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Digimon: The Final Battle

Epilogue-A Blaze of Glory

"To love someone deeply gives you strength; being loved deeply gives you courage." –Lao-Tzu

The DigiDestined could only gape in surprise at what this unknown Digimon looked like, as could the rest of the children. Daemon laughed evilly as ArcaDemon bounced around.

"That's right, DigiDestined-your destruction is at hand! Also, the one thing I can't seem to recall is this-could ArcaDemon be an In-Training or a Baby Digimon? Guess you'll have to figure that one out for yourself! ArcaDemon-absorb the energy from this attack and use it to Digivolve! EVIL INFERNO!!!"

Sending his own attack directed at his own creation, the DigiDestined and the children all expected ArcaDemon to be deleted instantly, but what they hadn't expected was the fact that this Virus Digimon literally absorbed digital matter from the attack, which did cause him to Digivolve.

"This was truly unexpected! He had that Digimon in a DigiEgg all this time, just waiting for a chance to come back here and unleash it on us!" Izzy exclaimed in shock.

"No problem! We can take him just as easily as we did Armageddemon! Ready, guys?" Davis asked confidently. Somewhat irritated, Yolei tapped Davis on the shoulder at that comment.

"Dai? Maybe something had to have happened to you when you were falling to the ground, but our Digimon are in no condition to battle!"

"Maybe our Digimon aren't, but that doesn't mean Tai's can't!"

The DigiDestined, original and new, looked up at Tai and Sora, still standing on top of PhoenixGreymon's shoulders. With a smile on his face, Davis added, "And, don't forget-the others' Digimon can help out!"

"Right, Davis! We'll take care of this ArcaDemon, while the rest of you get rid of Daemon."

"Sure…give us the tougher one to defeat." Matt mumbled to himself as Mimi, Joe and Izzy came up to stand by him, all of their Digimon poised for battle.

"Matt, I'd say that Tai and Sora have it harder than us. Who knows what that other Digimon's capable of?" Joe noted calmly.

"Good luck, guys!" Davis yelled out as he and the others looked like they were going to leave!

"Hey-where are you guys going?" Matt demanded once he and the others noticed what was going on.

"Our Digimon can't help out like this. We're going to Yolei's store to stock up on eats so when we do come back, we'll be able to help you guys kick butt!" Davis explained.

"Get back here soon!" Mimi advised.

"And, be careful!" Izzy added as the four older DigiDestined held out their Digivices at that second.

(Digimon theme plays in background)

"Tentomon Digivolve to…KABUTERIMON!!! Kabuterimon Digivolve to…MEGAKABUTERIMON!!!"

"Palmon Digivolve to…TOGEMON!!! Togemon Digivolve to…LILLYMON!!!"

"Gomamon Digivolve to…IKKAKUMON!!! Ikkakumon Digivolve to…ZUDOMON!!!"

(Digimon theme fades out)

"Think you can Warp-Digivolve one more time, Gabumon?"

"You bet, Matt!"

(Brave Heart plays in background)

"Gabumon Warp-Digivolve to…METALGARURUMON!!!"

Within seconds, MetalGarurumon, Lillymon, MegaKabuterimon and Zudomon all stood before Daemon, Matt, Mimi, Izzy and Joe at their Digimon's sides.

(Brave Heart fades out)

"Okay, you demented reject! You may have been a match for the younger DigiDestined, but wait until you see what happens when you have to take on some veterans who've been at it a lot longer than they have!" Matt shouted out confidently. "Take him down!"

Roaring loudly, MetalGarurumon, Lillymon, MegaKabuterimon and Zudomon started forward at that second, ready to start the battle.

Meanwhile, atop PhoenixGreymon, Tai and Sora eyed their own competition-ArcaDemon, who had Digivolved into a tougher-and meaner-Digimon!

"This could very well be our toughest battle to date! Even Armageddemon was easier than this, and he was a match for Omnimon. Still, we're not going to give up yet. We've got courage, love and the determination of not only ourselves, but of everyone else out there in the world! Are you ready, Sora?"

