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Series: Second in the Probie & Kitten 'verse

Series Explanation: Probie & Kitten is my main Dark Angel & NCIS x-over verse, which is based on my oneshot Of a Probie & a Kitten. Kitten is the first story chronologically and is the prequel to the Dark Angel portions of Of a Probie & a Kitten.

Summary: Kitten is a series of oneshots that detail the course of Logan and Alec's friendship, from their first meeting to Alec's death.

Note: This story will have 15 chapters and be posted on an alternating schedule with its NCIS counterpart, Probie. New chapters posted every other Friday.

Pairings: Logan/Alec Friendship, Mentions of Max/Logan

First Impressions

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions. By that definition Logan should hate Alec. After all, the first time he met the transgenic, he told Logan that Max's touch was now fatal to him, then tried to shoot him to boot.

Still, Logan tried to keep an open mind. After all the first time he met Max she was trying to rob him. Though, admittedly, trying to kill him was a bit different then breaking and entering.

Two days after that disaster of a first meeting Logan was working on a new Eyes Only broadcast when he heard a familiar sound behind him. Logan glanced at the clock and smiled. Trust Max to have her first visit post escape/virus be at dinnertime.

"Hey Max, I was hoping you'd stop… Oh," Logan stopped mid-sentence as he turned to face his decidedly male visitor. "You're not Max."

"No." The X-5 gave a depreciating chuckle. "No, I'm not."

Logan sighed. What was he, of all people, doing here? "Alec, right?"

"Yea. That's what Max calls me anyway. And you're Eyes Only."


"Logan." The younger man gave a cocky smile. Fake, Logan noted, something that the younger man obviously didn't expect him to catch. Most people probably wouldn't have, but well, Logan had seen enough fake smiles, given enough of them, that the day he couldn't recognize the flickers of insecurity in Alec's eyes was the day that he needed to reconsider his career path.

Best not to tip his hand to soon though, if the X-5 knew he was onto him he might bolt. "Was there a particular reason you dropped by Alec?"

The X-5 looked sheepish, "Umm… yea. I was wandering around Seattle when I realized that I need ID. And I was wonderin' if maybe, you might know somewhere I could get it."

Logan sighed, "I'll take care of it."

"Thanks." A flash of gratitude, then it's gone, and the cocky grin returned. "So you got anything to eat in this place?"

That made Logan laugh. "Sure." He turned toward the kitchen. "This way. What is it with you X-5s always turning up around dinner?"

The grin grew wider, "It's the cat DNA." Then Alec saw the kitchen, "Oh man, I am so making you my meal ticket."

The words sent an ache through Logan's heart as his mind once again heard Max laugh and say, "Got to look out for my meal ticket." But he tried to hide it. "Oh no, for that you have to do something for me."


"Just some legwork that I can't do myself. Quid pro quo."

"Right." Logan watched as understanding dawned on Alec's face. Quid Pro Quo. That was something Alec's life at Manticore had taught him to understand, "Quid pro quo. I do legwork for you, you feed me."

"That sounds about right."

Alec's face turned mock serious, "Well then, best test out your food to see if its worth me risking my life for."

Logan smiled, "You know I asked Max to join me for dinner three times before she stayed…"

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions. By that definition Logan should hate Alec. Oh well, Logan's never been one to listen to what others say anyway.

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