Sakura's Memory

Chapter Two



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My room is dark and ever so cold, again. This time it's verging to the point of resembling the North Pole. The season is definitely changing and I am not quite sure how I feel about it at all. Sometimes I like the cold but at times I despise it greatly. I guess it is similar to the notion of my cravings; whenever I feel a little hollow or sad, I tend to opt for warm milk…though milk doesn't help me much when it's hot and humid. I am not making any sense and that's probably because in my mind, a replay of Sasuke's words repeats itself like a broken tape:

"You are Haruno Sakura, and we were in love." He stares at me…and I melt into his darkness like a shadow.

I slap myself. That makes as much sense as the idea of Martians invading planet Earth on a banana boat…or is that actually possible? No, that is just ridiculous. We could not have been in love…I mean I—I would have remembered…wouldn't I? This is just going beyond credibility. I am not sure what to believe in. It is like I have fallen into a deep sleep at some point and woken up in a world that I don't belong to and it drives me insane.

The vibration from my mobile jerks me back into reality. I check the Caller ID to see Yamanaka Ino's name flashing across the screen.

"Hello?" I answer.


"What's up Ino?"

"Nothing, really. Life is a total bore." Ino sighs, probably twirling a strand of hair. "I miss your not-so-pretty face, Forehead! Why don't you come over and we can have a House M.D marathon."

I scoff. "No thanks, Pig. I rather watch Lost and torture myself in boredom than visit an ungrateful friend like you."

"Classy." Remarked Ino sarcastically. " You're so funny….not. Look, we all know that no sane person would reject watching the oh-so-deliciously-smart Hugh Laurie."

"I was joking, god."

Ino mocks. "Sorry, not my fault that your sense of humor is so dead."

"It's dead because I killed it. Be nice or you're next, Ino-pig." I retort.

"Whatever. We can even invite that brainless idiot, Naruto, and have hot chocolate. You know you can't resist a delicious mug of chocolaty goodness." persuaded Ino.

I whine dramatically. "Oh, the temptation is killing me…by the way, have you seen my curling iron by any chance? It's gone missing."

"That pink Babyliss one? Yeah, I stole it. If you want it back, you're going to have to meet up with me, Sakura-chaaaan."

"I'm placing a restricting order on you soon." I roll my eyes.

Ino laughs. "It's settled thenmeet you at 7:00pm!"

I ended the call with a sigh and plop against the soft, feathery duvet on my bed, engulfed in thoughts I probably will never get answers to.

My mother is calling me again and with great effort, I try to drown her voice by hiding under the covers. I must have fallen asleep somehow because it is now 5:00pm—it's been three hours since the call with Ino. Unfortunately, the noise manages to pierce through my purple duvet and I grunt, a feeling in my gut saying that she will be asking me to—

"Sakura-chan! I need you to get the groceries! Please come down!" she shouts from the kitchen.

I knew it. Reluctantly, I get up from my state of comfort, slip on a baby pink shirt, long white-knitted sweater and acid-washed denims. Sloppily gathering my pink ringlets into a ponytail of cascading waves.

"SAKURA!" she shouts again.

Another feeling in my gut tells me that this will not turn out to be a good day.

Thank god for knitted sweaters for as I open the door it knifes me with a frosty breeze. The sweater hugs me in warmth as I face the icy breath of winter. Instantly, my cheeks turn numb, my gloved fingers pulling the sweater tighter around me. Definitely hating the cold at this point…though it is undeniable how beautiful the season is. The pavement is moist with the previous bitter rain making it dangerously slippery for anyone to walk on. Even though it emits no warmth, the sun hangs lazily behind shreds of cotton-like clouds; glowing in its peach colored glory. Then there is the sky, a huge canvas of hazy, almost sleepy, blue …but needless to say it is still an undeniably elegant backdrop to the city of Konoha.

A pang of realization hits me—I left my mobile back at home and this causes my mood to turn incredibly sour. How could I have forgotten it? It was with me not too long ago. Immediately the feeling of envy creeps up, wishing I were in the warmth of my room doing absolutely nothing instead, perhaps just waiting for a call from Ino, or Naruto, while buried underneath my blanket. A mug of warm milk might be a good addition as well.

Now that's just being ridiculous. How could anyone be envious of an inanimate object? Nevermind, forget it. Let's just focus on the task at hand—groceries, right. So it's just a matter of…

Crap. I left the grocery list back at home too! After a long frustrated cry, my foot stomps on the wet pavement. I am literally a good, solid, twenty-minute distance away from home and for the life of me I cannot be bothered to turn back. Time to improvise. Pretty sure that we are out of toilet roll—so that is going to be on the list…even if we do have enough toilet rolls what harm does it do to have a surplus of supply? Exactly, Haruno Sakura you are a genius.

