As she looked into the distance thinking of the life she could have had a scream and a wail could be heard.

As her dad and little brothers came back to the car with bags full of shopping she couldn't help a tear roll down her cheek as was reminded about the chaos and mess that dominated her life.

Ruby was a simple year nine student, quite normal to the untrained eye. But for the last six months she had withdrawn her self from her peers and become enclosed in her studies. RE in particular, and it was all to impress her teacher.

Mr Harwood was the RE teacher that she most desperately wanted impress. To normal people he was just an every day bloke, tall, slim, dark, but to Ruby he was a god. She hung on to his every word, and took time out to talk to him at every opportunity. He at first did not realise what was going on, he just found it flattering that a moderately intelligent girl who was quite pretty, had taken interest into his subject, but little did he know that this was just the beginning of a unstoppable chain of events…

To be continued….