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Series: Second in the Probie & Kitten 'verse

Series Explanation: Probie & Kitten is my main Dark Angel & NCIS x-over verse, which is based on my oneshot Of a Probie & a Kitten. Kitten is the first story chronologically and is the prequel to the Dark Angel portions of Of a Probie & a Kitten.

Summary: Kitten is a series of oneshots that detail the course of Logan and Alec's friendship, from their first meeting to Alec's death.

Pairings: Logan/Alec Friendship, Mentions of Max/Logan

Timeline: Set between Proof of Purchase and Radar Love

There was food missing from Logan's pantry. It took him a while to realize it because it disappeared only a little bit at a time, but after the fourth or fifth time of going to look for something and finding it not there, Logan had to admit that someone was regularly raiding his pantry. Every night a little bit more food disappeared.

Still even after he figured it out, Logan figured that the missing food could just be attributed to Max stopping in for a midnight snack on her nightly patrols of the city. But when he asked her about it she denies any knowledge. Truth was she was too afraid to touch any of his food on the off chance that she might accidently transfer the virus to him that way.

Still the culprit was clearly transgenic, since no one else could get in and out of his apartment without Logan noticing. That really left only one viable suspect.

Logan was waiting for him when Alec dropped in through the skylight the next night. As the blonde unhooked the harness and began to move toward the kitchen, Logan rolled from the shadows. "You could have just asked you know."

Slowly Alec turned to face him, a sheepish expression on his face, "I figured that you wouldn't want to see me after the whole me keeping you from getting a cure for the virus thing."

Logan stifled a snort; "I'll admit I was mad at you there. You should have come to Max and I when they first caught you. Maybe if you had we would have been able to figure out a way to get the bomb out of you while still getting Max and I the cure. But," he raised his hand to stop the younger man from interrupting, "In no was I mad enough to deny you food. Especially since I know you've been having money trouble since you can't exactly fight anymore." He sighed, "Honestly, I'm a little offended that you think that I would be so petty as to deny you food because I'm mad at you."

The sheepish look on Alec's face only grew as Logan lectured. "Ok, umm… Yeah, so maybe that was kind of stupid. But in my defense I don't really know you that well…" Alec's voice trailed off as he tried to think of what to say next.

Logan sighed. God save him from idiotic, overly stubborn X-5s. "Now is when you say 'Logan, can I have something to eat?'"

Alec parroted, "Logan, can I have something to eat?"

Logan moved toward the kitchen, "Chicken's in the oven. It should be out in a couple of minutes. And Alec," he turned back to face the younger man. "In the future come during the day."

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