"Mm-hmm. I'm ready if you're ready, Tai."

That said, PhoenixGreymon started forward, unleashing his cannons from either arm once more, ready for action!

Chorus: Change into power! We've got the power!

We've got the strength within and we always fight to win

Change into power! We've got the power!

Together, you and me will win the victory!

"FORCE OF LOVE!!!" Powerful bolts of electricity shot from the Phoenixmon side as it changed into the Crest of Love seconds before it hit ArcaDemon, forcing the Rookie Digimon back a few feet, but not seriously injuring it!

"That was point-blank range! Why didn't it work?" Sora asked in amazement.

"Maybe we need a little more firepower!" Tai announced as the WarGreymon arm shot up and fired a blazing red-hot blast of fire that changed into the Crest of Courage! "FLAMES OF COURAGE!!!"

WHAM!!! Instantly, it hit ArcaDemon and actually wounded the Rookie Digimon! Still, it was using the electricity from the Force of Love attack and almost immediately, it started to glow.

"No way…!"

Tai gritted his teeth in anger as ArcaDemon was Digivolving again! They had to stop it, at all costs!

"PhoenixGreymon-finish it off!" Tai demanded heatedly, holding his fist up into the air. Seconds later, the Warrior Digimon rose up both cannons in the air and fired both main attacks as one!


Everyone else gasped in astonishment as a powerful burst of flame and countless bolts of electricity transformed into the Crests of Courage and Love before striking the Virus Digimon where it stood! Tai and Sora smiled in victory, expecting to see the same Rookie Digimon that had started this whole mess…but, to their surprise, not only had ArcaDemon Digivolved to his next form, he'd barely absorbed their attacks as they hit!

"That can't be possible…" Tai managed to say while hanging onto PhoenixGreymon's shoulder at that second, trying to stay prepared for whatever attacks this Digimon had.

"We'll defeat this Digimon, Tai…we've got to." Sora declared quietly opposite Tai, her Digivice glowing a bright crimson color at that second.

When I need someone to guide me, to stand right beside me, I know who to choose!

And, if we stick together, for now and forever, there's no way to lose! (Oh, yeah!)

Chorus: Change into power! We've got the power!

We've got the strength within and we always fight to win

Change into power! We've got the power!

Together, you and me will win the victory!

"Come on, guys! Eat, eat, eat! We've gotta get back to Tai and the gang before that Digimon causes them some serious pain!" Davis insisted while watching ArcaDemon Digivolve to the next level right before their eyes, as well as seeing Daemon sending MegaKabuterimon and Zudomon flying to the ground before deDigivolving into Tentomon and Gomamon! "And, Daemon's not really helping in the matter!"

"Davis? Force-feeding DemiVeemon isn't a good thing." T.K. advised calmly as Tokomon and the other Digimon continued to eat in Yolei's family's store.

"And, why not?"

"Remember SkullGreymon?"

Davis and Ken shuddered when remembering the vile Ultimate Digimon, one who was always dying for a fight, the one who Greymon had Digivolved into under Ken's control as the Digimon Emperor while under control of a Dark Ring. By use of the Dark Spiral, Agumon was recaptured and Digivolved into a viral MetalGreymon! Only with Davis unlocking the power of Friendship inside of himself was the team victorious and Agumon was released from the Spiral's power. (BlackTerriermon's Note: Rika would love a Digimon like that!) (Rika's Note: Can it, Rabbitmon!)

"…..Don't remind us, T.V." At that second, the Digimon started to glow brightly, as had the Digivices.

"DemiVeemon Digivolve to…VEEMON!!!"

"Minomon Digivolve to…WORMMON!!!"

"Poromon Digivolve to…HAWKMON!!!"

"Upamon Digivolve to…ARMADILLOMON!!!"

"Tokomon Digivolve to…PATAMON!!!"

"Salamon Digivolve to…GATOMON!!!"

"All right! Congratulations, guys! Now that we're back in action, that Digimon's going down for the count!"

