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Rosalie was careful.

It had been six years since that conflict in the meadow with the Voultri and the Cullen's decided to finally leave Forks. Alice, Jasper, Bella, Edward and Emmett had gone to check out houses in Alaska. Rose said she was going to stay behind to help Esme and Carlisle with packing up. It was a lie.

She carefully kept her thoughts hidden from Edward and waited to make a decision when Alice was gone.

Carlisle was at the hospital on his last night, Rosalie hid all the cell phones from Esme to keep Alice from calling. She left a broken rose on Esme's bed and she left a note to Emmett saying-'I love you. I'm sorry but I can't go on anymore'.

She watched the news for a burning building and ran at vampire speed to a abandoned shoe factory in Forks. She was careful to hide from the few firefighters they had in that town then she walked in and released her soul to the flames.

Carlisle blamed himself. He should have realized his daughter never could get over being a vampire. Not being able to have children, not able to have Emmett's little girl or boy.

Esme didn't talk that much anymore and Jasper had his hands full with a depressed Alice.

Edward and Bella moved the furnishings and everything in the house at human speed, they couldn't get up the strength in their minds to go at vampire speed.

But things were getting better...slowly.

But Emmett couldn't...he left the Cullen family and was wondering the United States in a dense fog, He had on the same blue jeans and red shirt he had on the day they sniffed out Rose's ashes.

Even tho' he didn't need to, he stayed in hotel rooms, laid down on the bed and dreamed of his angel. Then some nights he just stayed under the stars and saw her.

He rarely ate or rather drank...just a mountain lion or a bear every week or so. He saw a herd of deer and remembered Rose saying she wanted to try one one day, so he tried one for her. It was sweet like her.

He didn't even really watch where he was going anymore but one day he came to the Atlantic ocean, shrugged his shoulders and went walking. He saw whales, stingrays, dolphins, the things he should be seeing with her.

One day he came to land and came out. He didn't even bothering reading road signs so he just walked. He knew he was in Europe but where? He walked roads endlessly. Until he came to a cafe and just sat down. He didn't care if people saw him, the clouds stayed, both real and imagined. Europe was in a cycle of drenching rains.

The waiter came over and started to ask something in Italian but Emmett firmly shaked his head so he left. Italy. He was in Italy but where? Oh, who cares?

A female vampire with red hair stood on top of a castle, she saw Emmett, he was so huge that you really didn't need vampire eyes to see him. She turned and went inside then a few minutes later, Felix and Dementri came out to Emmett. He looked up at them and only saw them a few times in his existence but knew who they were, they indicated with their heads to follow.

He sighed and got up and went into the castle. They went down a long hallway and through several rooms until they got to the throne room. When they opened the doors, there was Aro and his pathetic brothers.

Aro smiled and said:

"Emmett! To what do we owe this extreme pleasure?"

Everybody looks at the giant of a male vampire and how words seem to be stuck in his throat so Aro goes over and touches his arms. Sees and hears the black sadness then he asks in a sympathic voice:

"Would you mind staying with us?"

Emmett considers the words then shakes his head and Aro snaps his fingers and says:

"Santigago! find a room for our house guest!"

Emmett turns and leaves with Santigago and Marcus asks:

"What was that about?" "Sigh, beautiful Rose disposed of her existence and Emmett is wondering alone..."

He turns and looks at his brothers and smiles and says:

"And we shall catch him won't we?"

The guards and brothers smile.

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In the arms of an Angel, fly away from here

From this dark, hotel room, and the endlessnesss that you fear

You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie

You're in the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here