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The Darkness

Chapter : The Darkness

Jubilee found herself out driving alone an old dirt road. She was making her way back to New York to take care of some business and loose ends before she caught a plane to Paris. Sean had called her, and told her of his glorious new vision of hope for mutant kind, The X-corps. He was deluding himself, she knew, and he was still suffering at the loss of his love Moria. But out of their talk, a slight glimmer of hope was born. Maybe he was right, who knew. But what she did know is that he would need to be watched over, and need a guiding hand as he had done for the now disembarked students of Generation X.

The silence of the trip had begun to grow on her, having long since passed through where any decent radio stations reached her. One last final attempt at finding a station was had as she began switching stations around, though all she got was static. Then suddenly, a phrase she had heard twice in her life, and to day she died, it would be a phrase that would shake her to her very core.

"This unit is afraid of the Darkness."

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