Day Fifteen

"Come on, Darkrai! Snap out of it!"

I was in some sort of car, struggling in Alice's grasp, Tonio was with her and holding me down as well.

I had a terrible migraine, it had started when Alice had left her Lunar Wing on the Chair. I was the only one in the room, Alice was at her job touring people around in her balloon while Tonio was in the garden, doing whatever he was doing. I had not noticed the feather until it glowed a brilliant pink and then seemed to implode itself, scattering light everywhere and then disappearing into thin air.

And then the headache, the damnable and horrific headache that made me grip my head in pure pain.

I do not know how long I was writhing on the floor before Tonio came in, then calling Alice and she came.

All I could remember after that was Tonio calling someone and then Alice trying to snap me out of my daze.

End of my little flashback though, I was now at the Pokémon center and being tied down with leather straps. One around my waist, two on both arms.

I felt something sharp go into one of my arms, and then, nothing. I went unconscious.

When I woke up my migraine was gone, but then I noticed the wires. There was one on my arm, one clamped onto my finger, and three pads on my chest.

Nurse Joy came in, obviously she was monitoring me while I was asleep. She checked these machines next to me and then she said in her curious voice, "Are you feeling better? You've been unconscious for two hours…" I simply stared at her. She then unhooked the wires and the leather strap on my waist, not wanting me to go yet I suppose.

She then went out of the room, and low and behold, Alice and Tonio came to greet me. There faces said different though, Alice looked like she was about to sob her heart out and Tonio was checking his computer for something. A Chansey then came in and unstrapped the other belts around my arms.

After the Chansey left the room Alice said that I needed more rest and that when we all go back to Tonio's mansion I had to tell her what had happened.

I absolutely hated telling them about my troubles, although now I am wondering why I go near them in the first place.




Day Sixteen

It is maybe two of the clock ante meridian right now, I have been searching for someone to give a nightmare too…even though I should be resting from yesterdays trauma.

Baron Alberto is my target. Anyone with an IQ over fifty would expect that from me.

I heard something though, while I was traveling through the many backstreets of Alamos. I simply shrugged it off as being one of those late night Rattata.

I was in another far off alleyway when I heard the same sound again, there were no trashcans around, no pipes or sewer drains, no open windows or Chinese lanterns hanging from the houses, not even a slight breeze.

And then I heard it again, this time though, it was much clearer and much more prominent.

I had heard Cresselia's cry.

I thought I had seen the last of her at New-Moon island, before I finally escaped to Canalve City and then wandered my way into Alamos.

Damn, how naïve I was for thinking I was safe from her.

I turned around, now looking into those eyes that were so pale yet so piercing, She let out a screech that woke up all the humans in Alamos.

She then let out an aurora beam, much weaker than an ice beam, but much more potent coming from another legendary. I dodged with ease, she then gave chase, and I melted into the shadows and led her to the center of Alamos, in front of the space-time towers.

Every human was watching us battle, almost all of them were cheering for Cresselia to banish me, they could not hear what we were saying though.

"Why did you leave me Darkrai? How could you leave me after over four thousand years?"

"You ignorant swan! You know why I left you! That pitiful island I lived on was fine enough, but being in isolation for over four thousand years on that pitiful island was far too much! How did you find me anyway?"

"All the nightmares you've been giving! Even Giratina could feel the anxiety you've given in the last two months, and He is in another dimension!"

She stopped attacking me, and we both landed in the center of town, all human eyes were upon us.

She then used her natural voice, she spoke in the human language.

"Either you come back with me, or I stay here with you."

Either way I had to be with her, I would sooner stab myself to death seven times over than to go back to that horrid island.

I then used my scratchy, natural voice, "The former is fine by me."

Then it happened, "Objection!" "Wait… What?" "Your Cresselia! Get rid of Darkrai!" "Banish the Demon!" "Kill the Demon!" "But-!"

Cresselia then Vanished, I melted away into the shadows, leaving the humans to ponder what just happened.

I went into the garden and hid myself, wandering most of the day until sunset. I then returned to Tonio's mansion, although he was already asleep on the couch.

I did not see his lunar wing, Cresselia was near.

"Is this your home?"


"Then why are you here?"

"… He is a… friend of mine…"

"A friend?"


"You have changed over the years then… Arceus would be proud of you."


"She would."


Tonio started waking up, first by yawning a little and then by falling off the couch. He then rubbed his eyes and got up and started for the kitchen.

"Morning Darkrai… Morning Cresselia…-wait a minute…"

He turned around slowly, meeting Cresselia with sleep deprived eyes.

"Hello Human, may I ask your name?"


"What I nice name!"


"So you're Darkrai's friend?"

"…You could say that…"


"Um… So you're …Cresselia?"


"…Alright… I'm going to go call Alice now… "

Tonio then walked into the kitchen, obviously baffled at Cresselia's appearance.