A boy clad in a dark navy turtleneck stops in his tracks and turns to look at me. It is Sasuke. With one of his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans, he used the other to effortlessly comb through his sinfully dark hair, fingers gliding as though through inky waters.

The mundane gesture steals my breath momentarily.

He raises his left eyebrow. "What are you doing here, Sakura?"

Admittedly, ever since that last incident in the park I have been ignoring Sasuke like a plague. The young Uchiha would be lingering against his locker with his chunky headphones on and I would be figuring out an alternative route to evade an encounter with him.

Last Monday, Naruto and I were walking to class together and not too far ahead, Sasuke was walking towards our direction. Naruto must have been confused at my sudden departure, running off to a class that wasn't on schedule at the time. The impulsive behavior must have offended Sasuke because during lunchtime...his seat was empty. I confess; sort of felt guilty and disappointed after that.

Snapping back to my current reality, his question lingers in the air. No answer. I am unable to answer. My body is incapable of conjuring a perfectly coherent sentence to reply to his mind-blowingly simple question; at least not under his gaze; so heated it could practically melt ice.

"You are Haruno Sakura, and we were in love." It continues to echo in my head.

No, Sakura, focus. Try not to sound like a babbling idiot, for once.

He is not that special.

"I, uh, need toilet paper—I mean my mom does—no! I meant the, uh, groceries…" I blurted out.

This is just not going according to plan. Haruno Sakura you are a certified dumbass.

Sasuke nods with an impassive face. "Groceries, right. Okaasan wants me to get something too, do you need any help?"

Shaking my head, I gaze intently at the cobbled pavement, hiding my sudden flushed cheeks. "I'm fine, thank you…I am actually on my way to…uh…meet Ino and the rest."

Now to swiftly avoid further self-caused embarrassment, I will walk away from this situation and—

…Did it offend him? No, no, no. Please don't look sad. My heart breaks into perpetual pieces when I see that look in his eyes. I just. I can't. He stands, just a few inches away, towering my petite figure, soundlessly mending the hurt. Here stands a boy who hates the world so much and here I am, standing on this incredibly slippery pavement, wondering why.

With great effort his charcoal eyes avoid mine. "Hn. I get it, Sakura. I'll leave you now."

"…we were in love."

I realize then that I may have a lot to do with it.


"Would you remember me?"

"That's a silly question. Of course I wouldhow can I not?"

"Maybe one day, when one of us disappear from the planes of this Earth, we might find someone else to replace what's missing."

"That's impossible…nothing could possibly replace what you have given me."

"Oh yeah? And what might that thing be, hm?"



I run after him. "Wait, Sasuke!"

He stops in mid-step and doesn't bother to look at me. "Hn?"

I stutter. "D-Do you want to…tag along? I still need to get groceries and I need a little help—I mean, if your offer is still valid, of course. I'm meeting Ino at seven."

The young Uchiha processes this and considers. "What are you getting?"

"I kind of…left the list back at home." I smile sheepishly.

"Tch, typical." He shakes his head and shoves his hand in his pockets. The weather is getting really cold. "I'll help."

I clap my hand. "Thank you! It means a lo—"

"…but with one condition," continued Sasuke.

A flock of birds sear through the sky and filled the quiet with its choir of chirping. It eases the tension a little bit.

Clueless, I stare at him dumbfounded.

He smirks. My god, he is beautiful. "You agree to have dinner with me."

I blink. I may have heard him wrong. "D-Dinner?"

"Yes. Food. Meal. Table for two. With me." Sasuke explains.

"I know what it is—"! I defend myself.

Sasuke ignores me and acknowledges my sweater. "I bought that for you."

Shaking my head at the sudden change of topic, I start to walk ahead. "I don't remember, but thank you. Anyways, I need to hurry, it's almost six o'clock and I haven't even bought anything yet."

He disregards my need to hurry. "I bought it at Konoha Avenue, because you loved it so much. Tch, you were too cheap to get it yourself, so I bought it for you."

I don't say anything and suppress the mini headache with my fingers.

"It was raining and you weren't wearing anything warm at the time." Sasuke shakes his head at the memory. "I kept telling you to bring a sweater, but you were stubborn, tch."

I sigh. "Sasuke, I said I don't remember. Can we move on?"

Sasuke ignores me, again. "Check your left pocket."

I reach inside and took out an old crumpled note. "You owe me." It says.

Sasuke muttered. "You never threw it out because you thought it was cute."

He is confusing me even more now so I say nothing.

"Sakura," he calls.

I ignore him and continue walking forward.



"Supermarket is that way."




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