Matt and Mimi held their ground while the two of them, Izzy and Joe glared hatefully at Daemon, with only MetalGarurumon and Lillymon to guard them, since Tentomon and Gomamon had been taken out.

"As you can see, you have failed. And, now, witness my powers as they are far greater than anything Apocalymon could've conjured up! EVIL INFERNO!!!"

Roaring loudly, MetalGarurumon took to the skies, with Lillymon right behind him, as both Digimon powered up for their main attacks.



Both attacks hit Daemon's own approaching attack, but only MetalGarurumon's was able to withstand the extreme energies-barely!

"There's gotta be something we can do to help them!" Matt growled angrily while clutching his Digivice.

"You guys could always try sending him back to wherever he came from."

Instantly, the 4 DigiDestined spun around to see another young adult, near their age, but not quite, a Digimon at his side.

"Hmm…very interesting. That's Padramon, a Mysterious Rookie Digimon."

"What are you doing here? Daemon's very dangerous, and your Digimon's only at the Rookie level-you should find someplace to hide!" Matt noted while keeping his temper down.

"I'm here to visit some relatives who live in Japan, and my partner's just as tough as yours is."


"It couldn't hurt to try and send Daemon back to the Dark Ocean. With all of us combined, it shouldn't be a problem." Izzy noted calmly.

"But, the last person to open up a portal to that world was Ken, and he isn't here!" Joe added.

"Then, I'll do it!" Matt replied, stepping forward and clutching his Digivice as tightly as Tai did.

"Are you sure, Matt?" Mimi asked while grabbing Matt's other hand and holding it with a firm grip. "Ken had a D3 on him when he opened that gate, and you just have a regular Digivice."

Matt smiled tenderly at Mimi and pulled her into a kiss before responding. "Maybe so, but he and I are more alike than either of us would care to admit."

Turning to face Daemon at that second, Matt grunted angrily before pointing his Digivice and aiming it directly at him, a dark blue light shining from the center of the screen moments later.

"This is for everyone who's ever gone to the Digital World, has experienced loss at the hands of Myotismon-repeatedly-or has had the misfortune to witness one of our harrowing battles! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Holding up their own Digivices, Mimi, Izzy, Joe and the mysterious DigiDestined watched as they glowed fiercely with green, purple, gray and white lights shining from the center of their screens. Noticing that their friends would need them, Tai and Sora took their eyes off of ArcaDemon long enough to hold up their own Digivices and watch as they glowed with orange and red lights shining from the center of their screens. Instantly, with the combination of their colors as one, a portal appeared behind Daemon and started to pull him in…strangely, he was laughing once again!

"So, once again, you have proven that the only way you can defeat me is by sending me back to the Dark Ocean…a fruitless gesture, since I can just return here only seconds after I've gone…ArcaDemon! Destroy the entire city, but first…make sure PhoenixGreymon doesn't survive!"

"Shove it!!" Tai growled heatedly as PhoenixGreymon pointed his WarGreymon arm up and aimed it directly at Daemon!

"FLAMES OF COURAGE!!!" the Mega Digimon roared, but in WarGreymon's voice, as another blast of fire shot out and changed into the Crest of Courage before hitting Daemon and wounding him enough so that he wouldn't be able to return anytime soon…! Sadly, though, ArcaDemon had received his orders, and he was preparing to fire his main attack!


Grunting lightly, the Holy Knight Digimon instantly refocused his attention to his other adversary and retaliated with his Flames of Courage attack-within seconds, the powerful blast was able to keep away the tentacles, but it wouldn't hold! For some reason, he seemed to be grinning instead of frowning, and that got Tai and Sora cautious.

"That guy's a Champion Digimon, right? I'll handle him, no problem!" Padramon said calmly while racing up to the Virus Digimon, his partner behind him.

