He looked beat up.

No, no not beat up. More like hungover.

Rolling her eyes, she looked over at the crying rosette. Pointing a slender finger at the man who had just stumbled into Hinata's arms. She seemed to be describing how he had given her the large wound that was being healed on her cheek. The Hyuuga gave a sympathetic glance to the girl and then made a face as the stench of vodka hit her ear.

"Wh...Where..i..is that...wh..whore?"


"Y...yea..yeah h..er..i think..."

Face palming herself, the rehab assistant dragged the half asleep Uchiha into one of the cold chairs in her office. Sitting him down she scanned over his hunched figure. He looked like the heart-throb Sasuke-kun, but the smell and state he was in, not one of his fangirls would believe it.

Pulling a caramel colored folder from a shelf, she reached out for the order. Waving it infront of the, clearly, discombobulated man he twitched and sat straight for a minute before grabbing the paper in anger.


"Calm down. You do know why she requested it right?"

He turned to the woman and for a minute his onyx orbs turned a vibrant red. He had shaken out of his drunken demeanor and crossed his fingers in his lap.


"Alright tell me why, the first step in rehabilitation is to accept."

She heard him scoff and call her a curse word. She decided to let it slide, he was a newbie anyway.

"Cuz I hit her. Once."

"Hitting a woman is considered violence. Be thankful she came here and not to the police."

"She should be thankful I didn't kill her sorry ass."

Shacking her head in frustration Hinata switched on the computer. She felt the other individual watch her closely as she typed in his name. She checked the record and asked yes or no questions which he answered uneasily. She thanked him and printed out another document, handing it over.

"What the fuck is this?"

"It's your pass to come see me every Tuesday and Thursday."


"For classes. Anger management."

He let out a crackling laugh, ending it in a smirk. He threw the paper back at her and again let out a chuckle. Sighing into her purple turtle neck she awaited for his fit to die down.

"Are you serious? I get a little outraged and smack a girlfriend, and I'm in ANGER MANAGEMENT? This is a joke right?"

"No. I advise you to show up on time, 2pm."

"Who said I was coming?"

Standing up from her desk, the heiress tilted her head to the right and smiled as kindly as this basterd was allowing her to.

"Because if you don't your going to end up in jail. And Konohagakure Prison isn't a high payed vacation."

He huffed and stormed out of the cubical, leaving a satisfied Hinata. She knew he would be coming back.

Tugging his door open. He threw his coat and keys to the floor, his older brother's voice heard from the kitchen. He was furious sure. I mean hello, rehab was not on his list of fun activites. Plus the teacher, that violet haired girl was so cute. How was he going to handle this?

End Of Chapter 1

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