"HOUSE! I'm home from work, WHERE ARE YOU?"

Wilson yelled in the seemingly empty, quiet loft. He set down his 'man purse' as House called it, before slinging off his coat, and hanging it up on one of the many hooks nearby the door. He strangled with his tie as he fumbled with the knot. Ugh, he needed to remind House that he should never ever ever tie his ties, because – put nicely – he wasn't the best tier.

Wilson wandered out into the living room to see Luke playing with some blocks on the floor. A smile quickly spread on Wilson's face as he strode over to the one year old. He squatted down, and then scooped his hands up under Luke's arm, grabbing him in his arms, and cradling him. "Hey Lukey, where's momma?"

Luke smiled a wide two-toothed smile before he took it as his duty to grab Wilson's ugly tie, and smash it in his mouth. He started gnawing on it, and with a simple eye roll (knowing that House probably had taught him to teeth on his ties), Wilson let him gnaw on it. Wilson decided that simply standing in his living room that was now always covered in colorful baby toys wasn't so bad. Wilson didn't mind though, in fact, the baby toys were interesting when he was bored.

Then Luke started crying out of nowhere, pawing his chubby little hands at his chest. "Oh… you're hungry." Wilson stated quietly, looking up and around the loft for his husband.


Wilson then looked back down at the frustrated baby in his arms that was wiggling and practically clawing at his chest for food. Wilson thinned his lips, before he started trying to calm Luke down. He then set him on the floor, grabbed one of his favorite toys (which was a bear that really looked like Wilson for some reason) making him calm down even more. "I'm going to go find Momma, ok?" he asked the infant, as if he was expecting an answer.

Wilson then made it his mission to find House, heading down the hallway.

He pushed open the door to Luke's nursery, finding no House. He then moved down, and pushed the door open to their shared bedroom, walking in and looking around the room. There was some clothing that he was going to have to pick up and wash, the bed wasn't made, but that was normal.

He heard humming coming from the bathroom, and then he realized that where was steam coming from the mostly closed door. A smile spread over his face as he strode over, and pushed the door open.

"Hey Momma."

House's eyes popped open, before his head turned up with a frown. "I told you not to call me that." He said before going to his previous position. Wilson wandered over towards the tub before he stood over House. For some odd unknown reason, House had used bubbles in this bath, which hid the very fun part of his body. "You are the momma. And I thought you would like having something better than 'Mommy'."

House grunted, his eyes opening again, and those blue orbs meeting Wilson's. "No. If it has the word 'Mom' in it, I don't like it." With a small pout, Wilson shrugged his arms. "Either way, he should call one of us some kind of Mom like word, and I wasn't the one who gave birth to him."

"No, it was your dorky semen that created him though." House retorted as he pulled a wet arm out of the bath. He pulled the other one out, and Wilson found his tie was pulled off by the soapy wet hands. "Did Luke chew your tie?" he asked with a smirk as he looked from the tie to Wilson.

With a sigh as he rubbed his face with his palm, Wilson nodded. "It's sad you taught a one year old to do that. I just hope you didn't destroy the tie you bought me for Christmas."

"Are you kidding?" House asked as the chucked the ugly tie across the bathroom. "That tie is sparkly, pink, and gay. No way I would destroy it."

Wilson scoffed with a smile as he rolled his eyes. "You don't destroy anything that's gay huh?" he asked more himself than House quietly.

Before he knew it, Wilson felt wet hands grab at his hips, pulling him closer to the tub rim. House's hands groped to his butt, staying there and keeping him placed up against the tub rim. "How did Luke deal with his teething today?" Wilson asked without even a ripple of his personality from the groping.

House focused on his husband's plump ass as he spoke. "Normal. Gave him the teething ring, he gnawed on it, that's pretty much it."

Wilson purred softly, running his hand over House's ever still-grey hair. "Am I breaking your alone time?" he asked softly, watching as House's eyes racked over his whole body. A small nod came from House, before he answered with: "Yes. My dork of a husband is breaking my alone time from the baby. That makes me sound like a woman."

Wilson kissed House's forehead before tugging out of his grip, and walking away from the tub. "I'll go stay with Luke while you relax, honey."

House grunted before he relaxed his body once again, sighing in a way that Wilson knew was a 'thank you'.

House just needs his alone time from the baby sometimes. Wilson will always happily give House space, but always demand cuddling later; and House knows that.