"Wait! He's not a Champion Digimon-his attack doesn't match up to Champion standards! Only an Ultimate Digimon could…"

"Padramon Digivolve to…"

"FREEZE TENTACLES!!!" Izzy's warning was interrupted as ArcaDemon wrapped up the poor Rookie Digimon with his main attack and, instantly, he was frozen on the spot!


Tai's eyes glistened with hidden tears while watching this from above, and he quickly wiped them away before glaring at the Ultimate Digimon with pure malice. At that moment, the cannon protruding from the WarGreymon head burst into flames.

"Only a coward would take a life without any thought of others…now, with the powers of Love and Courage united, prepare to breathe your last breath! FLAMES OF COURAGE!!!" PhoenixGreymon roared in WarGreymon's voice as the Crest of Courage struck ArcaDemon and caused him definite pain!


The two Digimon glared at each other, even as ArcaDemon started glowing once more, and PhoenixGreymon stood there, his cannons still extracted and raised up, aimed directly at whatever Digimon he would become…

To all the boys and the girls in the Digital World, from near or far…

We'll be your ultimate friends, and until the end, wherever you are…! (Oh, yeah!)

Chorus: Change into power! We've got the power!

We've got the strength within and we always fight to win

Change into power! We've got the power!

Together, you and me will win the victory!

Growling deep within his throat, the glow surrounding ArcaDemon faded, and when the DigiDestined and the children all gazed at the final form of this Virus-type, he seemed to have grown some muscles in place of what had been there before, but still, he hadn't changed that much. Tai growled menacingly deep in his throat while struggling to maintain his anger. To think that this kind of Digimon had been created to cause mass destruction…Instantly, Tai felt a pair of eyes on him and, out of the corner of his eye, saw Sora stare at him with a look of determination, but Tai also caught the glimpse of fear in her crimson eyes as well. Suppose he would lose his temper, and something awful would happen to both of their Digimon because of their connection? At that second, Sora mouthed something to Tai that alleviated all his negative emotions: "Aishiteru, Taichi…aruwaisu." (A/N: Translated, Sora responded to Tai, "I love you, Tai…always.") Rising to his full height, PhoenixGreymon pointed his cannons directly at ArcaDemon's chest and let loose with his entire arsenal one last time!


Bridge: Digimon-we fight to win! We fight to win!

Digimon-we fight to win! We fight to win!

Digimon-we fight to win! We fight to win!

Digimon-we fight to win!

WHAM!!! Immediately, the Mega Digimon howled in anger and pain as he was seriously injured by those two attacks, but not defeated. An evil smile crossed the Virus Digimon's face as he prepared to attack.

"Be careful, guys! That's ArcaDemon's Mega form! There's no telling how powerful he may be, if he was able to withstand your attacks at the Rookie level…" Izzy cautioned, but that was when ArcaDemon fired his attack!

"EXILE SPEAR!!!" Instantly, multiple spears came out of nowhere and struck PhoenixGreymon where he stood, seriously injuring the Holy Knight Digimon and nearly sending him to his knees! Tai and Sora cried out lightly as they struggled to hold on as best they could. With an evil laugh, ArcaDemon held out his hands and concentrated. "DOT MATRIX!!!"
Within seconds, a portal appeared behind PhoenixGreymon and arms reached out and grabbed him, holding him, Tai and Sora tightly and making sure they couldn't move! His grin widening, ArcaDemon launched his attack once again!

"EXILE SPEAR!!!" More spears came flying in, and these struck the Holy Knight Digimon on impact, the arms-and portal-securing him to the ground vanishing as he, Tai and Sora flew backward and slammed onto the ground, Tai and Sora barely hanging onto his shoulder pads!

"Hang on, you guys!" Mimi cried out worriedly.

"You can't give up now! The world's counting on you!" Matt insisted, the other DigiDestined finally arriving at that second to see PhoenixGreymon struggling to his feet, but his arms were suddenly separated from his sockets and hung loosely at his side, Tai and Sora still trying to hang on.

"Don't give up, Sora…!" Tai gasped while climbing back onto the weakened shoulder of PhoenixGreymon, Sora managing to climb onto the other shoulder.

