they are us…I mean we are them… I mean…" the girl trailed off.

"How much did they pay you?" McGee asked, advancing with his theory that this was all a charade and Tony and Ziva were waiting somewhere to jump out and yell 'Gotcha!'

"They really went all out," McGee continued, scrutinizing them, "They gave you guys their badges and everything. I can't believe Ziva parted with her gun long enough to give it to you. Those are even Tony's expensive Italian shoes."

"They're my shoes, Probie, and what are you guys on about anyway? Of course we're Tony and Ziva. This isn't Freaky Friday: NCIS Edition!" the guy exclaimed.

"What is a 'Freaky Friday' and why would there be an NCIS version of it?" The girl asked in a very Ziva-like fashion.

"It's a movie, Ziva, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in the remake of an older film. It's about this mother and daughter who…" the teenage guy stopped short. "Never mind, I'll tell you later."

The two teenagers definitely spoke and acted like the two MIA agents but that did not mean that they were them. It could just be good training.

"Okay, fine, we will play along to your little trick. What do you want? Identification? Information? DNA?" the girl demanded.

"Boss, come on, it's not funny anymore," the teen boy complained.

"Gibbs, can I speak to you a minute?" Abby asked politely, nodding her head toward the back to indicate that she meant in private.

"Sure Abbs," Gibbs answered.

"Abby please?" the teen boy asked, almost to the point of begging. She cast him a wary glance but led Gibbs into an inner-more section of her lab.

"Gibbs, what if it is them?" she asked

"Abby that's impossible," he refuted.

"Is it? Is it really? Because remember the unidentifiable compound, what if this is what it does?"

"Great theory, Abbs, except all of those petty officers died as a result of exposure and those two appear perfectly healthy."

"Maybe it reacts differently with certain people and Tony and Ziva are the lucky few where fatalities weren't an outcome."

"We'll test their DNA if it makes you feel any better. Okay?" He offered.

"Thanks, Gibbs," She reached over and hugged him before entering the code that would open up the double doors.

Striding powerfully back into the lab, Abby ordered, "Mouths open!"

"Why?" the teen boy asked.

"They're getting DNA," the girl replied in a tone that clearly implied 'duh'.

"I feel like I'm getting convicted for murder again," the guy remarked, annoyed. Abby swabbed both of their mouths for DNA and gave the DNA-infested swabs to Gibbs to bring down to Ducky for testing.

"It's either this or we draw blood, kid," McGee commented.

"Kid! McGee, I'm older than you," the teen guy said.

Leaning over, Abby whispered in McGee's ear, "Maybe they don't know."

"You guys do know you're teenagers right? I doubt you're even old enough to get your license," McGee informed them.

"No, we're not, McGoo, and the entertainment value on this joke wore off when you started checking us over like criminals. I'm Senior Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo of the Naval Criminal Investigative Department and Ziva's our Probette," the guy clarified. The girl stomped on his left foot with her square boot heel. The teen boy mouthed 'ow' in her direction.

"And you've both looked in a mirror today?" Abby questioned.

"Yes!" the two teenagers replied indignantly.

"You might be Tony and Ziva, but you're definitely teenagers. Come with me," Abby said.

The two adolescents followed her as she led them to a part at the back of her lab where a full length mirror two people wide was attached to the wall.

"Okay," Abby commanded, "Now stand in front of this for five minutes."

McGee watched silently from the sidelines, waiting to see Abby's plan unfold. By now, Tony and Ziva had given up hope that this pestering little game would end soon and they were willing to do whatever it took to help it along. So, reluctantly, they shuffled towards the tall mirror on the other side of the lab.

At first nothing happed and all they perceived were their normal reflections, a 20-something Ziva and a 30-something Tony, but after a couple minutes of observation, the images in the mirror began to distort, morphing from their original reflection into more youthful portrayals. The early signs of wrinkles on Tony's face disappeared, replaced by perfectly tight skin. The slights bags under Ziva's eyes, brought on by years of always being alert and adrenaline-fueled, vanished. The planes on both their faces shifted to create the countenance of a teenager. The crinkles and crows feet around their eyes were gone as though they never existed. Their hair was more vivacious and full now.

They noticed how suddenly their clothes seemed just a smidge too big, caused by growing that their teenage bodies had yet to experience. The small love handles that Tony had accumulated from eating a few too many desserts over the years vanished like partiers at an illegal Kegger when the cops show up. Ziva guessed that if she was to look, she would find no scars marring her back or any other surface of her skin.

And when they glanced at each other, they saw the other as a teenager rather than an adult.

"We're teenagers!" Tony exclaimed happily while Ziva continued to marvel at their changed appearances.

The girly, teenager part of Ziva wanted to bounce up and down like Abby after too much Caf-Pow. Ziva quickly squelched that desire.

The sound of a door opening and closing could be heard as Gibbs entered the main section of Labby. The two excited teenagers went out to hear the verdict. They were still investigators after all, even if they were trapped in teenage shells.

Slapping down the manila folder containing the DNA results, Gibbs stated, "It's not a match."

And their moods plummeted.