Aro is sitting in his throne room...there was no one else , not even the immortals that even dared to be around him in this midnight black of moods. None of them realized that they needed his cold hand to hold them like a constricting python. Vampires need to be held back and someone needs to be in control, those Romanian's could not be, they were like overgrown teenagers that is why the Voultri had to step up out of the shadows and take a firm hand.

He taps his fingernails on the strong wood of his throne but realizes he must quit when he hears the wood beginning to groan and start to slightly separate from the strength. He was in such a dark state that he barely thought of how he was simply destroying the things around him.


Sulpicia walks down the corridors to the room that is setting outside the throne room and she stops and she paces up and down, crossing her arms and tapping her marble like arms. She taps her foot and she looks in the direction of the room and Demetri looks at her and cocks his eye brow but dares not say a word to the Queen of their world but waits for her then she finally sighs then asks. "Is he still in there?" Demetri shakes his head then he says. "Yes, he hasn't come out of there since last night my Queen. I have not seen him like this since...". She interrupts him and says. "Not since he last threw a tantrum". He tries not to chuckle but a bit comes out and Athendora smiles then Heidi comes in the room. Sulpicia turns and looks at her then Heidi says. "I have something to tell Aro." Sulpicia asks her. "What?" Heidi humbly bows her head before her then says. "I am to tell Aro, no one else. You will find out"

Heidi goes to the large wooden doors, opens them and a creek comes straining out then Sulpicia looks at Demetri and she says. "This should prove interesting". He nods his head and Sulpicia follows Heidi in the room where Aro is and Aro looks at Heidi and he mouths his lips in a slow "what?" Heidi takes a unneccessary breathe but it's mostly for nerves then she says. "I have news". Aro puts out his palm and Heidi walks up to him and she places her hand on his then Sulpicia sees how a slow smile forms at the corners of her husbands mouth and a twinkle in his blood-red eyes comes and he announces. "We have guests"

Sulpicia sees how her husband's mood has lightened as he has become the immortal, ageless child. Only one thing can make him as giddy as this...just then the throne room doors open in comes the Cullen family. Carlisle, the head of the coven but they call themselves a family; much to the chagrin of the Voultri. Esmé, his faithful mate. The telepathic Edward and his wife, Bella. Psychic Alice and the Impath, Jasper. They look so empty with out the emmesnse Emmett with them but Aro considers that his gain.

The Cullen's bring a 'brightness' to the stark, drab darkness of the rooms of the Voultri castle. They bring their golden eyes, perky personalities of each and even the clothes that they are wearing exude a happiness about them. The only one close to wearing black clothes is Alice in her stylish black pants and matching black vest over her crisp white shirt. They file in a V in front of Aro and they remain silent until Aro speaks. "Why, the Cullen's! We are so honored to have you here! It's been so long since any of you have graced us by being here...I don't think Esmé and Jasper have ever been here tho. But that is of no matter, I assume by this visit you are here because of Emmett?" Carlisle nods his head then says. "Yes, that is why we are here Aro. I'm sure you heard of Alice's vision concerning Dassy..and Emmett so yes, that is why we are here, to see for ourselves what is going on? What is the latest?"

Aro flings out his pale hand and he says. "Not a word". Carlisle looks at Edward who just slowly nods his head and Aro gives out one of his famous insane laughs then says in a lighthearted voice. "No need to ask Edward my dear friend, I have no reason to lie. Emmett has Dassy out there somewhere, changing her but I have to wonder if he is...not succeding"

Just then, Alice's voice rings out. "But he is...both of them is succeeding, I've seen it". Everybody in the room turns their heads to look at Alice and Aro gives a evil smile and says. "Of course you have my dear, I should have known that...can you tell us entirely what you see?" Alice looks at Jasper, her mate then at Carlisle, her adopted father then she says. "All I see is Emmett ...he picked Dassy up from the car wreck and she was dying so Athendora told him to get her and they ran into the woods...he bit her at Athendora's urging and now they are waiting". Aro then says. "And tomorrow will be day three"

Silence than looms in the room like darkness covers the sky then Aro says. "I offer you guest services to stay while we wait for Emmett and Dassy to come back from...wherever". Carlisle then speaks up and he says. "No, we are staying...". Esmé then speaks up and she says. "Yes, thank you Aro. We will be glad to accept your gracious offer". The rest of the Cullens look in shock at Esmé as she speaks...Edward looks at her with his eyebrow cocked and he thinks 'So this is why Esmé kept slowly thinking about every aspect of Emmett's life since he came to us...she didn't want me to read her thoughts'.

Just then Aro calls out. "Heidi!" The female vampire servant then comes in and Aro says. "Please go tell my wife to get accommodations made. We will be having guests for a few days, 6 in fact" . Heidi nods her head and leaves the room silently and Aro and Esmé both nod at each other than he says. "Ah, Esmé, the immortal mother ... 'Motherhood is nearest to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind...or in this case, vampire kind'. Edward then says. "Said by Howard H. Hunter". Aro looks up at him and smiles then says. "Yes..." . He stands up and claps his hand and Demetri comes in and Aro says. "Please escort our guests to where the accommodations are and please see to their every need". Carlisle then speaks up and he says. "You are very generous Aro. Thank you". Aro smiles and watches his house guests leave and go to where they are staying.

After they leave, Sulpicia comes in through the back silently like a spider coming from its silk web and she sees how giddy her husband becomes like a child getting its favorite toy and she hears his insane laugh and something tickles inside her at the sight and she asks. "I take it you are happy my husband?" He turns and looks at her then says. "Don't you see? It's working out better than I ever dreamed! The Cullens, all of them, have come to us! Now, all we have to do is sit back and wait for the lost children to return to the fold like Hansel and Gretel"

Sulpicia taps her finger on her fine marble teeth that is sharper than a newly sharpened flint then she says. "Let's just hope a witch doesn't show up to eat the children". He looks up at her and she walks back into the darkness of the castle again like the spider going back after she has had her meal.