Darkrai's Journal


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Day 1

Tonio gave me this book with no words in it today, he said it is a journal, and you write in it your daily life. I doubt I would tell them much about myself in this little book though.

Day 2

I asked Alice what I am to do with the little book that Tonio had given me, It seems as though I had the wrong idea about the book, I am not only supposed to write in my daily life, but also things like events that have happened and secret things that I would normally keep to myself.

Why Would I wish to do that?

Day 3

The People of Alamos are having a celebration, it seems. For what reasons I have none. Alice said that a mighty trainer has come here to Alamos to see the sights.

And also to try and tame me.

I was in the garden wondering around searching for Gallade (Alice and Tonio have not been able to spot him for awhile) when out of the one of the trees came a Trainer.

He stated his name, why he was here and what he did all his life to be such a "mind-blowing" trainer, he then sent out his first Pokémon, a Noctowl.

I already knew it had an "insomnia" ability; I simply electrocuted it with a thunderbolt. He then sent out the rest of his Pokémon, quite Laughable from my view. His team of Pokémon was mostly made of part psychic, flying and un-evolved Pokémon.

I quickly put his Pride to shame in a few minutes.

He let out something of a battle cry, fell on his knees, cursed at me, and then ran in the opposite direction. When he was out of sight I ended up laughing at the bad excuse for a trainer.

Day 4

Nothing happened today, other than me finally finding Gallade Lurking in the farthest depths of the Garden, clearly lost, and the trainer that tried capturing me from yesterday leaving Alamos "abruptly" he said. Gallade Wouldn't stop thanking me until we finally got out of the Depths of The forest and the space-time towers were in view. He then left to go find Alice and Tonio, "…to put an ease on their minds." he said.

Day 5

Alice wants to show me to Baron Alberto.

I said no.

She said she would put a lunar wing on me.

I still said no.

She then said if I will not go wit her peacefully, then she will get Baron's Lickylicky and make it slobber on me.

I shivered, remembering when the horrible thing caught me off guard in the back alley of one of the towns many streets.

"Fine" I said meekly.

She then had to forcefully drag me to "his" home, while avoiding the main streets and other humans that still hated me. She made a good effort at first, taking me by the hand and guiding me to the home of his royal pain, but she soon needed Tonio to come and help her.

About an hour later (it could have been ten minutes if I had went completely willingly) we had made it to the home of the royal pain. His home was made of solid marble stone, bricks and different plants scouring the area, it also looked very new and pristine, unlike the dreariness I thought it would be.

Alice knocked on the large marble doors, I then heard a "Just a minute!" from inside the house somewhere. Tonio then said for me not to touch anything in the house, don't wonder around and get lost or retort to any of his comments about me.

His royalty then opened up the door, welcomed Alice in and while Tonio was walking in, he shut the door on his face. I had a quiet chuckle at that. His majesty then opened back up the door and took Tonio inside as well, although Tonio was saying that I was here too.

He looked around, and saw me.

I could see him visibly sneer.

By now Alice was tending to Tonio's injured nose, while "him" and me were having a Dominance stare.

His Scarlet eyes against my cyan eyes.

I could feel Alice and Tonio staring at both of us, and they both new the death stares would go on for a very long time if we did not stop.

Alice got His majesty's attention while Tonio pulled me away; Tonio then said no death stares.


The rest of the night went rather dully after words, His Royal pain in the ass would not let me go in the house and so I had to wait outside. After about, oh say, a half an hour later, Alice and Tonio came out with disappointed looks on their faces. In fact I still have no idea why they brought me along with them anyways.

Day 6

Alice still will not tell me why she threatened and then dragged me to that ass of a mans house yesterday. She said that she cannot tell me yet, that later I will know.

On a different key, I was able to have a friendly chat with Quagsire today. We discussed how the other Pokémon were in the garden and how the city is doing, simple things.

It seems that the least respected Pokémon in the garden in still me, and the second least respected Pokémon in the garden was Gallade.

Even if you have amazing abilities that only come to people in dreams, it doesn't mean that people will respect or fear you because of them.

Day 7

Even after one hundred years of living in Alamos, I can never find where the Pokémon Center is. In fact, I think the people who control the Pokémon center purposely move it just to piss me off.

"Now why would Darkrai need to go to the Pokémon Center?" you might ask.

When you need to find a kind word to say, or to heighten your spirits, The Chansey can help you, regardless if you're a nightmare-inducing Demon like myself.

"Are you in a bad mood Darkrai?" You're most likely saying to yourself.

Not entirely, the ass from two days ago keeps putting murderous thoughts in my head.

I'd prefer not to kill anything, today or any day.

It puts old memories in my way.

After about two hours of searching I came across the Center, I melted in the shadows and crept in quickly and silently.

Not even a minute later I found a lone Chansey seeming to be resting from something. I came out of the shadows, it spooked her and she immediately puffed her cheeks and put in a defensive stance. When she realized whom I was she came up to me and hugged me.

…I forgot that one of the Chansey completely adored me.

I picked that Chansey

How fun for me.

It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We spent maybe an hour talking to each other, venting our feelings of guilt and frustration out through talking to someone else. Maybe we could do this some other time, it was relaxing for both of us.

After that hour she was called back to whatever she was doing before, I will miss having a decent conversation for maybe the next week or so. She said her farewell and I said mine.

I really am turning into a friendly nightmare.

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