"He seems like a nice Human~"

The rest of the night Alice and Tonio were questioning Cresselia and I about our past and what Cresselia was doing here in the first place.

Day Seventeen

Alice was up before dawn today, she woke Tonio and Cresselia up in the process (I was already awake, I wanted to make sure Cresselia did not try to… do something… with me after we had not seen each other in Arceus knows how many years.)

Tonio went back to bed, as did Cresselia to the master chair, witch was now her property and no one dare touch it now.

I had grown curios as to what she was doing, but I never did ask her what she was doing. I saw she was packing boxes full of paper, what was on the paper I could not see. She left an hour later, leaving a trail of papers in her wake.

Seeing that I could not go to sleep as Cresselia started to wake again, I ended up turning the morning news on.

And I saw Cresselia and I on the screen.

Before she noticed I turned the Television off, her ignorance towards humans would lead her to questioning everything that was on the news. I would much rather start teaching her how to read than answer the questions she plagued me with.

About ten minutes later she was fully awake and going out into the garden to get her breakfast.

Witch leads me to my own diet. I do not need to eat often, I do have a mouth and a fully functioning digestive track for everyone's information. I find it funny that people think I might not have a mouth, even the mighty Arceus has a mouth and she never eats anything. Ever. She has never eaten anything in her life. She is capable, but she never eats.

Tonio was up now, I still do not understand why he insists on sleeping on the couch when he has two master bedrooms and at least five guest rooms. Even Alice has some common sense and sleeps in a guest room.

He went into the kitchen, made a glass of coffee, and then sat down and attempted waking up a bit more.

Cresselia came back about an hour later, by then Tonio was cleaning the house, for the sixth time this month.

The rest of the day was bleak, Cresselia figured out Tonio's routine rather quickly, I wandered around the house looking for anything out of the ordinary, Alice came back from delivering the papers (at least that is what I think) and everyone went to sleep at eleven, even I did.

Day Eighteen

I had a good nights rest, being able to sleep now that Cresselia is near.

But, of course, there is always a down side.

I had burn markings all over my body. It seems as though Cresselia forgot I was allergic to her overly soft pink feathers when she cuddled with me last night.

Alice had to treat and then bandage my entire body, Cresselia was apologizing left and right while Alice bandaged me.

If my body was not so horrifically numbed and I was not feeling like I was on my deathbed, I would have killed something.

I do not know what, but I would kill something.

I can hardly move my arm right now, I will be writing more tomorrow.

Day Nineteen

Most of the swelling has gone down, but I still feel numb in most places on my body.

Cresselia dares not come near me lest I strangle her overly skinny neck. Right now she is hiding in the garden, getting to know the Pokémon there a bit more.

Is she fearful of me?

What is fear? It has the same definition as faith. "To believe in what cannot be sensed." To not be able to understand what is, and what is not.

What do I fear? I fear only the word. Others might fear death, whether there own or others. I understand death though. Even if another is to die, I know that they will go to Giratina, and he will judge them, for he judges the dead. Giratina judges by what you are, a Human or Pokémon. He then judges you on what you have done on earth, if you have done good and what you have done bad accordingly. He then sends you to Arceus if you are a Pokémon, and then you are recreated into a Pokémon that fit your crimes or your good. He sends all humans to a place of peace, a place of remorse, or a place of wandering based on what their deeds were.

Nothing happened that was worth mentioning today, I am going to sleep early tonight.

Day Twenty

Cresselia has made Tonio's mansion her new nest. I swear she has all the manners of being a human, and I also swear if she ever were to suddenly turn into a human, the only problem she would have would be walking, writing and reading.

Witch reminds me I still have to teach her more of the Human language, she knows how to speak simply and with a grammatically correct voice, but she needs to know more scientific words. After I teach her how to read I am going to give her Godey's four-inch thick dictionary and thesaurus.

I do admit she is pleasant to be around when she is not in an angry mood. She can turn from a nice little swan to a bloodthirsty vulture in less than a moments notice…

She wanted me to introduce her to the Garden Pokémon, she did not even let me say no before she dragged me to the Gardens gate either. It did not take long for me to introduce her to all of the Pokémon thankfully, as seeing they only wander about the north-most and east-most parts of the premises.

Gallade was happy to have a new friend, he used his kind, chivalries nature to make Cresselia feel like she had the most loving and loyal friend she could ever ask for.

And today, of all days, I have felt an old, begotten emotion that I thought I would never feel again.


Day twenty-one

A bad dream, also known as a nightmare.

I was based off of a nightmare, as Arceus has told me since I was created.

What is a nightmare?


The "boogy-man"?

The little monster that hides under a child's bed at night?

What nightmare was I based off of?

And what is a nightmare for me?

If I attack Alice or Tonio I would never forgive myself…

If I was captured and used for evil again…

If I were to become a human I would scream and wonder "why me"…

I only have basic human knowledge, I would completely fail as a human if I were to suddenly turn into one.


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