Pretty Little Secrets

Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields were all at school discussing "A" and if they had gotten any text messages lately. It turns out the only one who hadn't gotten any message in the last week was Aria. However, Aria knew it was coming since she was recently dating her English teacher Ezra Fitz. They had taken a break after Ezra found out about how "A" had knew about him and Aria dating.

Last time, Aria had seen him was at Homecoming, they had a little argument. Then like a week after that Aria had gone to talk to him before class, but instead there was a sub. Later, she had gone to talk to him at his apartment, but he was gone. So, she got the spare key and entered the apartment, no one was there. The phone was ringing when she was there, and it went to his answering machine. The lady on the phone said they were happy to have an interview with some school in New York. Aria really missed him, but there was nothing she could do about it.

"Aria. Aria. Aria!" Hanna exclaimed. Aria hadn't realized she had blanked out.

"What? Huh?" Aria asked, coming back to earth

"What's up with you?" asked Spencer

"Nothing" All the girls gave Aria a look "I said nothing! I'm fine!" Aria said

"Whatever, we should get to English" Emily said

"Yeah, I wonder if Mr. Fitz is back?" Spencer said

"Who knows" Aria said blandly

The other girls looked at her curiously, but said nothing and started walking to English. When they got there, the teacher was not there yet, but everybody knew it was most likely a substitute. The bell rang and everyone quickly took their seats. Soon enough, the teacher came in.

"Good morning, class" Mr. Fitz said as he walked in. Everyone was shocked to see him, especially Aria

"I'm guessing you were all wondering where I was this past week" Mr. Fitz started his eyes wandering around the room, stopping at Aria for a second then continued "I was just visiting family, but I'm back now" Mr. Fitz then started his lesson.

Soon the bell rang and everyone got their stuff and left to go to their next class, except Aria who took her time. When she finally walked out, she didnt even look at Ezra.

Finally it was the end of the day, Aria rushed home, not that she wanted to be there, with her mom gone and her dad at work, but she rushed home because she felt like she had lost it all. Today, her, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer had gotten into a fight about "A"


At lunch the girls all sat together. They were talking about howEmily had gotten another text message. It had said One of your friends is still keeping a secret Emily had been shocked when she had gotten the message but know Hanna and Spencer were too. They had all decided to tell each other their secrets so they could look out for each other. Each one told the truth except one, Aria. She knew even though she wasn't still dating Ezra, he could still get into trouble, so she didnt tell.

"Which one of you didnt tell the truth about their secrets?" Emily asked since it was obviously not her cause she had told them about Maya, and they were fine with it, also she had gotten the text.

"It wasn't me, I told every secret" Spencer said

"Me too" Hanna agreed. The three girls turned to Aria.

"Aria, did you tell us everything?" asked Emily

"No, i told you all about my parents" Aria lied

"Aria, that wasn't that big, we had already known most of it" Spencer said

"Yeah the only knew thing was, that your mom moved out and your dad didn't" Hanna continued

"Did you really tell us everything that "A" knows about you?" asked Emily

"Okay fine, I have something way bigger, but i can't tell you!" Aria finally confessed

"We're your friends, you can tell us anything!" Spencer said quickly

"You guys don't get it! It's not only my secret!" Aria looked down "I'm sorry"

"Whatever, we were totally open with you, and you lied to us" Hanna said

"But-" Aria started

"Just save it!" Emily said

"Please-" Aria now had tears forming in her eyes

"Maybe it would be best if you didnt talk to us for a while!" Spencer said

"Guys, please" Aria begged. The other girls said nothing and walked away

~Flashback Over~

Aria replayed this in her mind and started to cry. After a while, she heard a knock on her door. She knew it wasn't Mike because he was staying with their mom until she came back. So it had to be her dad.

"Come in" Aria said softly, still weeping

The door swung open, there stood her father, who looked angry. Aria knew he was drunk, he always got angry when he was drunk.

"Dad, what is it?" Aria asked, kinda scared

"IT'S YOUR FAULT!" her father shouted

"What's my fault?" Aria said, backing away from her seething father

"IT'S YOUR FAULT, THAT YOUR MOTHER FOUND OUT I WAS CHEATING!" Byron yelled then slapped his daughter across the face

Aria was now sobbing "Dad! I didn't tell her!" she exclaimed

"YEAH RIGHT!" Aria's dad then punched Aria in the stomach then the face. Aria screamed in pain and slowly started to get up

"No! No! I didn't! I promise!" Aria cried as she tried to forget her pain as she stood up grabbed her phone and ran to the front door. Aria ran faster when she realized that her dad was close on her heels. She finally got to the fron door and slammed it open then shut. She sprinted to her car and quickly got in. Then, she wondered where she could go, she couldn't go to her mom's because she would know something isn't right! She couldn't go to Spencer's, Hanna's, or Emily's house because they were probably still mad at her, and she couldn't go to Ezra's apartment because he wwas certainly not happy with her either. Her thoughts were cut off by a vibrate from her phone.

Poor Little Aria! No place to go, no place to stay, no one to help her!


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