"Never, Tai…!"

With a groan, PhoenixGreymon got to his feet and struggled not to shut down at that second.

"Come on, you guys! You two are the original heroes of Courage and Love-our mentors! You guys can do anything you put your minds to, and if you want to defeat this guy, just see yourself beating him to a pulp!" Davis yelled out confidently. At that instant, Davis and Yolei's D3's glowed brightly with orange and blue colors as well as red and green colors. Within seconds, Davis and Yolei found themselves beside Tai and Sora-literally!

"Whoa! What's going on?"

"Prodigious! Because Davis and Yolei have the DigiEggs of Courage and Love, they're both destined to assist Tai and Sora in this endeavor, like they would do if they had to help out Matt and Mimi." Izzy quickly explained, watching PhoenixGreymon pulling himself together.

"Come on, guys-let's help out!"

"Wait a second-what's your name anyway?" Joe asked suspiciously while eyeing the unknown DigiDestined, who'd just thawed out his partner.

"Tarou, and that's all you need know. Now, how are we going to help out? Is it time to make our partners Digivolve?"  

"Not this time, rookie. Your partner's in no condition to help us, and if you tried, he might be deleted. You wouldn't want that, would you?" Matt asked calmly as MetalGarurumon and Lillymon sent their energies directly into PhoenixGreymon, the two of them deDigivolving into Gabumon and Palmon.

Growling lightly, Tarou nodded, not wanting to put his partner into any unnecessary danger.

"Together, Tai, Sora, Davis, Yolei…we can succeed against this menace." PhoenixGreymon declared calmly as he extended his cannons one last time, noticing the other DigiDestined holding out their Digivices and sending them energy, as were the children with their cell phones or their own Digivices, like Noriko.


Chorus: Change into power! We've got the power!

We've got the strength within and we always fight to win

Change into power! We've got the power!

Together, you and me will win the victory!

Change into power! We've got the power!

We've got the strength within and we always fight to win

Change into power! We've got the power!

Together, you and me will win the victory!

(song ends on beats)

With the charged up powers of everybody there, the two blasts struck ArcaDemon directly in the chest, and within seconds, he burst into bits of data that floated above the skies…that was soon incinerated by Padramon's Fire Blaster attack! A moment passed…then another…and, that's when everyone started cheering loudly for the DigiDestined and their Digimon, PhoenixGreymon deDigivolving back into Koromon and Yokomon, Tai, Sora, Davis and Yolei landing safely to the ground.

Turning to look at each other, Tai pulled Sora into a powerful kiss at the same time as Davis and Yolei! Where the others were at, Matt looked at Mimi for at least a second before she pulled him into a kiss as well as Kari doing the same with T.K., Joe, Izzy, Cody and Ken looking onward up into the skies, Tarou and his partner departing into the shadows.

After a much-needed yawn, as the sun started to rise above their heads, Tai and Davis chorused at the same time, "…Tired…"

"Stupid Tai!" Both Sora and Yolei started laughing quietly, Tai and Davis eventually finding the strength to join in…

It had taken him a while, a long while, but Daemon had finally found the strength to restore himself to full power by absorbing data of all Digimon who'd come through here, real or not. For some strange reason, he wasn't being drawn to the world of the DigiDestined, but to another world entirely!

"A massive amount of energy is being collected from a focal point beyond the Digital World and is making it's way here!"

"What? You mean-to the Real World?"

"Naturally, you pitiful fool…"

As he came closer, Daemon noted that these weren't the DigiDestined children he'd faced before, but some new faces, but they still had Digimon with them-no doubt about it.

"The energy being collected isn't the problem-it's the amount. Someone with power levels reading off the chart would be extremely strong."

"How high a level would it have to be?"

"If it was a Digimon, it would have to be at the Mega level, at most. An Ultimate, Champion, Rookie, In-Training or a Baby Digimon couldn't handle that much power and possibly survive!"

"You are only too correct, young Tamer! And, now, I shall show you all the true meaning of fear…!"