A Twist of Fate

Summary: Alviss hated Phantom with a passion. It was a given, like how the sun always rises in the east. Things change though, and it had started with an extraordinarily stupid bishop. Some call it bad luck, but maybe – just maybe – it was fate. Phantom x Alviss

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Chapter One

The intruder hid from view, tucking himself against the side of a wall shrouded in shadows. An oblivious bishop walked past, whistling a tuneless melody. He waited a few minutes with bated breath until the young bishop steered himself around a corner and vanished from his line of sight. As soon as the clicking of shoes faded into nothing, the man peeled himself off the wall and silently continued to stalk through the stone corridors, with one destination in mind.

He came to a stop in front of a pair of large wooden doors, and felt the familiar magical power flaring on the other side of the doors. There he is. There was a glint of silver as the man narrowed his blue eyes and pulled something out of his pocket. On closer inspection, the glint of silver resembled some sort of key.

"Phantom-sama." A simpering voice murmured, and for a second, the man couldn't place where he heard the voice before. But then it hit him. Rolan was in there, though he really shouldn't have been surprised. That man had an uncanny amount of affection for the first Knight that was incomprehensible, no matter how much he had tried to convince him otherwise. Phantom was a cruel, evil, deceptive bastard. 'Nice' wasn't even in his vocabulary, not to mention he was such a retard that he didn't even know how to stay dead. Surely, a lot of people's problems would be solved if Phantom didn't defy the laws of the living and come back to life.

The intruder was interrupted from his musings as he felt the flare of Rolan's signature magical power. He managed to duck behind the door and not a moment too soon as the door swung open, nearly crushing him against the wall.

Rolan walked out of the room silently as he left Phantom to his own devices. He had to get ready for a battle tomorrow after all, and he really, really wanted to impress Phantom so that the man would look at him for once. Not Ginta and definitely, definitely not Alviss.

The intruder grabbed the edge of the door before it shut and held his breath, praying to every known deity that the blond would not look back.

Fortunately, luck was on his side. Rolan continued his graceful gait down the corridor and around a corner, much the young man's relief. There was only one way he could get rid of Phantom, and his best bet would be the element of surprise. A show-down right outside the room where the Knight is residing sort of ruins the effect.

It was already well into the night and hopefully, no one on Team MÄR has noticed his disappearance yet. It was supposed to be a short trip, sneaking there and back with no one the wiser. Breaking into the Phantom's castle was surprisingly easy; almost too easy. They must have expected that any beef that MÄR had with them will be taken to the battlefield. It was the only thing that could explain their lax security. Not that he was complaining of course, otherwise he would have never have got the chance to get this far. The Holy ÄRM Purific Ave, the key, was the only thing that was capable of riding MÄR Heaven of the Immortal and free all those under his curse.

The man tightened his hold on the key and hid it in his sleeves. His body tensed with anticipation before he flung the door open and threw himself inside.

… Only to see an empty room and an equally empty throne.

That wasn't possible. The man refused to believe that Phantom wasn't in the room – he had felt him… he heard Rolan address him.

Blue eyes darted around frantically as the MÄR member walked further into the room. And he would have kept searching but something cool – hands, to be precise – covered his eyes and the man suddenly became aware that he wasn't as alone as he had thought.

"Guess who." He recognized that voice anywhere; that suave, deceptive tone. He tore himself from the other man's touch and stumbled back slightly before catching himself.

Phantom smiled at him peacefully, his eye closing as his lips pulled up at the corners.

"I thought I sensed a lost little lamb."

So much for the element of surprise.

The young man scolded himself. Why didn't it occur to him that the Knight could sense him as easily as he could sense the other? What a tricky bastard. Phantom's smile only seemed to brighten as his eye opened to a thin slit.

"Why so speechless? Surely you didn't expect to get in here so easily unless I wanted you to."

Damn, he should have known it was a trap. He was so utterly naive to think that he ever had the upper hand. This man was more cunning than he gave him credit for. No, correction. He was the epitome of pure unadulterated evil.

Of course, Phantom wasn't done. Did he just love to hear himself talk?

"And boy, did I want you to." Somehow, in his speech, Phantom managed to angle his head in a direction just right that made him appear nearly… coy? There was something wrong with that image there. The intruder couldn't even explain it, but for reason, the look just made him shudder. In revulsion, he told himself. He wasn't afraid, no definitely not afraid.

