Secretly he wondered if medical school was even worth what he was putting himself through.

It had been a year since the situation with Eiji in the wheels department, and for some reason the toy store had decided to keep him after the holidays. They didn't ask, just did. Not that Oishi would have quit on them anyway, as it was some sort of twisted honor to be one of the four people held onto when they dismissed their seasonal help… but this was ridiculous.

He had experienced a department switch. He had been a regular cashier all the way up till the middle of October, but as soon as it switched into 'season', suddenly he was a full time electronics department guy.

He didn't blame them since he did know what he was doing back there, but he seriously was under the impression that the customers in the electronics department were fourteen times stupider than the main store. He was just thankful that one day back in July they had randomly thrown him back there by himself, leaving him with little choice to learn the department. He had acquired skills that day were proving to be very useful now.

He was hiding in the back room putting the new release DVDs into hard cases for their release day the next day while three seasonal associates ran register. It was the only thing they were allowed to do in electronics, because they didn't have the right training to do anything else.

Unfortunately for Oishi, this meant he was often being pulled away from his projects to help them with their own work. He was digging around the backroom trying to find three more hard cases for the final three copies of a movie, when there was a knock on the door.

"Oishi! Are you in there? Hey, Oishi, where are you?"

Sighing, he stood up and straightened out his uniform before pulling the door open. "Yes?"

One of the cashiers was standing there, looking at the floor. "Could you… Could you please pick up the phone and talk to this guy? I answered the call like I'm supposed to, and he refuses to talk to me because I'm a girl. He wants a guy..and…"

Oishi nodded. They got a lot of people like that. "That's fine. What line is it on?"

She smiled weakly. "Three."

Oishi nodded once more before stepping around the girl and making his way out onto the sales floor. For some reason the electronics department phone that they had to take the calls from customers on was placed right in the middle of one of the video games aisles. Which meant he wasn't going to make it there and back without at least one customer grabbing him.

The aisle the phone was in was naturally packed with people and their carts they insisted on pushing through the aisle as well, despite there obviously being no room. Bending his body in ways that would make Eiji proud, he reached the phone.

"Electronics department." He spoke into the receiver.

"Oh, hey man." Came a mans voice through the phone. "Do you have that new Mario game?"

Before he could stop himself he laughed. "You wanted to speak to a guy for that question?"

The man was silent for a second. "Well yeah. These girls don't know anything about video games. My girl don't."

Oishi frowned. "Right. Well, we do have the game. And sir, she could have told you that. It's her job, and they don't just stick anyone in electronics. Did you need anything else?"

Really, he could have been a little more polite to the man, but this situation had come up six times too many this Christmas.

"Nah, that's is. Thanks."

"Have a good day." Oishi hung up the phone. He made to turn away from the post where the phone was mounted, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He turned the direction of the hand and found a middle aged woman smiling at him. "Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can find the games for a DSI? These only say DS."

This was another common question. "Right. These are all the right games. There is only one type of Nintendo DS game."

She frowned. "But this doesn't say DSI."

Oishi nodded his head. "Right. Because the games work in all three systems. DS Lite, DSI, and DSI XL."

She shook her head. "No, you're not understanding. I need a game for the Nintendo DSI. They told me I need a game for the DSI, and I'm not leaving here without one. It's two weeks till Christmas and I can't find them anywhere, and that girl at the counter said you had them!"

He closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath before grabbing a random game off the shelf. "This is a game for a Nintendo DS. It doesn't say Lite, DSI, or DSI XL on it anywhere. Just Nintendo DS. They system its self. Not the version. There is only one kind of game. They all work."

She gasped. "They all work? All of these games would work in a DSI? Why didn't you just say so?"

Smiling a forced smile, he walked away from the woman the moment she turned to look at the games on the shelf.

Walking back behind the counter, he stood behind the three cashiers and pulled his name tag off. "I'm going on my break. I'll be back in fifteen."

He grabbed his jacket from the backroom, they kept their jackets back there because their department was on the other side of the store and they didn't want to be grabbed by forty people when they were off the clock, he walked right out of the building.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he hit Eiji's speed dial number. If anyone could remind him why he was putting up with this, it was Eiji.