There was only one time Sasuke Uchiha was afraid, and that was the night the police told him his parents were murdered. The daunting fear was an explosion of pain that he couldn't feel, but rather see coming. That was the only time when he had wanted to cling to someone for dear life and pray to god for it to go away.

This was probably the second time. But this time instead of a haunting feeling, it was more like an, oh-shit moment of classic terror.

"Why is scum like you holding my DAUGHTER?"

The scream had surely woke up some of the other residents across the hall, but the father of the mans girlfriend didn't seem to care.


"Daddy, calm..."

His pointer finger landed on the delicate frame of the Hyuuga heir.

"You...Hinata...How dare you call yourself a part of my family! Your mother would have been destroyed to know that you associated with a Uchiha, you are not my daughter, not...I don't even know how I can look at your.."

With each threat that lashed out onto the girl, Sasuke could see his once strong, stable Rehab councilor that he had fallen so hard for, begin to break. She didn't fight back, and clutched the hotel's bed sheet to her chest. He almost thought that tears were treading down her cheeks. This was far to much, what was so wrong about sleeping with the man you loved? And what had Uchiha's ever done to Hiashi?

The last straw came when he saw the male's hand lift in a motion as if he was daring to slap Hinata. Well, the irony.

"What do you think your doing?"

"Shut up Uchiha."

He spit it out with hate, and his hand was lifted to strike, Sasuke let out a low growl and pushed the female behind him. He didn't care that he was taking the slap, he only cared that Hinata was safe from harm. The hit burnt and he apologized to Sakura in his mind, because it fucking hurt.


Her voice soothed the ache in his cheek, and he looked up into Hiashi's eyes.

"Never, I mean never, lift your hand to your own daughter. Especially if I'm her boyfriend. Don't think that I will even let you come close to her while I'm still alive. The only way you'll hurt her is if you kill me and step on my dead body. And I put up a fucking fight for the girl I love."

The room was silent for a moment, except for the small whist of wind.

"Why do you love her?"

The question was unexcepted and the situation became awkward.


"Fine then, give me an answer tonight, and then..."

He turned to step out of the room.

"We shall see if your different then the Uchiha's"

End of Chapter 20


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