Phantom almost seemed to sigh to himself, making the man immediately on edge. He watched the white haired man's movements like a hawk, searching for any indication of an attack. The way Phantom was carelessly carrying himself seemed almost lazy; it seemed that the man had no intention of attacking him. Then again, it's what he did, isn't it? Lulling his victims into a false sense of security with his peaceful expression… right before he strikes and tear them limb to limb. No, he was definitely not going to trust that mask, because surely, Phantom was wearing a mask. Metaphorically of course, not literally; the Knight didn't bother wearing his mask anymore.

Another smile tugged at Phantom's lips before violet eyes opened, observing the intruder standing before him; eyes raking over the wiry form of the man. No, man didn't seem to fit. It was more like boy.

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." The older man murmured, giving another smile which frustrated the boy to no ends. "Don't they, Alviss?"

Alviss growled in frustration, taking a step back with no hesitance as soon as Phantom took a step towards him. "What the hell are you talking about?" Apples? Trees?

Phantom seemed to blink before he chuckled humorless to himself. "It doesn't matter," he said finally with a shake of his head, "people are better off living in their ignorance."

Keep talking, Alviss mentally told the Knight. It would give him some time to conduct a proper plan. He was working with that whole element of surprise but seeing how that was a failure; he obviously needed a new one. As far as he was concerned, the Purific Ave was still hidden in his sleeve so he could still turn this predicament around. Now that he was thinking, a new problem struck him like lightning and left him flabbergasted. Where in MÄR-heaven he was supposed to put the key! Was there, like, some sort of key hole in his body somewhere. There was only one way to check and there was no freaking way that he would even consider it.

Excuse me Phantom, could you please take off your clothes? Yes, all of it. You see, I have this key that I need to stick into you… and that can only work if there is a hole, about this big, on you somewhere. So, can you please hold still so I can look for it?

Not bloody likely. As a matter of fact, as soon as the mental image made itself known, he immediately banished it and pushed it into the furthest corner of his mind.

Maybe he should have thought out this plan more before he set it into motion. Spur of the moment wasn't his specialty in the end.

While Alviss was mentally anguishing over his predicament, Phantom hummed to himself in delight. What were the chances of his little… pet coming right to him, instead of the other way around? It seemed as if luck finally tipped in his favour. And about bloody time too!

It was nice that Lady Luck had finally decided to give him a break, because seriously, he was crazy enough as it is, without pushing him further into the deeper end of the pool.

Everything seemed to be finally falling into place. He would destroy the world and live forever with Alviss by his side. Of course, no one has ever been brave enough to bring up the flaws of the Knight's plan. If he was going to destroy MÄR-heaven, then what? He wouldn't really have a world to live in.

As far as he was concerned though, everything was going according to plan. Of course, there always will be some unforeseen circumstance that ultimately leads to the downfall of the villain in any story. What had happened next was something Phantom had never taken into account. Never had he realized that one person could do screw up so badly.

Alviss nearly jumped out of his skin when the door was thrown open and a Chess Piece stumbled into the room, clutching his heart. As a matter of fact, Alviss recognized the man as the oblivious bishop that he snuck pass not ten minutes ago. Fighting against Phantom alone was hard enough. Needing to watch his back to protect himself from the bishop at the same time was a nightmare.

"Phantom-sama!" The bishop squeaked, gaining the attention of the white Knight. Phantom frowned, squinting at the man who interrupted him. What was his name? Roofey or something? He wasn't sure. He never made the effort to remember all of his minions.

Anyway, Roofey seemed to realize that his leader was not alone and turned his attention to the blunette next to him. Green eyes widened. "Intruder, Phantom-sama! Intruder!"

Talk about stating the obvious. Was he being underestimated? Did the bishop think that he couldn't see any further than a metre? Phantom narrowed his eyes. Maybe he should do his one good deed and remove this imbecile from the gene pool. Goodness, he would actually be doing MÄR-heaven a favour. Who would have thought?

Maybe Phantom shouldn't have dismissed the bishop as not a threat, because everyone knows that if idiocy is not probably maintained, damage would be exponentially devastating. Perhaps, it was his biggest mistake yet. He should have killed the bishop when he had the chance.

"But don't worry Phantom-sama!" Roofey squealed, "I'll save you!"

With that, Phantom's fate was sealed.

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