"I say it's Luke's first bath today."

"What? He's only a month old!" Wilson stated watching as House cradled the month year old baby in his arms.

"Duh, he smells." House said smiling when Luke waved his arms around to agree to the idea. "Even when he's got a clean diaper and all that."

Wilson shook his head, putting his hands on his hips. "No… no, he's still too young."

"If he was still too young, and would be in danger, don't you think some motherly instinct thing would be ringing in my head?" House asked with a smirk as he moved to limp over to the bathroom.

"You were the one who dropped him!" Wilson exclaimed, following House like he was his shadow. "You can't blame me for using that when I think he's in danger."

House rolled his eyes as he entered the bathroom near now his and Wilson's room. "It was one time, and he wasn't too far from the ground."

"If he's got some problem in his head because of that, I'm going to get so mad at you!" Wilson squeaked madly as he watched House set Luke on the counter.

"Will you calm down?" House asked with a mischievous smirk that never meant anything good. "His belly button finally fell off last night when you were sleeping. It was hilarious, I waved it in front of your nose and you didn't even flinch."

Wilson sighed, covering his eyes. "I don't want to know." He then took his hand off, and looked at House moving to take the one-Z off of their son. "You did contact Alex about when to bathe the baby though, right?"

"Sure. Let's go with that."

"God, our baby is not going in that bath by himself."

"Don't worry, he's not going in there alone."

Wilson rose his brow, but then shook his head. "No, no no no no!"

"Yes yes yes yes yes." House said once he got Luke out of his stripped blue one-Z. He carefully moved Luke into his arms as he turned on the water in the tub.

"Why don't you and him go in together? Mommy and Baby's first bath together?" Wilson offered quickly, cursing at himself because he was blushing.

House simply shook his head as he felt the water temp. It was luke warm – no pun intended - which was a good heat for the baby.

House turned back to his blushing husband. "Will you stop blabbing, and strip already?" he asked with a playful growl. "And don't get turned on by that, you're not getting anything tonight."

Wilson rolled his eyes, but managed to peel his green polo shirt off, and toss it on the ground in the corner. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, throwing them in the same corner.

"Won't he be… disturbed by my… manhood?"

"He's a month old Wilson." House said sarcastically. "He only knows how to eat, sleep, and poop."

Wilson nodded his head as he knew that was the truth.

Perhaps sharing Luke's first bath with Luke himself would be a good bonding for the two. Wilson always felt as if he was left out. Since House was the one who stayed home, House was the one who fed him, House was the one who could put him to sleep at night. Wilson had to go to work, since he couldn't talk to patients at home, unlike House who had a phone and people working for him. Wilson offered to try feeding Luke with the bottle, but that was a crisis that made Luke hook to House even harder. And whenever Wilson tried to calm Luke down, he would just cry harder. It made Wilson feel like he was worthless to the family, like he was a third wheel that didn't do anything.

House nodded his head over at the tub. "Pull down your boxers, and climb in Daddy." He said with a smirk as he saw Wilson roll his eyes and pull down the rest of his clothing. He then climbed into the tub, not before getting a whap against his ass, and sat down, realizing he was blushing. "I wish you would quit hitting my ass Greg."

"It's too sexy for me to resist." House sneered, before passing on the baby to Wilson, telling him that he's heavy before bending back up.

Wilson seated Luke between his legs, making the baby squeak at the feeling of water surrounding his legs. Luke started kicking his feet, making the water ripple around the two. Luke started squeaking, making Wilson's grip on him a little tighter so he wouldn't slip. Luke continued kicking his feet and squeaking happily. The actions made a grin grow on Wilson's face, his own face beaming happiness.

"This is to cute for me. I have a case to attend to."

"See you." Wilson said with a grin still on his face. "Bye bye Mommy!" he said in a baby voice, taking Luke's hand and waving it towards House.

A small smile crept on House's face as he wandered out of the room, closing the door behind him so that the steam would keep the room warm.

Wilson took the rubber duck he owned – only because a patient gave it to him – and put it in the shallow water. He pushed it towards his son, Luke's interest drifting towards it instantly.

Wilson simply sat there, watching Luke play with the duck, squeaking happily and grinning a wide toothless grin. It made his own face break out in a smile, relishing the alone time he got with his only son.

He scooped up some water in his hand, and spilled it onto the baby's head, making his small poofs of brown hair slick down onto his head. Luke stopped playing, and simply make a confused noise, before kicking his feet some more. Wilson's face grew a wider grin from ear to ear, before chuckling softly.

The two shared this moment together for about a half an hour more. Wilson had soaped up Luke's little amount of hair, and the rest of his body using the baby soap that House had bought who knows when. Wilson was so glad that he had spent this amount of time with his son. Even if he was still a baby, he still loved it.

Now though, he figured that both of them were ready to get out of the water. House hadn't come back – and he was sure that he wasn't planning to – so he moved to grab the towel from the nearby towel rack. He planned to dry and warm up Luke before him, for he had read about babies getting cold really fast. Grabbing the towel wasn't a problem for him, it was handling his slippery son without dropping him was the problem.

He cooed gently as he pulled Luke out of the water, the baby kicking his feet again, before he took the towel and started wrapping it around him with one hand. Luke started making squeaking sounds that were happy, as Wilson set him down on the floor in a sitting position. Luke slightly tilted back, but Wilson caught him, and rested his head against the furry mat next to the tub. Wilson grabbed his own (larger) towel, before climbing out of the tub, and wrapping it around his waist. He grabbed his son from the ground.

He pulled him against his chest, feeling him kicking his feet, even if they were confined in the towel. This made a grin grow on his father's face. "Did you like your bath Lukey?" he purred. Luke kicked his feet some more, squeaking happily as he moved his covered arms some more.

That was when Wilson realized that he loved his son so so so much, that it probably hurt him.


Wilson looked up to see House banging the door open and holding a camera.